Why Is Rolex’s Most Complicated Model Not Popular? Best Fake Rolex

Few people pay attention to the news of the old models being delisted when everyone focuses on new products. Not long ago, Rolex quietly removed the Yacht Master II from its official website. Born in 2007, this series opened up a track entirely different from conventional chronographs with its large 44mm diameter and unique countdown function. Looking at the Rolex product line, the Explorer is also a series with basic models in the “first generation” and complex tasks in the “second generation.” However, this work ultimately failed to become a classic spanning half a century like the Explorer II, and now the product life cycle has ended. Today, Let’s examine why the Yacht-Master II cannot escape such a fate.

Yacht-Master I, Ref.16628 (1992)

The first generation of the Rolex Yacht-Master series was born in 1992. Although its appearance quickly reminds people of the famous Submariner, the Yacht-Master is not a diving watch, and its waterproof depth is only 100 meters. According to the brand, the Yacht-Master is positioned as a “watch for sailing” designed for celebrities who travel on luxury yachts or attend water parties. Therefore, the series uses a lot of precious metals (950 platinum, 18K gold) to show the luxury atmosphere. Best fake Rolex.

Yacht-Master II, Ref.116689 (2007 model)

Luxury but not professionalism is the evaluation of Yacht-Master I, so the more “professional” Yacht-Master II came into being in 2007. Compared with the Explorer II, which is also the “second generation,” the “Yacht-Master II” is more radical in design and has been reshaped from the inside out, including a large 44mm diameter, a Cerachrom ceramic bezel, and a pencil needle (especially for early models, which was changed to a Mercedes needle in the 2017 model). In terms of materials, unlike the Yacht-Master I, which must contain precious metals, the Yacht-Master II is available in the Oystersteel (904L) version.

Yacht-Master II, Ref.116680 (2013 model)

In 2017, Rolex updated the Yacht-Master II product line for the last time. The 2017 model maintains the same model number (or adds 0002 to distinguish it) and changes the pointer shape from “pencil needle” to “Mercedes needle.” This standard design of Rolex sports models strengthens the watch’s “family language” and makes it more recognizable. Rolex replica watches.

Yacht-Master II, Ref.116681 (2007 and 2017 models)

The unique countdown function embodies the professionalism of the Yacht-Master II. As mentioned earlier, the watch is positioned for sailing sports. Hence, this function is also closely related to the event: the Yacht-Master II can set the countdown within 10 minutes before the sailing race, allowing the wearer to grasp the opportunity accurately and seize the advantage.


This function is inseparable from Rolex’s innovative RING COMMAND system. It breaks the previous stalemate of the outer ring and the watch’s movement, making the outer ring the core component of the countdown function.

Although Rolex has devoted much effort to the Yacht-Master II, the market will eventually test the product’s success. From the results, the Yacht-Master II did not achieve the expected response, and the market has been at a low point for Rolex sports models for a long time.

I think size is one reason why the “Yacht-Master II” is not popular with users nowadays. Unlike the “Yacht-Master I,” which offers three sizes: 37mm, 40mm, and 42mm, the “Yacht-Master II” only has one option: 44mm. The “large watch diameter” was popular when the work was first designed, and the 44mm used was distinctive.

Rolex Cal.4161 movement

Before the Sky-DWELLER (also translated as “Skywalker”) came out, the Yacht-Master II was called Rolex’s “most complicated watch.” The sophisticated and complex mechanical structure made it difficult to be thin and light, and the watch diameter also compromised the size to consider the overall proportion. As the exquisite, compact, and comfortable small-sized men’s watches have returned to the famous stage in recent years, the size of “Yue Er” has become increasingly apparent. Since its release in 2007, Rolex has always kept the watch’s diameter or provided a variety of sizes for selection, such as the watch. You should know that 44mm is the “largest watch” of Rolex at the same time, and it was released one year earlier than the “King of Ghosts” DEEPSEA (2008) – and this work was also controversial for wearing comfort.

Yacht-Master II, Ref.116688 (2017 model)

On the other hand, the countdown function of “Yue Er” is cumbersome and not very practical, and ordinary players have few opportunities to use it in daily life. In contrast, chronographs (codes) such as Daytona can record time ranging from seconds to hours, and any event in life can start timing. On the other hand, the longest countdown of the Yacht-Master II can be at most 10 minutes, and it takes a specific learning cost to operate this function. These factors greatly limit its usage scenarios, and failure is inevitable.

Dial Color: White Dial
Model: 116680-78210
Series: Yacht-master Ii
Gender: Men’s
Movement: Automatic
Case Thickness: 15mm
Case Size: 44mm
Brand: Rolex

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