Foreign Cattle Modified Green Jindi, Do You Think It Is Beyond The Original Factory? Replica Watch

A foreign cousin handed over the 116508 (Green Jindi) to the well-known modified meter brand Artisans de Genève for the Rolex Di Tong. 600,000, but such a valuable watch obviously could not satisfy the watch friend, so he sent its Green Cindy to Artisans de Genève for modification.

What is Artisans de Genève?

First, briefly introduce Artisans de Genève, a well-known Swiss replica watch modification company. The brand has helped the prominent director Spike Lee to design a limited-edition modification of Daytona. The cousin must have seen it.

Juan Pablo Montoya and his Modification Di Tonga

What are the expectations of antique watch customers?
Artisans de Genève received a request from the customer. It is said that the customer likes green very much. Although Green Jindi is already green, it has not been green in his heart. Every new stage of life is wearing this color. I always think this color requires more in the watchmaking industry, but I have never found the green shadow of my ideal: a kind of blue Elegant can maintain its original and intense green. As an antique enthusiast, I hope my timepiece has this retro style that cannot be imitated. “

The color of the green golden Di, model 116508

Artisans de Genève’s thinking
After receiving entrustment, Artisans de Genève re-studied the color green. They found that green was based on white, and the green was soft and fresh, while the yellow tone showed strength and vitality. Their customers are looking for a unique green, a bit dark, close to British green, but with a touch of blue, bringing an elegant atmosphere. This color must be harmoniously integrated with the material on the surface: from the inlaid gel wood to the sundial to the golden table. It must maintain a retro appearance; every detail must pay tribute to the iconic swiss fake watches he cherished. In the end, they developed the following upgrade solutions.

Let’s take a look at the upgrades they have been upgraded!

The first is the bezel.

This modified green goldi uses an embedded piece on the surface of the bezel of electrical wood, coated with green paint developed by Artisans de Genève artisan, and uses golden pigments to decorate the speed meter scale, which is in sharp contrast to the green dial.

The noodles have also been upgraded.

The green of the noodles is changed to honey green, the sun radiation patterns are modified, and the color appears in green or blue light. Then use gold powder to spray the sand counter to bring a retro atmosphere.

The sun’s radiation pattern modifies the plate surface. As the angle and light change, the beauty of different tones can be presented.


Artisans de Genève replaced the Green Kingdi’s conventional chronograph button with a retro Millerighe button, a typical feature of the early clock. They improve the exquisite curve with the machine processing crown protection device.

The bottom cover and movement component are also upgraded.

The back of the watch also replaced the transparent bottom cover so that Rolex’s self-produced 4130 movement was better displayed. The 22K gold -production of automatic tutoring and bridge boards was also handled. The polishing modification is also polished in place so that the polishing level of the entire movement has been further improved.

22K Gold Plague Tuo


In addition, the table back also engraved the name of the owner’s name, making this honey Green Di more unique. As a small surprise, he also prepared a green leather band for him for replacement.

After the modified Green Cindy, the owner gave it a perfect name, Honey Green, translated to Honey Green Dadtong. Let’s appreciate the details of its finished products together.

  • Model: m116508-0013
  • Case Thickness: 16mm
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Case Color: Yellow Gold-Tone
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Series: Daytona

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