How Did The Best Rolex Replica Water Ghost Get Its Name?

The name of the best Rolex replica Water Ghost is now well known in the watch world, so how did the name Water Ghost come about?

Water ghost, the official name is the Rolex Submariner series. When it first entered Hong Kong, China, due to its excellent waterproof performance, local watch fans named it “Water Ghost” and “Water Boy” concerning the name of the water attack team. Therefore, after being introduced to mainland China, because the water ghost sounds more imposing than the water boy, it began to spread among the people. Depending on the color of the watch dial and the bracelet, there are nicknames for replica watches for sale, such as black ghost, green ghost, and golden ghost.

Today, the best Rolex replica Water Ghost has evolved for five generations; let’s look!

The original Rolex was in 1953

Interviews began in 1953 with a case size of 38mm.

The second generation, in 1954, incorporated Arabic numerals.

The style launched in 1969; the series name is marked red.

The 1984 style is almost the same as the modern water ghost.

2020 calendarless ghost

The best Rolex replica Water Ghost has continued to evolve since its launch in 1953, making progress in waterproofing, durability, and functionality. The case diameter was initially increased from 38 to 40MM and equipped with crown shoulder guards, then expanded to 41MM in 2020. A minute scale is added for the first 15 minutes of the watch’s rotating bezel and added more pronounced dimples. Water resistance was also increased to 300 meters (1,000 feet) for the 1979 Submariner Date and 1989 Submariner models. The two watches were further improved in 2008 and 2012, respectively, with a new rotating outer ring with gold-plated or platinum scales on the Cerachrom word ring.

The Rolex Water Ghost opens up the field of diving watches, laying a solid foundation for the best Rolex replica diving watches Sea-Dweller and Rolex Deep Dive.

Model:116610 LN
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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