GMT-Master Gold Model Ref.16758, Replica Swiss Watches

Ref.16758 was produced from around 1980 until it was discontinued around 1988. It is the successor of Ref.1675/8. Next, we share a GMT-Master Ref. 16758 produced in 1983. It is an unpolished example with a certificate. This type of antique watch should be prevalent, and it is estimated that it will be snapped up immediately when you see it. The color changes of the case and strap make it look more contemporary. In recent years, all-gold antique watches, especially sports models, have attracted more and more attention. Because the price of the original sale was too high and the circulation volume was low. There are very few, so it should be a difficult watch to get now. Friends who have paid attention to antique Rolex before must have noticed that among the all-gold sports models, the number of Ref. 16758 models is even rarer than the four-digit model Ref. 1675/8. It is more common to see a Ref. 16758 finally, but the condition is difficult to describe; for example, the case is polished and oblate, the strap is loose and deformed, etc. The one shared below is in rare original condition. The sticker on the back cover is also retained and comes with a paper warranty, which is a rare thing. Replica swiss watches.

The [brown barnacle surface] brown dial has changed over the years. The unique orange change of that era is pronounced. The center of the dial fades into a gradient effect, and the outer ring has a circle of orange discoloration like a circle. It looks very present. However, not all [barnacle surfaces] will change color over the years. If you want a watch full of personality, the one in the picture looks very good. In addition, the meaning of [Daigo noodles] has been introduced before; you can read it. The case and bezel have sharp edges and corners, just like the original condition mentioned at the beginning. You will feel the sharpness if you touch the edges with your fingertips. Although the model number on the back cover sticker is a little blurry, the appearance of the sticker looks rare and well-preserved. Ref.16758, in this condition, may have some scratches due to use, but most people would not use it for polishing.

The strap is an 8386 18K gold commemorative strap with the number 47. It has almost no looseness and deformation. From the side, you can see some discoloration and oxidation of the gold. It is expected that commemorative watch straps from specific years, especially those made of gold, are generally loose and deformed. Swiss replica watches store.

All-gold sports antique watches have become more and more popular and paid attention to in recent years. Due to their scarce circulation in the international market, their market prices are rising yearly; even now, they are as popular as some cash models. For gold watches it is not easy to encounter antique gold watches when you go to a watch store, even if they are not in good condition. It is rare to find an antique gold watch that has yet to be polished above. You can refer to its condition to find your favorite antique gold watch in the future.

Model: m126710blro-0002
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 40mm
Case Thickness: 15mm
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813

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