What Would Happen If Toyota Were Put In Charge Of Rolex? Cheap Fake Rolex

When it comes to which brand of watches sells best, many people will first think of Rolex. As far as the traditional watchmaking field is concerned, whether annual sales or sales, Rolex has a dominant position, and there is no significant doubt in the industry. If you insist on saying that Apple watches can sell tens of millions of units a year and are more popular than Rolex, then you have won! Although it sounds reasonable, these two products are different.

In the automotive industry, Toyota is the largest car brand in terms of market value in traditional car manufacturing today, and it is a company worthy of respect. Similarly, “number one” also has a prefix, which means the number one in the market value of traditional automobile manufacturing. In this topic, let’s discuss what exciting things will happen if Toyota controls Rolex. Let’s get to the point.

“World’s No. 1” product commonality

Although they are two different industries, the reason why Toyota and Rolex can become the “world’s number one brand” must have something in common, and the products must have commonality. Today’s Toyota Motor product line is one of the most complete brands. Take the domestic swiss models on sale as an example; from the entry-level Vios with tens of thousands of dollars to the Lu Xun with millions of dollars, all of them are sold with a “Bullhead mark.” The Corolla, the world’s best-selling sedan, and the RAV4, the world’s best-selling SUV, firmly occupy the top spot in these two markets. In addition, Toyota is the absolute market leader, whether it is professional off-road vehicles such as the Land Cruiser and Overlord or high-end MPVs such as Alpha. Such a comprehensive product line has naturally won the leadership at all levels and thus occupied the market. Cheap fake Rolex.

Toyota cars give most people the impression of being reliable and durable. Take the Corolla as an example. The reason it can become the best-selling car in the world is not because it has the most significant space, nor is it the most powerful in its class, nor is it the highest configuration in its class. However, its comprehensive product strength and stable quality assurance have become the most popular choice for mainstream families. Simply put, it is balanced, economical, easy to use, and worry-free. “There is no car without a car” is the truth, but buyers can’t make a wrong choice when choosing a Corolla sedan.

Similarly, many watch friends will mention “precision and patience” when it comes to Rolex products. As a sophisticated modern industrial product, Rolex is the ultimate representative of tool watches. The product has few fancy functions, and the best-selling models are three-handed with calendar or timing functions. There is no need to show off technology, nor does it need to reveal the family background. Even the dense bottom movement is also viral among watch friends. “Precise and durable” seems to be the most essential attribute of high-end watches, but rationally, many top brands may not be able to guarantee and achieve it. Whether buying a watch or a car, everyone does not want to buy a “bad quality” thing.

In terms of service system, Toyota has always taken “customer satisfaction first” as its criterion and constantly listens to users’ opinions in sales and after-sales, pursuing “10-point satisfaction” for customers. It is not difficult to find that Toyota’s complaints are sporadic, the processing efficiency is extremely high, and there is no story of “the owner sitting on the hood.” Word of mouth is something that takes time to accumulate. It is this kind of service system that makes Toyota better and better.

The after-sales service center of the Rolex brand is called “Labor Service.” Although it is only available in Shanghai and Beijing in China, it is well-known in the mouths of “Labor Friends.” There is no harm if there is no comparison. For the after-sales of some large luxury groups, we often see bloody stories of “XX brand falling from the altar,” “dealers and after-sales players kicking the ball back and forth,” and I will not list them here. Raised. Old cousins should see no fewer stories of this kind than I do.

Excellent products and services can naturally create a reasonable second-hand residual value rate. Here, we can also be surprised that the value of Toyota and Rolex products in the second-hand market is higher than that of brands of the same level. The former owners will not regret it even if it is resold later. This is also the invisible value of the brand, and rational consumers will also pay attention to it.

Learn the “Toyota Style” sales method.

When it comes to Toyota’s sales method, many laymen will think, isn’t it “go to a 4S store to buy a car”? It is also “going to a 4S store to buy a car.” Toyota has adopted a more reasonable plan in the sales process. For example, in “order-based production,” in simple terms, 4S stores can submit orders to Toyota manufacturers according to users’ needs for models, colors, and configurations, and the manufacturers will produce according to the charges. In this way, users’ needs can be matched with manufacturers’ production, production capacity can be optimized, and production and marketing efficiency can be improved.

Of course, Toyota manufacturers will also conduct comprehensive market research to understand the current and future needs of the market and further optimize production plans and goals. Toyota is more pragmatic and low-key than traditional auto companies who have to start “great achievements” and “aggressive aggressiveness” when they have achieved some small achievements. It takes “continuous improvement and sustainable management” as its policy and is a “steady win” strategy. Law.

Regarding sales methods, the relationship between Rolex and dealers is not as “harmonious” as Toyota and dealers. Many dealers don’t have many popular watches in stock, and some models that “no one cares about” are still “unconditionally forced.” At this point, the author also suggests that manufacturers can significantly reduce production or even discontinue production of styles like “Dajinlao.” It is better to refrain from distributing the goods but to put the production capacity on the popular types instead of selling them at discounted prices. This supply and demand relationship is more reasonable. On the one hand, it can improve the satisfaction and profitability of dealers. On the other hand, the probability of users buying popular models is also increased, which is another way to improve happiness.

In addition, Toyota can gain a firm foothold in various parts of the world. “Genchigengwu” is the philosophy of corporate management, which means “going deep into the field, confirming the actuality, and investigating the reality.” If Rolex can be “genuine” like Toyota, I believe both products and services will reach a new level. Capital is naturally profit-seeking. From the current point of view, Rolex still has a lot of room for growth. It has to be said that the current situation of “first-level tying and second-level price increase” for popular Rolex models has indeed dissuaded some users.

We analyzed the products and services of the two world’s top brands and developed an idea to use traditional car-making thinking to operate conventional Swiss watchmaking. Compared with the increasingly innovative automobile industry, the watch industry is more traditional. Especially in high-end watches, almost all of them are monopolized by Swiss watch factories. Although Rolex has an annual output of one million eyes and a specific history, it does have a particular gap with the automobile industry regarding production, sales, and marketing. If immersed in only one sector, your thinking will inevitably be solidified and limited. You may find new discoveries if you jump out of the industry and look back. Who said that cross-industry people cannot learn from each other?

Series: Submariner
Case Color: Silver-tone
Case Size: 40mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Model: 116610LN
Brand: Rolex
Case Thickness: 15mm
Band Length: 18cm
Gender: Men’s

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