Mark III’s Scarlet Letter Sea Messenger, Rolex Replica

With the assistance of the French company COMEX, the first-generation Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665 began to appear in 1967 as Rolex’s professional diving watch. The waterproof performance was approximately three times that of the 610m Submariner at the time, and it was equipped with a unique mechanism called a “helium discharge valve” that automatically discharges helium during saturation diving. The back cover is engraved with the “ROLEX PATENT OYSTER GAS ESCAPE VALVE,” proving the patent. The watch mirror uses a convex mirror without a calendar magnifier to disperse the water pressure. In addition, in the early days, the fonts of [SEA-DWELLER] and [SUBMARINER 2000] were red, called [Red Letter Sea-Dweller] or [Double Red Sea-Dweller], which could be seen probably until the late 1970s. The types of dials were subdivided into Mark IV. Rolex replica.

I previously shared a Mark II [Red Letter Sea-Dweller], and next, I will introduce a Ref. 1665 [Red Letter Sea-Dweller] produced in 1973. It is a Mark III dial full of antique watch atmosphere. The main features are that the font of the red LOGO is thinner than MarkⅡ, the number 6 strokes of the waterproof mark are not closed (i.e., OPEN SIX), and [OPEN SIX] also ends at MarkⅢ. [Scarlet Letter Sea-Dweller] feels increasingly rare to see. Antique watch collectors all over the world are probably looking for it. One of the reasons that affects the difficulty of getting it is the small number of it. Suppose you don’t know the version, year, issue, etc. If you have preferences regarding status, etc., that’s a different matter. The tritium luminous dial in the picture has faded into a beautiful cream color. If you zoom in to look at the dial, you can see minor scratches on the inner edge of the dial and the bottom of the scale. With the naked eye, these details are negligible.

The bezel is Mark III, which has a slightly dark blue color over the years. It looks very contemporary. The bold scale on the bezel is very consistent with the Sea-Dweller. The bezel of the Scarlet Letter Sea-Dweller is often replaced. If you rarely encounter the Scarlet Letter Sea-Dweller, you will naturally care about the state of the bezel. Although the case has some polishing marks, the shape is still very full, retaining the unique heaviness of the Sea-Dweller case. When viewed from the side, you can feel its shape is compelling. Watch replicas.

The logo on the back cover of MarkⅢ’s red Sea-Dweller is also linear. Of course, the last three digits of the serial number are engraved on the inside of the back cover. If the back cover is replaced, it will be easier to trade in than other models, so you must pay attention to this. The strap is a 9315 strap with the number 380. It is a 20mm folding strap. Folding straps generally become somewhat loose, but they are all from 50 years ago. It is not easy to maintain them like this. Therefore, this state is considered very good. Although there is no year stamp on the buckle because it was produced in a transitional period, there is no problem.

The [Red Letter Sea Ambassador], which has captured the hearts of many collectors in the past, has become increasingly challenging to acquire in recent years due to its decreasing quantity, and the price has also been on an upward trend. However, due to the different vintages and products, the costs of Scarlet Letter Sea Ambassadors are also additional from other merchants, so you need to pay attention to it. However, as long as it is [Red Letter Sea-Dweller], it should be easier to find; finding a high-end and good-quality Red Letter Sea-Dweller will be challenging. This is what worries most senior collectors. The place.

Case Size: 43mm
Model: M126600-0002
Gender: Men’s
Case Thickness: 15mm
Series: Sea-Dweller
Brand: Rolex
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836

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