Though He Is Called The “King Of Rotten Films,” His Buy Replica Rolex Watch Choice Is Not Wrong.

Nicholas Cage was an old friend of Chinese fans. In the post-80s and 90s, many grew up watching his movies. I remember that for a while, whether it was a movie theater or a movie channel, he was dominated by him. Screen. From the wind-speaking to the brave island, air prison, the national treasure, the king of war, and the magician apprentice, his movies have also been watched a lot. This time was just released in his new film, and in an interview, his debt had been completely paid off.

The Oscar actor, but the king of bad films, maybe alone. Foreign reports said that when he was in his 40s, he had a net worth of $ 150 million because he had finished his squandering and poor investment. The crisis has led to a large number of accounts. It can only be repaid for the film—the king of the film “nickname.

But even if the script is rotten, everyone will tease him, but no one has said that Cage’s acting skills could be better. He’s not superficial about these awful movies. Some of them are the biggest highlights of this movie. The stage, especially last year’s “Pig Rescue Action,” won a good reputation.

The relationship between watches and movies, including movie stars, is like saying that the eye is not separated from the car. It has been connected for a long time. It is to achieve such a state. And several movie stars can see the watchmakers, and a few examples, such as Paul Newman and his 6239, Steve McQueen and Haoya Monaco, Juanfu and Jaeekee Master Thousands of calendars, Daniel Craig, Omega hippocampus, etc., I think Nicholas Cage and his Leopard with 6062 are also included.

Foreign media took this photo at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. You can see that Kage’s left hand is worn with several bracelets. Rolex Daditong has 116598 SACO. Foreigners call it Leopard. Called Leopard Tale, this watch is the most public buy replica Rolex watch, none of them Rainbow Di, James’s Tiger Tiger, and even Crone’s Drill GMT, which is not as good as it.

Leopard Tao Di was launched in 2004. This watch also gave Di Tong the to play gemstone afterward and a foundation for the inlaid jewelry route. The table has 18K gold, 40 mm diameter, 4130 self-produced movements, and the old Ditonga specification configuration. The highlight is that the bezel is inlaid with 36 cognac rectangular orange sapphires, which set off a unique disk surface of the Leopard. There are also eight bags on the surface of the plate, and on the ear cover of the original leopard leather strap, there are also bright-cut diamonds.

The orange sapphire of Leopard Tale, this kind of jade sapphire with sunset and sunset, is not high, but I may also feel that orange treasures may think that orange treasures are the gradients of Rainbow Di. The choice of color gemstone was put together. I later learned through our cousin’s sunbathing sticker that it was pure to make orange sapphires. Friends have also discussed his 19 years of Basel’s hidden orange sapphire artisan 116578 SACO, less than Rainbow Di.

Leopard Tale also discussed Rolex’s strict requirements for making jewelry drill fake Rolex watches. Rolex has always been talking about the need for gemstones. He has a gem laboratory to allow experienced experts to supervise the quality of each gem procurement. In the quality inspection process, color gems and diamonds are standard. The degree is directly related to the flaws of the gemstone. Rolex will only retain the most thorough rock. Even if natural gems have inside, it is expected.

The gemstone solves the quality control, and it depends on the inlaid. The gem of the pass will be handed over to the rock-inlaid master inside the company. Through their craftsmanship, the gemstone will maximize its natural gloss on the watch. Take the leopard patterns as an example. Orange sapphire uses track inlaid and Channel Settings; some people are called slot and wall inlaid. Below the back of the waist is in the groove, only the inlaid method of the top and the crown.

The advantage is that it is excellent, and the gemstone sticks gems, one sticks one, and the naked eye looks like there is no gap in the past, and it will not be like traditional claws and packets. The stepped rectangular or square cutting will highlight the beauty of the lines. However, the disadvantage is that the inlaid technology is exceptionally high, the Rolex table is still significant, and the diamonds and gems are also large, making them more challenging to process. Earlier reports have reported that Rolex’s high-level jewelry inlaid at the high-level jewelery inlaid of Rolex at CHENE-BOURG factory has experienced experience in brands such as Cartier and Bulgari for many years.

In summary, the quality and craftsmanship under the strict standards allow Rolex’s drills and jewelry watches to become the style of the eyes and represent the inlaid crafts in the watch brand.

However, the early Rolex did not like playing with diamond jewelry inlaid because it would not be popular and would not be sold well. Even in the early days, people had to demand jewelry watches. It is the predecessor of the rear drill. After all, you can’t buy it yourself. After that time, around the 1980s, the aesthetic direction began to change, and the drilling watches and jewelry models became popular. The Rolex inlaid style became more and more during this period.

Today, watching Rolex’s jewelry, there are many new products every year. It is also a highlight of the watch exhibition. Rolex has another yacht jewelry model for this year’s clocks and miracles exhibitions. The colorful mist transformed into inspiration, and the eight groups of pink sapphires, light blue sapphires, diamonds, purple sapphires, and dark blue sapphires were inlaid. It looks better than the famous candy bean circle in the previous generation.

In addition to the bright side, Rolex will not be available for sale every year. The official website needs to be found. Generally, the shops cannot be seen. They only leave some stores with more VVIPs and provide hidden jewelry models. This year, the second-generation Rainbow Di Tong of Gold and Platinum is more concerned. Gold and Platinum are also materials used by a generation of Rainbow Di. This time, there is also a star version. The hidden model also contains a piece of orange sapphire tape. It can be seen that Ditonga is an essential carrier for Rolex to play jewelery inlaid.

After watching Nicholas Cage’s Leopard Tyed, I brought everyone to talk about Rolex’s jewelry inlaid. Still, Cage is not only this Leopard Tiber, as a fan, and many other Rolex watches.

In the history of Rolex’s 117 years, there were three months of appearance, REF.8171, Ref.6062, Ref.50535. Cage himself collected two of them.

One is 6062. The most significant difference between it is the 35mm oyster case, and 8171 is a 38mm ordinary case. Cage is still the gold jubilee five-pearl bracelet. It should be noted that he is a Stelline star-shaped style on the plate. The date is used on the outer edge of the disk surface with a central pointer at 6 o’clock in the face of the face. The fans have always talked about 6062, and it is also the black disk drilling of Vietnamese Emperor Bao Da. In 17 years, Fulis took a price of $ 5.1 million, once the most expensive Rolex.

Another Ref.50535 was launched at the Basel watch exhibition 17 years. It was found again after 70 years and used on the Chelini watch. Cellini Chelini launched in 1960. This series of models are named after the Italian Renaissance artist Benwito Chelini. Essence

However, the moon phase of this table is represented by a round meteorite at full moon, the representative of the crescent silver ring, and the moon in the noon position of the sub-disk in the moon, so basically, it depends on the moon phase. “But for most watchmakers, the moon phase could be more practical. Its existence is to let everyone appreciate the artistic conception and aesthetics that the moon is in the wrist. From this perspective, the blue enamel dish of Rolex’s blue enamel panel is combined with the full moon with the Wedman pattern with the Weidman pattern. It is beautiful and beautiful in the design of the aesthetics.

Cage also collects a piece of words without words. Non-word Tianshu will focus on particular stone disk surface styles to highlight the beauty of the stone. However, everyone will later bring the 69-time label of Cage’s hand or the type of 69 drillings. I agree with a watch friend’s evaluation of this black agate without words, saying that the real thing about this watch can make you instantly forget the exercise.

In the movie, he also loves to bring Rolex. I still have a little impression. In the National Treasure Movie, we wear aluminum circle water ghost 16610. There is a small plot. The guarantee was exchanged for a $ 100 banknote from the store counters to check. I also said a few words during the mortgage. It was precious for a diving watch. National Treasure 2 Cage also dives with him.

Cage wears a weak calendar, a platinum model among the king of war, which aligns with the protagonist’s bright side. It is a big boss on the back of the ground.

We have read about the choice of Nicholas Cage’s watches. Once, Cage was also the spokesperson for Montblanc, but in the movie or the reality watch choice, he can find that his favorite is Rolex. The image is also the deepest, especially Stelline 6062. The 6062 of the star label occupies a place on the most expensive list lists in major auction houses, but even if it owes debts for more than ten years, Cage has its reputation and the scarcity of 6062. I took a lot of money, but Cage still chose to stay with this Rolex’s very rare moon phase watch, and when it was launched in the New Chelini Moon, it was immediately purchased. But now Cage will also see that he starts to try to wear some fancy models, just like the leopard tideline introduced at the beginning, such as the Hublot of the purple sapphire crystal or the back drilling to the other side. Still, whether it is watches, formal clothes, classic, cool ones are perfect-looking, they have not felt that they have snatched his limelight. They have always attracted their attention and are then at the table.

  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
  • Series: Daytona
  • Dial Color: Black Dial
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Model: 116598RBOW
  • Case Thickness: 16mm

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