The Rarest Modern Rolex, Only Five Pieces, Who Sells The Best Replica Watches?

Sotheby’s is selling a rare Rolex Daytona Ref. 16516 at its Hong Kong auction. According to the naming rules of Rolex, the number at the end of the model represents the material of the case, and “6” is platinum. Who sells the best replica watches?

Although Rolex Platinum Daytona is not rare now, it is also a rare style. However, the platinum Daytona of the previous generation, which used the Zenith movement, has always been a “legendary” existence until the public appearance of Ref.16516 in 2018.

According to Sam Hines, head of Sotheby’s watch department, only five Daytonas with Pt950 platinum cases exist. Patrick Heiniger, the former CEO of Rolex, initially customized this. Four were given to friends, colleagues, and partners, and he kept one.

Two pieces have been unveiled; the first is Ref.16516 with the mother-of-pearl disc. It was a wedding gift from Rolex CEO Heiniger to Francesca Gobbi and Romain Sardou in 1999, and the commemorative engraving of that year was retained on the back of the case. The family behind the woman Gobbi owns Gobbi 1842, a famous Milanese watch shop born in Italy in the nineteenth century.
It was put up for auction in 2018, and the final transaction price was about RMB 6 million, which was the most expensive modern Rolex watch then. Replica Rolex watches.

The second Ref.16516 to appear is a natural lapis lazuli dial, which was auctioned in July 2020 for 22.9 million yuan. It also broke the historical auction record for the most expensive modern Rolex.

Interestingly, these three Ref.16516s all use unique dials, one mother-of-pearl, one lapis lazuli, and this Stella, each of which is different.
Rolex used a process in the 1970s and 1980s to cover the copper base plate with colored paint, repeat it several times, and finally apply a layer of varnish and polish it. Because the varnish is translucent, it will present a lustrous and translucent feeling under the light, much like a traditional enamel plate. Rolex has used this technique extensively on the Day-Date series and released various colorful styles. Because the supplier of this paint is named “Stella,” and this latter dial also has its exclusive name, “Stella dial.”

In 2020, Rolex applied this “Stella dial” process to the brand’s most entry-level series, “Oyster Perpetual,” launching three sizes of 31, 36, and 41 mm, and five colors of yellow, red, green, blue, and pink. Although it is the most entry-level series, because the public price is not high and the sports models are too hot, it has inspired the cost of the new OP in the secondary market.
In this year’s Oyster Perpetual’s Stella Fire, the Tiffany color is the highest premium; the 36mm version has a public price of 43,400 yuan, and the super general cost in the secondary market is almost 30,000.

Rare watch model + rich story background + currently popular Tiffany-colored Stella dial, under such a background, this Ref.16516 feels like it will go to heaven.

Movement: Automatic
Dial Color: Blue Dial
Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Model: 116519
Series: Daytona
Case Color: Silver-tone

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