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How to choose Rolex Explorer? It would be easy to answer this question before 2021 because the entire series only had two products, namely the 39mm Explorer I (from now on referred to as “Tanyi”) and the 42mm Explorer II with dual time zones. Press whether you need to select complex functions. The time has come to 2024. As the series continues to be enriched and improved, especially the products’ size, material, and movement model have changed, problems that were once “not a problem” now make some players feel entangled.

The first generation Explorer Ref.6350 (1953)

To understand a series in depth, we have to start with its past and present: Rolex Explorer is positioned in outdoor style and is closely related to mountaineering. The series of products dates back to the 1950s and is designed to pay tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s journey to Mount Everest. According to the brand, the two men wore Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches when climbing Mount Everest. Inspired by this, the explorer Ref. 6350 for mountaineering emerged in 1953. It uses a 36 mm diameter black dial with Mercedes-Benz needles, inverted triangle time scales at noon, and Arabic numeral time scales at 3/6/9 o’clock. These elements laid the foundation for a collection that would be used for generations to come. Buy replica Rolex.



For more than half a century, from 1953 to 2010, the diameter of Tanyi released during this period was 36mm. “Small size” has become a classic combination of Tanyi. However, with the trend of large watch diameters sweeping around 2010, the brand also made compromises with the market: the 2011 Tanyi Re. 214270 broke tradition and increased the watch diameter to 39mm for the first time. Players’ evaluations of this product are polarized. Some players believe that it conforms to the development of the times and its size is more in line with the usage habits of modern men’s watches, which deserves recognition. However, some players believe that the 39mm Tanyi is not an “enlarged” version of the 36mm model, and its details have undergone subtle changes. For example, the early production Ref. 214270 has shorter minutes and second hands. It does not have luminous paint at the 3/6/9 o’clock position, making it uncomfortable for players familiar with the classic 36mm proportions.

Ref.214270 MK1 (left) and MK2 (right)

For this reason, the game underwent a minor upgrade in 2016, and the new product models remain unchanged. The two versions are MK1 and MK2, respectively, to distinguish players easily. The hands of MK2 are slightly bolder and longer, and luminous paint is added to the 3/6/9 o’clock time scale. Such changes make the overall proportions of the 39mm probe more coordinated and improve the practicality with a larger luminous area. Fake watches for sale.

Ref.124273 and Ref.124270

Although Ref. 214270, produced after 2016, has corrected the length of the hands, making the overall proportions look closer to classic. But no matter what modifications are made, 39mm is the “original sin” in the eyes of some players – the actual size of Tanyi is only 36mm. 

Ref.124273 (2021)

The price of Jianjin Tanyi when it was launched in early 2021 was RMB 84,500. It is one of Rolex’s many gold sports men’s watches and is the least difficult to acquire. Although its public price has been raised to 98,900 yuan in 2024, compared with similar products (such as the 36mm gold plate chain just starting at 102,300 yuan), Jianjin Tanyi still has a specific price advantage and is the perfect way for new players to experience Rolex precious metal watches. Ideal for tables.

Ref.124273 (2021)

The brand has taken care of the needs of players who prefer classic sizes. However, 36mm is undoubtedly too small for men’s watches today, and constant voices are calling for the resumption of mainstream sizes. It is easy to see from the secondary market that when the new model was first released, the price of the discontinued 39mm Ref. 214270 did not decrease but experienced a slight increase.


After long calls, Rolex added a 40mm version to Tanyi in 2023, the largest model in the series. It differs from discontinuing the 39mm Ref.214270 immediately after the 36mm Ref.124270 release in 2021. The newly added 40mm model has no iterative relationship with the previous 36mm model. Both are currently on sale models. Both groups of people who like “classic size” and “modern aesthetics” have satisfactory results. As for Jianjin Tanyi, the 40mm model has yet to be released, so look forward to surprises with this year’s new products.

The first generation Explorer II Ref.1655 (1971)

After understanding “Detection One,” let’s look at the situation of “Detection Two.” Although it is called the second generation, the two generations of products differ in functionality and appearance design. The first generation Tan Er Ref. 1655, released in 1971, did not use the iconic Mercedes-Benz needle and 3/6/9 o’clock Arabic numeral time scales, and then launched a new design: it uses a 39 mm diameter, equipped with a crown shoulder guard, small Window convex lens. The 24-hour scale carved on the steel outer ring corresponds to the yellow pointer on the dial, which can realize the dual time function.

The first generation GMT-Master Ref.6542 (1954)

Speaking of this, many players will think of Rolex’s other famous series, GMT Master. Although it is partially similar to Tan Er in appearance, its functions do not conflict: the outer ring of the GMT-Master supports two-way rotation and uses two colors to distinguish day and night. By rotating the outer ring and cooperating with the GMT pointer, the information of up to three time zones can be read. The outer ring of the Taner is made of fine steel and is fixed and non-rotatable. It can only read the second time zone with the GMT pointer. This is the main functional difference between the two series.

Tudor Black Bay Professional and the original Explorer II

As a digression, just as some players long for TanYi to return to the classic 36mm, some players hope TanYi can be presented with an appearance closer to the original work Ref. 1655. As we all know, under the influence of today’s retro trend, Rolex is one of the few brands that has never launched a replica watch. Rolex is not unwilling to make changes but has handed over the important task of “reviving its past glory” to its brother brand, Tudor.

Tudor Black Bay Professional (2022)

The Biwan Professional model launched by Tudor in 2022 uses the same 39mm diameter as Ref. 1655. The two works that span half a century have a highly unified design language:

  • Their outer rings are concave and filled with black lettering (even the fonts are similar).
  • The bezels are brushed.
  • The two-time hands are orange.

However, the Tudor Black Bay Professional model retains brand features such as the snowflake needle, which cancels the small window convex lens and crown shoulder guard. The two products are “spiritually similar” but not “the same” and can be seen as a modern interpretation of the first-generation Taner. For players who love retro design, the Tudor Black Bay Professional is also an accessible choice.


Return to the orthodox sequel of Rolex Detective II. The series has undergone many iterations; the specific changes will not be detailed here. We will only start with the “Modern Exploration II” Ref. 216570, with which players are more familiar. Ref. 216570, which came out in 2011, continued the black and white two-color dial choice and increased the watch diameter to 42mm, which was in line with the popular trend of “large watch diameter” in sports models during the same period. The GMT hand of this generation of Tan II has been changed to bright orange, which makes it more youthful and energetic. This work is equipped with Rolex Cal. 3187 movement, a “special edition” specially created for Tan Er. Compared with the Cal.3186 movement of the GMT-Master II, the Cal.3187 uses a Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorber to improve the anti-magnetic performance. In terms of size, the diameter of the Cal.3187 movement reaches 31 mm to fit the calendar window position of the 42mm case.


2021 is the 50th anniversary of the birth of Taner (1971), and a full ten years have passed since the release of Ref. 216570. When players were looking forward to the significant anniversary, the Ref. 226570, which came out in the same year, poured cold water on players: the new Tan Er continues the same size and shape as the previous generation, with almost no improvement in appearance. But from another perspective, this is enough to confirm the design’s success. In terms of movement, since the Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorber have become standard features of the 32 series movement, the new Tan II is no longer equipped with a “special edition” movement; that is, it uses the same Cal.3285 as the GMT-Master II. “Anti-magnetic” is no longer the differentiated selling point of the new Tan Er.

From the initial “choose one” to the current debate between gold and steel cases, 36mm and 40mm, the Rolex Explorer has continued to develop and improve in the past ten years.

Gender: Men’s
Series: Explorer
Brand: Rolex
Model: m214270-0003
Movement: Automatic
Band Color: Silver-tone
Case Color: Silver-tone

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