In Addition To “Green Water Ghost” Rolex, Which One Can You Buy Fake Rolex

Fortunately, I got a Rolex log, “Golden Palm,” commonly known as “Golden Leaf,” and the model was 126233. Although this table is not expensive, it is also one of Rolex’s “popular models” in the past two years.

Relatively easier to start the Rolex log

Logging Datejust is the most routine and most common watch in Rolex. Since the launch of the Rolex sports model, Rolex’s popular tables have been “monopolized” buy fake rolex sports, which has made the log type seem pretty healthy and bland for many years.

But last year, the incident turned around. In 2021, Rolex launched a 36mm steel shell abrasive “Green Palm” log type 126200. The green plate surface was originally a famous Rolex. This time not only the green plate but also the green leaves pattern. This table became the most crucial topic at the time.

The outer names are “Leek Disk” and “Green Leek,” which are very funny. There is always no wave of logs, and it “supports the edge” simultaneously.

The “Green Palm raised the popularity of the log,” and Rolex immediately followed up and launched another colorful log, “palm leaves.” Including “Silver Palm” and “Golden Palm.” My one is the “golden palm” of the golden dog tooth ring oyster bracelet.

Rolex played on the market.

Watch disk is an integral part of Rolex. In addition to the various patterns of modern Rolex, it includes oxidation, discoloration, cracks, and font details on antique Rolex dials. Because of the brand concept, the function of the watch, the case of the case, and the shell shape, it is basically “locked” and will not change significantly.

You say that you have a complex function, Rolex is not; doing ultra-thin, hollow, superb, Rolex designated cannot. Therefore, the changes and highlights of Rolex are concentrated on the dial and bezel.

If you say close enough, it depends on the log Datejust. In addition to the conventional dial, there are green spurs, computer surface, cloth patterns, water ripples, pyramids, petals, 69 Roman diamonds, etc. Gemstones and shell dials such as ladies’ stone and pearl artist. The new “green tree leaves” and “golden leaves” have done it.

How about Rolex “Golden Palm”?

The log “Golden Palm” is a layer of golden leaf patterns on the golden radial plate surface of the conventional version of DJ. The lower layer is a radiation pattern, and the upper layer is golden leaves holding the radiation pattern. There are two colors of golden leaves. The upper part of the plate surface is dark, and the lower part of the lower part is lighter.

The dark leaves cross each other and have a strong sense of layering. As soon as the light enters the dial, the radiation pattern gold bottom and the golden leaves are very fancy but not messy; the leaves are unmistakable. The complicated plate surface has dramatically enhanced the relatively bland log type regarding face value and luxury.

In addition to multi-set patterns, the “Golden Palm” is consistent with the conventional 36 mm golden log. Use long luminous labels; the middle section of the bezel, crown, and bracelet is 18K gold. This table, with oyster strap and oyster buckle. The height has a spinning lock, and the hublot replica watch is 100 meters waterproof. While highlighting the luxury of the formal dress, we can consider a specific movement attribute.

The “Golden Palm” log uses Rolex’s new generation 3235 automatic movement. 70-hour power, supercelestial platform certification, daily error+2/-2 seconds, which you are already very familiar with. The new type of Chronergy sedes up to improve the movement efficiency; the blue scallion traces maintain the outstanding magnetic anti-magnetic ability. It has been seven years since Rolex launched a new generation 32 series movement in 2015, after the test. The small crown of the dial at 6 o’clock is a sign of using the new 32 series movement (in some early watches, although the 32 series movements are used, the dial has not been printed with a small crown, and now it is published).

Rolex “Golden Palm” is “the cheapest” instead.

Rolex’s “leaves” now there are “green palm,” “golden palm,” and “silver palm.” At present, “Green Palm” and “Golden Palm” are the central (relatively small silver palm). “Green Palm” and “Golden Palm” have different configurations, such as oyster chains, five beads chains, aperture, and dog teeth.

However, no matter what the public price is, the “green palm” of the steel shell is the highest and the highest in general costs; the “Golden Palm” of Jin Jin is lower, which is the weakest in the actual price in the “leaves plate.” That’s right, the “green palm” of the steel shell is higher than the “golden palm” of Jinjin. The market is higher, and steel is more expensive than gold. Who makes green the hottest among Rolex? Therefore, if it is not green, the “golden palm” of golden gold is relatively high, and I think it is good.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Datejust Lady
Model: 79173
Gender: Ladies
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 26 MM
Case_material: Steel & Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material: Steel & Yellow Gold (Jubilee)
Dial_type: Champagne Baton
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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