Five Ultra-classic Watches Recommended: Buy Fake Rolex

Classical things are just like roads in the world. There is no road in the world. If more people walk on it, there will naturally be a road. The same goes for classic things. There is no such thing as a classic. If more people like to own it, it will naturally become a classic. Therefore, classic watches are also the most accepted watches. Today, I recommend five of the most classic watches to you.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN-97200 black dial watch

  • Watch series: Submariner series
  • Movement type: automatic machine
  • Case Material: 904L stainless steel
  • Strap material: 904L stainless steel
  • Case diameter: 40mm

After hearing this name, the classic Black Water Ghost, you will know how classic it is. One name means everything. The Submariner was born in 1953 and was the world’s first watch waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. Later, a patented three-buckle crown was added to strengthen the sealing of the case and increase the waterproof depth to 300 meters. This black water ghost is entirely black, with a round sapphire crystal glass and luminous dot scales like eyes in the dark, allowing you to see the passage of time. Buy fake rolex.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reversible Series Q3738420 Watch

  • Watch Series: Flip Series
  • Movement type: manual mechanical
  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Strap material: crocodile leather
  • Case diameter: 48.5×30 mm

The classic Jaeger-LeCoultre flip watch. Although I prefer the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master series watch, it is undeniable that the Jaeger-LeCoultre flip watch is more classic and more distinctive. This watch uses the Jaeger-LeCoultre ultra-thin movement Cal.976, with a thickness of only 4.15 mm (Jaeger-LeCoultre has produced the world’s thinnest movement, and there is no doubt about its manufacturing technology in ultra-thin movements and complex movements) ), with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s unique flip dial design, reflecting personality and fashionable taste.

Cartier Blue Balloon Series W69010Z4 Watch

  • Watch Series: Blue Balloon Series
  • Movement type: Quartz
  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Strap material: stainless steel
  • Case diameter: 28.6 mm

Cartier’s classic Blue Balloon series watch, the Blue Balloon series is Cartier’s classic series, wandering between classic and futuristic styles, the familiar arc feeling meets a strange mixed effect. The extra-large cabochon sapphire breaks the rules and is mysterious and unique. Minimalist fashion, charming and elegant.

IWC Portuguese series IW500107 watch

  • Watch series: Portuguese series
  • Movement type: automatic machine
  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Strap material: crocodile leather
  • Case diameter: 42.3 mm

This IW500107 is affectionately called the “Portuguese Seven” because it has a power reserve of seven days. It also has a power reserve display at three o’clock and a small-second dial at nine. The oversized size of 37.8mm makes you feel happy no matter how you look at it. The date is at six o’clock. O’clock now is slightly trapezoidal and sinks inward, giving the simple window a three-dimensional feel. This Portuguese seven-day chain watch is large, beautiful, elegant, and outstanding. Swiss models replica watches.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00441 watch

  • Watch series: LUMINOR 1950 series
  • Movement type: automatic machine
  • Case material: ceramic
  • Strap material: cowhide
  • Case diameter: 44mm

As Panerai’Panerai’son has skyrocketed, its unique shape and design have become the focus of heated discussion. Some people even say that Wanpeiwan is all about personality. It still has a large diameter of 44 mm and a ceramic case. At the same time, this watch also has a dual time zone function at 9 o’clock, which significantly improves its practicality. Performance. The watch is equipped with the P.9001 self-winding mechanical movement developed by Panerai. The back of the watch has a power reserve indicator. The black dial is equipped with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. The o’clocksition is fitted with a small-second dial. The case, frame, and crown guard are all made of Panerai’Panerai’sd black ceramic material. The waterproof depth is 100 meters.

The watches brought to you today are all very, very classic. They are famous for both the brand and the watch itself. These watches are recommended mainly for those who don’t know about watches and want to buy one now. They are all excellent choices.

Series: Submariner
Case Color: Silver-tone
Case Size: 40mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Model: 116610LN
Brand: Rolex
Case Thickness: 15mm
Band Length: 18cm
Gender: Men’s

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