Rolex Yacht-master, Why No One Loves It? Discount Fake Watches

The Yacht-Master series has always been controversial in the Rolex family. The product series is complete, and the positioning is very high-end; there are total gold, platinum rings, tapes, candy rings, and complex functions. In the past thirty years, the stature has been getting lower and lower, but the sales and word of mouth have remained the same.

Even the Heishuigui from a humble background, the current market price can be compared with the steel yacht master with the platinum ring, the “true noble” in the Rolex sports model; why is it so unpopular?

Is Yacht-Master cost-effective?

That depends on how you understand “value for money.” For example, look at the functions and materials of the watch purely three or five years ago. In that case, this series must have no cost performance because applying precious metal materials means a higher official price. At the same time, the movement and functions Are equivalent to an ordinary log or water ghost. Where is the difference? Design? Platinum ring? Precious metal bezel and gold strap? These decorative factors are different from the way to reflect the cost performance of a watch in the eyes of many people. Discount fake watches.

But if you look at a watch’s jewelry and wearing attributes, the price of more than 50,000 yuan, if you only consider function and practicality, you really don’t need to spend more money to buy expensive replica watches. The precious metal material and product optimization of all details allows a more comfortable wearing experience and a more advanced visual effect. From this perspective, Yacht-Master is also a cost-effective watch at around RMB 100,000.

Because many leisure diving or commuting watches of other brands at the same price are more delicate than Yacht-Master, and may not be as affordable as Yacht-Master in terms of comfort and durability. This kind of “affordable” is more like the presentation of the quality-price ratio, referred to as the “quality-price ratio.”

I have always recommended girls look at the Yacht-Master series when choosing a Rolex sports model because there are two sizes of 37 and 40mm, and because the thickness of the case is better controlled, it is more comfortable to wear and has a polished strap. And the application of precious metal materials, the effect of jewelry is also better. Wearing comfortably and looking bright is very important for girls to choose a watch.

Regrettably, the market for Rolex has become more and more unbelievable, and almost all models are not discounted.

For a high-end watch manufacturer with an annual output of more than 800,000 pieces, is it reasonable that the basic models are available and the prices of popular models are taking off? Maybe not! Fashion trends are changing all the time. If the epidemic causes the market to become increasingly deformed, consumers will eventually choose to “change their minds.” Those with limited budgets will select other brands, and those with sufficient budgets will upgrade to see the Troika. It doesn’t bode well for Rolex if the spillover doesn’t fall into its own hands.

Sometimes you can’t blame Rolex for being too ruthless. Suppose you understand the distribution standards and requirements of Hermès or the secondary market prices of Audemars Piguet’s various oak trees. In that case, you can feel that China’s high-end market spending power is vital when everyone can’t go shopping abroad. Behind the wailing of luxury goods markets worldwide is the “false prosperity” that tourists buy for real.

Series: Yacht-master
Band Width: 20mm
Case Color: Silver-tone
Model: m126622-0002
Movement: Automatic
Dial Color: Blue Dial
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex

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