Where Did Rolex’s “Color Disk” Come From? Watch Replica

Rolex’s new generation of constant oyster movement 124300, the most popular three colors.

The situation of the new colored disk oyster constant movement, “one watch is difficult to find,” and “super -public price” are all market economies. I understand this. At the same time, as a famous watch enthusiast who does not pursue popular swiss models, I am Expressing calmness.

Rolex is a master of color plates, gem plates, and special disks. There are countless Rolex in history. The new generation of the oyster-style gauge is not the first time Rolex was launched. Therefore, when the colorful oyster’s constant movement is justified, I want to tell you how to say to you how did Rolex’s bright disk come from.

Rolex’s new generation of constant oyster movement has the charm of colorful candy plates in Rolex history.

Rolex’s most famous colorful disk was born in the 1970s.

Rolex’s colorful disk was first prepared for Rolex’s flagship “Day Date” (Rolex week calendar, referred to as DD). From the 1970s to the 1980s, Rolex launched the famous Stella color DAY DATE, with the models 1803 and 18038. At the same time, in addition to the color DD, there are a few Datejust, which also use this color disk.

Rolex’s Stella candy disk DD from the 1970s to the 1980s.

Some players may ask what Stella means. In the product catalog of the 1970s, Rolex made this colorful paint, writing Lacquered Stella, so this bright disk DD was called “Stella disk” abroad and was used as the abbreviation of these color disk DDs. Due to rich colors and brightness, the domestic color DD called the “candy disk,” can be understood.

The color disk DD in Rolex history is very rich in color.

The colorful paint surface of Rolex is mixed manually and sprayed in layers and scattered layer by layer. Because the texture of the paint surface is very similar to the enamel, many people call it “enamel paint” or “low-temperature enamel.” It has nothing to do with enamel. The Rolex color disk is the paint surface. The Rolex antique color disk DD is very rich in color, including green, light green, blue, Tiffany blue, gradient blue, orange-red, brown-red, pink, and yellow, and can be said to be five light and ten colors. You can see that the color oyster-style constant dynamics now has not only the antique DD but is also more prosperous than the current color.

Lainet DD in the history of Rolex.

However, the colored plate was “failed” at the time.

In history, the DD of colorful disks is mainly put in the Asian and the Middle East market. But at the time, it didn’t get angry, but it wasn’t good. This is because the DD week calendar is the flagship of Rolex, which has always been full of gold. It is the highest price, Rolex. Those who buy Rolex DD must have a certain amount of financial resources, so they are often older people. These people are not interested in the colorful color DDs of flowers but buy traditional white, black, and silver disks.

Lainet DD in the history of Rolex.

Due to the poor sales of the color disk DD, some of the initially planned color disks were replaced by traditional color disks. Some colorful disks are not sold out, and Rolex has destroyed some bright ones. This is why Rolex antique color disk DD has a relatively rare number.

Lainet DD in the history of Rolex.

In addition to the small number of production, and the color dials from the 1970s and 1980s, the market has been prone to cracks such as cracks. Especially the color plate inlaid diamond style, under the drilling of the target diamond, it is prone to cracks, which makes the antique color disk DD, which is intact, even scarce. Due to scarcity, the value of antique color disk DD is very high (auction price).

Note that this green plate DD has cracks on the plate surface.

In 2013, Rolex once again launched the “color disk.”

In 2013, Rolex once again launched the color date day date week calendar, 36 mm, colorful disk ribbon. It is represented by 118138 with a green band, and players are very familiar. 118138 This generation of bright plate belt DD is also the two generations of color DDs of 1803 and 18038, and once again, the color disk and belt DD were launched.

Rolex launched the 118138 generation color disk and ribbon DD in 2013.

Rolex 118138 This generation of 36mm color disk belt DD, including green disk 118138, red disk 118139, champagne color 118138, brown disk 118135, blue plate 118139, silver plate 118135, etc. Due to the use of golden heads and belts, the DD public price of 118138 has declined significantly. With a size of 36 mm, it is very suitable for Asian wrists. Therefore, many players like the 118138 -generation color belt DD.

Rolex 36mm color disk, ribbon DD.

However, in 2019, with the new generation of 32 series movements replaced by the old 31 series movement, the 118138 generations DD was discontinued entirely, and the 36mm 128238 of the new generation 32 movement was replaced. Rolex Day Date has restored all the golden chains, a lineup of conventional disk color matching (40 mm 22823X and 36mm 12823X).

Rolex 36mm color disk, ribbon DD.

Rolex color disk from Day date to constant oyster movement.

In fact, from the previous generation of Oyster Heights 114300, Rolex has begun to promote the color disk on the oyster’s constant movement. In 2015, Rolex launched a color disc, 114300, with a size of 39 mm. Oyster-type stable 114,300 includes five colored disks, black disks, white plates, blue disks, ash plates, and grape purple. Blue, gray, and purple, with radiation patterns on the surface.

Rolex launched a color oyster-type constant, 114300, established in 2015.

In 2020, Rolex launched a colorful disk for the new 41mm oyster Hengmou 124300. Among them, Tiffany Blue, Green Plate, Yellow Plate, and Orange Red Plate have many ” candy disks” in the 1970s and 1980s.

The new generation of color oyster-style constant moves launched by Rolex.

Before this, the Rolex color disk was mainly on Day-Date, but because DD was a gold watch replica, the price was very high, so the market was relatively small. Now put the colorful disk on Rolex’s entry-level oyster-constant type movement, which enriches the style of oyster-style constant movement. Due to the low public price of oysters, the color disk is very fashionable. Young people can reach it, and this wave is hot at once, which is reasonable.

  • Series: Oyster Perpetual
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Band Color: Silver-tone
  • Dial Color: Yellow Dial
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Model: m126000-0004

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