Rolex “Kindy” Is Not Enough? Then Add Diamonds, Buy Replicas Watch

Today I would like to introduce a watch that can often be seen on the Internet but is rare in real life. Rolex Daytona 116515 rose gold, tape, and diamond engraving.

Rolex Daytona 116515 tape strip drilling

The thickness of the Rolex Daytona is relatively thin among automatic chronographs.

Rolex Steel Case Daytona 116500

This generation of Rolex 116515 was launched in 2011. As you all know, when Rolex popularizes new technologies, it starts with precious metal models and then gradually spreads to steel watches. Therefore, 116515 is also the first batch of Daytonas that started to use ceramic rings, earlier than the current 116500 Steel Di.

Rolex Daytona 116515, note that this is just not drilled.

But it should be noted that 116515 was equipped with a belt at the beginning, except for the gold chain. Then in 2017, Rolex launched a new Oysterflex rubber belt and equipped the gold shell Daytona (gold, rose gold, platinum) with an Oysterflex rubber belt. Since then, Oysterflex tape has replaced the previous alligator leather strap, and the video matches the style of the Daytona movement very well. At the same time, you can also judge whether the watch is a version before or after 2017 through the strap. Buy replicas watch.

After 2017, Daytona 116515 was replaced with a new type of Oysterflex tape, which replaced the alligator strap.

Rolex’s Oysterflex rubber strap is perfect, and it is different from all the famous watches with tapes I have used before. Rolex’s Oysterflex rubber band has two characteristics:

  1. Rolex Oysterflex tape, although we call it tape, the inside of the strap is metal. According to Rolex’s official introduction, the strap’s inside is a super-elastic metal sheet. Someone interpreted it as titanium. Then the outside is wrapped in rubber. So it looks like tape, but it’s not “tape.”

Rolex 116515 uses Oysterflex tape and a gold folding clasp. You can see the 750 dog head and balance marks on the clip, indicating solid gold.

  1. On the inside of the Rolex Oysterflex tape are two protruding “gaskets.” The “gasket” is raised outwards, not found in other mainstream watch tapes. Due to the radian problem, ordinary adhesive tape often cannot fit the wrist at the position on both sides of the wrist, and the strap will “branch.” But Rolex has this “gasket,” which is very practical. The two “gaskets” protrude, which can fill the “branch” part of the original strap. The “gasket” fits the wrist, which is very easy to use.

You can see the Rolex Oysterflex rubber band inside with the “spacer.” Ordinary tape does not have this.

Therefore, the 116515 rose gold case is indeed heavier than the steel case, but it is comfortable using this Oysterflex tape. The word “practical” is Rolex’s “core idea” throughout, and it is straightforward to wear.

Rolex Daytona 116515 has several disk colors, including black disk, brown disk, white disk, and champagne disk. It’s just a champagne plate. Unlike the regular 116515, this one is diamond-engraved, using bar-shaped diamond hour markers. As you all know, the most common type of Rolex diamonds is “packed diamonds.” There is a square base under the diamond, enclosing the diamond. But in the new models in recent years, Rolex has begun to widely use bar diamonds, directly setting a “cuboid” diamond on the disk. High-end models like Rolex, DD day calendar, and Daytona all have models that use bar diamonds. Fake Rolex watches.

Rolex Daytona 116515 bar diamond hour markers.

Barrel hour markers of Rolex 228238.

The bar diamond time scale is commonly known as “T diamond” in the folk (the abbreviation of bar diamond). Bar diamonds are larger, conspicuous, authoritative, and valuable. For diamonds on famous watches, the larger the diamond, the more rounded it is, and the higher the value, while the value of broken diamonds is relatively low. For example, some watches have a ring of small diamonds, but the actual value is low. Because the rectangular diamonds resemble rock sugar one by one, it is also commonly known as “rock sugar” among the people. The 116515 gold watch itself is very conspicuous and shiny. Coupled with the strips of T diamonds on the dial, light comes in, and the watch is luxurious and shiny.

Rolex Daytona 116515 bar diamond hour markers.

Rolex Daytona 116515 is still a 4130 automatic chronograph movement. Everyone is familiar with it, so today, I want to say a few more words about polishing Rolex movements. Through my experience in playing with watches and what I have seen and heard, it can be noted that although Rolex is not transparent, the polishing of Rolex’s movements is very conscientious.

Rolex Daytona uses the 4130 automatic chronograph movement.

I use “conscience” to describe it because we can’t see the movement even if we don’t see through the bottom, but the Rolex movement has done it. Has burnished trim. Now, many famous watch movements are “simplifying” polishing and decoration. Many famous watches with the same positioning as Rolex have a transparent sign. Still, the lower plywood of the movement is only polished in a few places, and even there is no polishing at all. When the action is disassembled, except for the polished upper layer, the other parts are in an “empty” state, which is far inferior to that of a Rolex.

Rolex 4130 movement dismantling.

Objectively speaking, the Daytona 4130 movement, except for the lower plywood and the bottom of the travel time wheel train, where there are no fish scale decorations, most of the other places, including the bottom of the barrel, have been polished. Let’s not talk about the comparison between Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. Rolex is one of the best movement decorations among famous watches of the same level.

Dismantling of the Rolex 3135 movement.

Anyone who has played Rolex, I think you will understand that Rolex is the four words “practical and easy to wear.” Rolex has made the size, thickness ratio, practical functions (movement function, waterproof and antimagnetic), the adjustable buckle of the strap, etc., which are directly related to wearing so that people feel comfortable to wear. At the same time, on this basis, precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones can be used to upgrade the watch to a highly luxurious level (such as Rainbow Di). Rolex is so “simple.”

Series: Daytona
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 40mm
Movement: Automatic
Band Length: 18cm
Case Color: Rose Gold-tone
Model: 116515

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