Rolex Explorer New Fake Watch Release, The Price Will Also Follow

The Rolex Explorer fake watch is finally getting a makeover for 2021. What is impressive is that the focus of the brand change is Explorer 1, not probe 2. Because the scope of the evolution of probe 2 is smaller, the focus is on the movement upgrade to 3230, the power is increased to 70 hours, and the pointer is slightly different, making people feel little change. But the first is a new homage to tradition and classic, returning to the original Explorer size of 36mm and adding a new steel case.

It is worth noting that Explorer in all Rolex sports fake watch series is the most miniature premium range of works, especially in the domestic market; compared with other styles, it may not be as high as the Japanese market; why is this? The Explorer 1 has gone through seven generations since the Explorer Generation 6350 in 1953. Except for the first two generations, which are now very scarce, the later generations can only accept a relatively high price in Japan. You can’t talk about Explorer 1 without talking about the Kimura, which is particularly familiar to Asians. In the 2000’s Kimura Takuya in the Japanese drama “love century” is to wear this watch performance under the Kimura effect; at that time, I was impressed by the substantial advertising broadcast, advertising in addition to the crystal apple; there a saying written “True love never runs smoothly” (True love road bumps forever), I was very moved, This reflects the contradictions and struggles of the protagonists from their first meeting to entanglement in the triangle. It also reminds people that Kimura wears this fake watch in the play, which is not only handsome but also finds his happiness in the complicated triangle relationship.

Because of the above, the relationship between the origin in Japan, this watch almost like a male god necessary money, but the market in Taiwan, although many people have full to see they might, the extent of the hype this fake watch is warm than Japan, so one many are exported to Japan. We’ll discuss why the Explorer will rise don’t move; I would like to put forward my opinion on whether the price of the previous model 214270 will be increased.

Explorer series salute when shipped for polar explorers, caves, volcanologist ideal wrist, feeling in the Explorer in the arctic bone-chilling cold hot temperature of the volcanic belt, climbing mountain peaks, deep inside the cave, dare to challenge the unknown, an impossible task achievement of adventure, so this watch has two characteristics. The first is good recognition – clear time display and good night recognition because, in a bad environment, it can provide the wearer with the correct time. The second point is the shell of resistance to abrasion; the Rolex oyster shell standards are the representative work of durability. However, there are many new fake watch outer rings instead of using new materials such as ceramic, practical degrees, or oyster type steel (oyster type steel is 904 l steel, corrosion resistance, can send out a dazzling light, after grinding is usually used in high-tech, aerospace, chemical industry, etc.).

As for probing the past market, unlike other a Rolex sports fake watch eye-catching with the following points:

  1. It is different from the prevailing market preference

In keeping with the classic traditional elements and spirit of the Explorer series, the watch’s design is somewhat different from the mainstream ceramic circle in the current market. The flexibility of steel is undoubtedly better than that of ceramic; that is to say, it is not easy to be broken due to collision, and even if the steel has scratches, it is easy to recover the original state after finishing. But now, most people who wear Rolex swiss fake watches are only used for daily wear, so the advantages of the ceramic ring can outweigh its inherent disadvantages, which makes the steel ring less desirable.

  1. Slightly on the small side

The last generation of exploration 1214270 is the largest size in all generations, but also only 39mm, compared with the mainstream size of men’s watches now about 40 ~ 43mm, small size is less and less, the reason is that now is the era of sports fake watch. This time, the size of the first test is back to the smaller 36mm from 39mm, which is somewhat different from the measure used to wear in the current market, which will also affect the willingness of consumers to buy. But I think the watch size should be different from person to person; the large diameter can show personality, and the small diameter is elegant temperament, suitable for your taste style is ideal for your watch.

According to Rolex, before the development of the production design, it is bound to have a wave (similar to the concept of production bonus), but increases the size of the differences, according to my observation, combined with the front two analysis, I think 1 in a short period should not have astonishing gains, after all, it is not the mainstream movement. Hence, its premium degree is relatively limited.

Case_size:39 MM
Dial_type:Black Quarter Arabic
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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