Four Watches That Subvert The Brand’s Tradition, Best Fake Watches

Under normal circumstances, people with a general understanding of watches can tell the brand of a watch just from the shape of the case without looking at the logo. But sometimes, a brand doesn’t follow common sense. It doesn’t want you to recognize it at a glance but deliberately lets you get close to it and appreciate it. Below, we have selected four watches whose brands cannot be identified at a glance.

Patek Philippe Ref.5235 watch

The dial design of the 5235 three-hand and one-line annual calendar watch is the first of its kind for the brand. In addition to the hours, minutes and seconds, the three-hand and one-line are arranged at the top, middle and bottom of the dial, windows at 10, 2 and 6 o’clock respectively display the day of the week, month and date. The time, orbital minute scale and hands are all in blue, setting off the silver-gray two-tone dial, showing the time clearly and in a low-key manner. The brand chose its most classic Calatrava to present this new timepiece. The 40.5 mm diameter case is composed of a bezel, a watch body and a bottom cover. This is an excellent example of the brand’s craftsmanship and innovation. The bezel is carefully chamfered, and the body of the watch is decorated with a straight-grain pattern. The surface of the lugs is slightly inclined, extending the beveled bevel to make the overall line more perfect and more comfortable to wear. Patek Philippe replica.

Rolex Ceramic Ring Daytona Universe Chronograph

Rolex’s ceramic bezel is not only patent but also inherits the classic design of the 1965 model. This patented ceramic word ring is more effective in resisting scratches and corrosion than previous metal word rings, and it can also maintain the luster of the ceramic after being worn for a long time without looking old. The scale on the word ring is plated with rose gold through a coating process, which is consistent with the case and makes it easy to read the numbers. To “update” the wearer for a long time, the material will not have a sense of age. The color of the word ring and the case are consistent, making it easy to read the time. Maintaining the luster of the ceramic is the key. Best fake watches.

Jaquet Droz large seconds watch

Jacques Droz has always represented people with simple and elegant formal wear, and the Grande Seconde (big secondhand) is one of its significant features. However, to reflect the brand’s three-hundred-year history of respecting tradition and constantly innovating, Respect tradition, love challenges, excel in craftsmanship, and be determined to innovate. The jumping seconds function is the pinnacle of extreme precision in fine watchmaking and was first born in the Age of Enlightenment. Jumping second technology no longer makes the secondhand move linearly but advances in a beating manner, significantly improving the accuracy of travel time. Jaquet Droz’s designers crafted the new Grande Seconde watch to achieve moving details. The traditionally off-centered seconds hand is now located in the center of the dial, while the retrograde annual calendar displaying the date remains in the same position. This jumping-second, large secondhand watch is familiar and friendly yet novel. The “beating” hands and numbers form an intoxicating picture. Its noble figure and elegant temperament make people full of expectations for its future.

Glashütte 1970s Big Date Watch

This 1970s big calendar watch launched by Glashütte to pay tribute to this unique decade has the same purpose as the two legendary watches mentioned above. The pillow-shaped stainless steel case is a typical design of the 1970s, and the German silver dial is Available in silver-plated, ruthenium-plated, or blue; the arched sapphire crystal back fits the wearer’s wrist exceptionally well, and the exquisitely polished stainless steel case and strap also give the wearer a unique retro look and feel.

Gender: Men’s
Dial Color: Brown Dial
Series: Daytona
Case Color: Rose Gold-tone
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 18cm
Model: 116515

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