How Do You Buy A Rolex “Datejust” Watch That Looks Fashionable? Replica Watch

This watch was made entirely of gold.

Rolex currently produces the Datejust, ranging in size from 31 mm to 41 mm, and the Women’s Datejust (introduced in the late 1950s), which is smaller.

41mm and 28mm Datejust

In Rolex’s product line, just a few popular steel models are hotly speculated today. Classic models such as the Datejust and Day-Date are the cash flow; among them, the Datejust is the actual big seller.

And many of them are “interim money.”

According to Rolex’s official statement, the “gold” we call “gold and steel combination” should be called “gold and steel combination.” Rolex registered Rolesor (gold steel) as a trademark in 1933. The design of this stainless steel replica watch strap with a precious metal strap in the middle is more like the iconic feature of Rolex, which can be recognized at a glance.

This is a 36mm Datejust, and the green plate is still trendy.

We will also see 28 mm size styles in the women’s journal type, such as this gold steel model.

There are many styles of journal type.

Strictly speaking, the Datejust is also a product that has been recognized over the years. It must be a classic from generation to generation, but why do some people think it is a bit old-fashioned in the eyes of today?

First of all, it is the golden design. Many young girls don’t like it.

There are many reasons. An invisible consideration is that this kind of watch strap gives people a feeling of “a little more than the steel model, but not as good as the full gold.” It always has the vision of a transitional product.

Not all gold will have this feeling. When using gold on a watch has more design significance, it will not feel like a transitional model (such as Cartier’s Santos).

The second is that some people don’t like dental rims.

The third is the existence of the five-bead chain. The official name of Rolex is the five-link commemorative strap, designed for Datejust watches back then and equipped with a concealed crown buckle.

Compare the Oyster chain (left) and the five-bead chain (right). The Oyster chain was launched in the late 1930s. It has three links and an Oyster buckle.

In addition, in the past two years, two GMTs have made the five-bead chain known to the world, and they secretly understand Rolex’s intention to replace the five-bead chain to make a clear difference from the precious metal model. This makes this strap even more affordable. Franck muller replica.

Just look at the strap; you’ll know it’s a steel watch.

Human psychology is so subtle sometimes.

Of course, having said so much, you just want to know what a good-looking date looks like in my eyes.

First of all, it must be the all-gold model.

For example, the 31mm model has a beautiful new model with a malachite dial and a Head of State strap (this strap was designed for the day-date model launched in 1956), and the price is also high.

The women’s Datejust also has small-sized all-gold watches, and the prices are not cheap either.

Second, within the budget, I would give up the gold watch strap and add some diamonds if it feels plain.

Rolex’s new Datejust has two 36mm pieces that look great. The first is a champagne-colored dial with a diamond ring, which avoids the tooth ring design. The second is an Oyster strap with diamonds on the scales, which is perfect.

There is also a brighter purple plate, but for me, the only flaw is the five-bead chain. But since Rolex can provide such a sexy color, the strap is not a problem.

Dial Color: Black Dial
Band Width: 20mm
Movement: Automatic
Series: Day-Date
Gender: Men’s
Model: 118346
Brand: Rolex

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