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Rolex third generation green ghost 126610LV

The third generation of green Ghost 126610LV returns to the appearance of the first generation.

The third-generation Green Ghost 126610LV currently on sale will be launched in 2020 (in 2020, Rolex will update the entire line of Submariners). The third-generation Green Ghost no longer uses the all-green appearance of the second-generation Green Ghost 116610LV in 2010 but returns to the early-generation Green Ghost 16610LV style in 2003, using a green bezel and a black dial. It is reported that the new green ghost no longer uses the all-green color because Rolex thinks that the all-green water ghost is too high-profile. The fresh green spirit changes the dial back to black to restrain the appearance.

Rolex third generation green ghost 126610LV

From left to right, Rolex’s first-generation Green Ghost 16610LV, second-generation Green Ghost 116610LV, and third-generation Green Ghost 126610LV.

I also found the photos of the first-generation green ghost 16610LV before. Compared with this third-generation green ghost, the color matching is the same, and the appearance is very similar. Rolex has always maintained a close and coherent inheritance relationship from generation to generation. But while continuing the build, details and technical configurations are constantly being upgraded.

Rolex’s third-generation Green Ghost 126610LV (top) and the first-generation Green Ghost 16610LV (bottom).

The third generation of Green Ghost 126610LV has changed a lot in appearance details.

After Rolex fully updated the Submariner series in 2020, the size of the Rolex Water Ghost 126610 has increased to 41mm in terms of data. The size of the previous generation, 116610, is 40 mm. Some foreign players have measured the new and old Rolex water ghosts. The size of the water ghost 126610 is 40.5 mm; the size of 116610 is 40.2 mm. New and old water ghosts, the actual size is very close.

Rolex third generation green ghost 126610LV

However, for the new water ghosts, including this third-generation green ghost 126610LV, the change in the shape of the case is pronounced. We can see that the watch’s lugs become thinner and elongated, and the issue appears narrower. The clods of the previous generation of water ghosts are very wide, and the case looks more square. Regarding case treatment, the third-generation green ghost 126610LV is the same as the previous water ghosts. The front of the matter is all brushed, while the sides of the case are all polished. Polishing all sides is a significant feature of Rolex sports watches, which is relatively rare in sports watches of other famous watch brands. Best fake watches.

Rolex’s third-generation green ghost 126610LV, case details.

The color of the green ceramic ring of the third-generation green ghost 126610LV has also been slightly adjusted. Its current green is very soft, not shimmering or dazzling. The watch’s dial has also been replaced with a black lacquered dial. Everyone can recall that the green bezel of the second-generation Green Ghost 116610LV, coupled with the green dial with radial patterns, is visually explosive. But the current third-generation green ghost 126610LV is much more restrained and can be worn on more occasions. The scale on the bezel, as in the past, is a PVD-plated platinum scale.

The third-generation Green Ghost 126610LV has a green ceramic ring, and the color is also fine-tuned.

Except for replacing the third-generation green ghost 126610LV disk with a black paint surface and adding a “small crown” in the center of SWISS MADE at 6 o’clock, the other parts have not changed much. Of course, due to the changes mentioned above in the case, it is reasonable to adjust the proportion of the dial. For example, the watch’s minute hand is slightly longer, and the “Mercedes-Benz hand” of the hour hand is slightly larger. Swiss replica watches.

The third-generation green ghost 126610LV, the details of the disk.

Regarding watch chains, the third generation of green ghosts is still an oyster watch chain with a double insurance oyster buckle. Oyster bracelet with three links, all brushed. The link sides, like the case sides, are polished. As you all know, the clip of the water ghost is very long because, inside the buckle, the last bracelet can slide back and forth to adjust the length. On the new Green Ghost 126610LV, the fine-tuning length of the pin reaches 20 mm, which is 2 mm longer than the previous generation of Water Ghost. The buckle fine-tuning of the water ghost is very easy to use. It can be extended in summer and tightened in winter, which is very practical.

The third-generation green ghost 126610LV, bracelet, and buckle details.

The third generation of green ghost 126610LV is equipped with a new generation of Rolex 3235 movement.

The movement is put behind because now Rolex has popularized the new generation of 32 series movement across the board, and many players must have used it. Compared with the 48-hour power of the previous generation of water ghost 3135, Rolex’s new generation 3235 movement has increased the capacity to 70 hours. To improve the ability, in addition to upgrading the mainspring, Rolex also used the new Chronergy escapement on the 3235 movements to enhance the efficiency of power transmission. At the same time, continue to use the Rolex blue niobium hairspring and fine-tune the balance wheel with no calorie weights. Certified by the Rolex Super Observatory, the daily error is +2/-2 seconds.

Rolex 3235 movement

Rolex is not transparent, but the movement’s decoration is very in place. The exposed jewel bearings are plated with gold, and the places where the lower plywood of the action cannot be seen will be polished. The movement decoration of Rolex is at the same level, excellent and conscientious.

Rolex 3235 movement

The market has dropped for the third generation of green ghost 126610LV.

Green ghost 126610LV, public price RMB 84400.

Of course, the public price is meaningless to the green ghost. The third generation of Green Ghost was launched in 2020. After a wave of highs, three years have passed, and the market for Green Ghost 126610LV has fallen back. The reasons are as follows:

Rolex third generation green ghost 126610LV

  1. Affected by the global economy, Rolex and the current market prices of famous watches are declining.
  2. When it was first launched in 2020, the popularity was high, and all the watches in circulation were new, so the price was naturally tall. Three years have passed, and three generations of green ghosts of different years and different appearances have begun to appear in the secondary market. The actual transaction price will be lower.
  3. Not everyone likes the color scheme of the three generations of green ghosts, the green circle, and the black plate. Some players still pursue the second-generation green ghost 116610LV with the green process and disk. To this day, the all-green second-generation green ghosts are still strong, taking away part of the market for third-generation green spirits.

Gender: Men’s
Series: Submariner
Band Length: 18cm
Dial Color: Black Dial
Band Width: 20mm
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Model: 16610LV

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