President Of Rolex Day Date Has Stainless Steel Models? Stainless Steel Rolex Dd! Watches Replica

It would help if you were surprised why Rolex DD was precious metal in the past. How can there be stainless steel?

In 2002, Anti Gulun took this stainless steel DD 6611 with 50600 Swiss francs! The first time I let the world know about the existence of stainless steel DD!

However, Rolex has developed stainless steel DD and made six prototypes equipped with CAL.1556 movement 6611! The rear is engraved with “Ecole D’Horlogerie de Genève -1963”. It can be known that this is an experimental gift list given to the Horology school from Geneva to Geneva. The weekly trading of the auction is Italian, which is considered to be a weekly trading.

In 2018, Fulsus sold a stainless steel DD 1803 with a sequence number of 0005073 with 168750 Swiss francs. People were surprised to find that there were 1803 stainless steel DDs.

The DAY-Date 1803 of the five stainless steel shells made in this batch is produced as a test part, and there is no number and serial number on the case, and all known are French weekly, later became watches replica of some watchmakers after experiments. These stainless steel DDs flowing from the auction are known as replica Rolex watches predecessors or engineers after retirement.

Although many people in the early days adhered to different views, this stainless steel Day-Date artistry is in line with Rolex’s original craftsmanship, which also eliminates many people’s doubts.

Because there is no case coding and serial number, it can only be counted by the sequence number of the movement. After Christie’s auction summary and statistics, the 1803 stainless steel DAY-DATE currently appeared on the market and has five pieces.

In 2019, Fulsus took 100,000 Swiss francs to shoot a stainless steel type 1803, but this one is the Cal.1555 movement. The movement number is DD411420. It is also a French week and a five-chain bead strap.

In 2021, Fuxi Switzerland’s stainless steel type 1803 Day Date sold for 113,400 Swiss francs, was paired with a board belt with a Cal.1555 movement with the French weekly Cal.1555.

Later, in 2022, Christie also auctioned a stainless steel DD 1803 with DD081221, equipped with the French weekly disk of the 3055 movements. In the end, it was sold for 170100 Swiss francs!

It can be seen that the case is not coded by stainless steel, and no precious metal marks of the precious metal DD are familiar to friends. Everything looks like a sparse 36DJ.

John Goldberger showed a stainless steel DD equipped with a 3035 movement in the book “100 Top Rolex Watches”.

The stainless steel-type president DD surprises many watchmakers, but it has also triggered a lot of discussions and doubts. Many people suspect these stainless steel DDs are assembled for restructuring and altering.

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Model: 118206-0041
  • Case Size: 36mm
  • Series: Day-Date
  • Dial Color: White Dial
  • Band Color: Silver-tone
  • Gender: Men’s

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