Rolex Also Has Quartz Watches; Buy Fake Rolex

Rolex has produced many excellent watch models in history, and some of them are more special models that no one expects, such as the quartz Rolex we will introduce today.

Quartz watches endorse cheap products, and Rolex’s launch of quartz watches has followed the trend of the time. Even the king of quartz watches, Rolex, needed help to avoid following the trend and launching its quartz watches.

In 1969, Seiko launched another watch that went down in history: the Seiko Quartz Astron, officially announcing the arrival of quartz watches. The proud Swiss Watch and Chronometer Competition was immediately terminated because of this new mechanical watch with travel time technology. It is no longer possible to resist.

Of course, Switzerland is well aware of its crisis. In 1962, 20 Swiss watch-related companies and associations came together, including Patek Philippe, Rolex, Piaget, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Longines, Zenith, and other brands. They raised funds to form an organization called the Center Electronique Horloger (CEH) to co-develop quartz movements to counter Japanese quartz replica watches. Beta1 was launched in 1966 and improved to Beta2 in 1967. Unfortunately, they were all experimental products and were not promoted on the market; it was not until 1968 that the mass-produced version of Beta21 was launched. Buy fake rolex.

Rolex released its first quartz watch (model Ref. 5100) 1971. The movement was the Beta21 movement mentioned above. Due to the large size of the movement, the case size reached 40mm, with integrated lugs and a natural transition. Chain belts and chain links are mainly surface-polished. Limited by the insufficient movement production at the time, this was also a rare public limited edition watch by Rolex: a total of 999 pieces were produced, 900 gold versions and 99 platinum versions. And it uses a sapphire mirror design for the first time.

However, Rolex wanted more than the limitations of this Beta21 movement and secretly developed its quartz movement. In 1977, Rolex launched its quartz movement and named it OYSTER QUARTZ. The most commoner quartz watches on the market include three DAYJUST (single calendar) and two DAYDATE (dual calendar) models. :

Ref.17000 steel aperture

Ref.17013 Gold dog tooth ring

Ref.17014 Steel platinum dog tooth ring

Ref.19018 gold model

Ref.19019 Platinum model

Until the discontinuation of Rolex quartz watches in 2003, during these 25 years, Rolex produced approximately 25,000 quartz watches. It can be seen that the number is small, but there are many styles. Special attention is paid to the Dayjust style dial. There are more than ten types of dials commonly seen on the market. In addition, several prototype watches and experimental movements have also been seen at auctions, but we will not extend them here.

At a vague glance, it is quite different from the common mechanical datejust. The most obvious thing is the shell-shaped design. From the first generation 5100 to this 17000, you can see the changes. The shell-shaped rhombus is sharper, and the integrated shell belt is closer to the AP. For a sense of sight, the reflection of the nail scale under the transparent mirror becomes more dazzling. At first glance, it is a work of Zunda. As for whether it is true, the official has yet to give any definite information.

The polished steel ring meets the arc edge of the glass, integrated plate and strip design, and delicate straight line drawing.

The side shell shape is very different from the typical Rolex. The square design is more trendy and also highlights the difference between quartz DJ and mechanical DJ. You can see the unique appearance of OYSTER QUARTZ.

Since the strap is designed to be integrated, you can see more information on the back of the case. The four corners are the model, serial number, material, and original logo.

Rolex did not use the quartz circuit of the Japanese quartz watch to control the stepper motor directly to drive the hands but retained the escapement and transmission mechanism ultimately. (Isn’t the idea similar to the current Seiko Spring Drive?)

I am using a stepper motor drive. The escapement fork swings once every second, creating a unique ticking sound like horse hooves on Rolex quartz. PS: It is deafening. The sound mainly comes from the escapement.

Although Seiko also made a lot of quartz movements at the time, they were relatively mass-produced and rough-made. At the same time, only Omega’s famous Megaquartz series ultra-high frequency 2.4MHZ Cal.1516 can compare with it regarding artistry and accuracy.

Rolex self-produced 5035 movements, 11 diamonds, observatory certification, stepping motor drive, temperature compensation device, and speed adjustment device.

Time passes step by step, and I am looking forward to meeting the crown again.

Brand: Rolex
Band Width: 20mm
Model: 118206-0041
Case Size: 36mm
Series: Day-Date
Dial Color: White Dial
Band Color: Silver-tone
Gender: Men’s

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