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Buckle—a standard accessory on a watch. Nowadays, because the buckle is relatively hidden in the watch, it is only noticed when wearing it. Therefore, we pay less attention to them in today’s fast-paced life. Make sure to consider it when choosing a watch. You will only regret it if the watch falls off and is destroyed. People who have experienced it will understand the feeling.

Tudor folding clasp

The watch buckle looks ordinary, but it has something inside. Although its presence on the watch is relatively low daily, we cannot ignore it. After all, it is essential to protect the watch on the wrist. Object. In addition, as one of the critical parts of the watch, the buckle also accounts for a lot of the value of the watch. Although it is an accessory, its role is vital in the watch. For a beautiful watch, the buckle and dial can even be 50/50 in appearance because this is the feeling of mismatching, fineness, but not fineness. Therefore, the seemingly inconspicuous buckle is an essential part of the watch and worthy of our careful study.

Various mainstream buckles

Butterfly clasp frame display

With the accumulation of watch culture and the development of history, as well as people’s improvement in quality requirements, the styles of watch buckles have shown a trend of diversified development, gradually becoming another way of displaying the individuality of each brand. Most are made of stainless steel, titanium, and precious metals (a few are composite materials). They are magical objects that ensure the safety of the wrist and bear the responsibility of matching this part of the style. Next, let us first introduce what traditional watch buckles are!

(1) Pin buckle

Highly recognizable Vacheron Constantin pin buckle

Refreshing simplicity, convenience, and flexibility are the characteristics of pin buckles. The style of brand watchmaking tends to be business formal or elegant watches. Top watches like PP (Patek Philippe) or Vacheron Constantin have unique designs. Pin buckle. Treat the watch buckle as a business card. Even if you don’t look at the brand name specifically, you can understand what brand of watch it is just by looking at the buckle style (does it bring a sense of accomplishment)? In the watch industry, the most common buckle is the pin buckle with a solid traditional flavor. They embody the history and connotation of the buckle and are an efficient type of buckle. Whether it is a small and exquisite woman with a small diameter or a rough and bold watch with a large diameter, it has the highest fit and guarantees the watch’s safety; that is, it is stable and will not fall off easily. Best swiss replica watches.

(2) Folding buckle

AP watch folding clasp.

Fashion and leisure are the only styles of today’s folding buckle watches. Today, when low luxury and quality life are advocated, whether luxury or coldness, it is incompatible with today. Therefore, convenient and beautiful folding buckles are trendy. It makes up for the embarrassment of the pin buckle being too tight or loose. If the first adjustment is correct, it can be easily buckled after wearing. Its most significant advantage is that it is easy to remove, protects the leather strap’s quality around the buckle well, and does not cause excessive stretching due to long-term wearing. The disadvantage is also apparent. Because the folding buckle is too long, it will be loose and difficult to adjust for those with thin wrists. And from the perspective of matching, it is best to avoid matching ultra-thin watches with this kind of folding buckle, remember?

Derivatives of folding buckle butterfly buckle

Butterfly buckle strap display

With the development of watches and clocks, the modification of watch buckles has become increasingly diverse, so a watch buckle type like a butterfly buckle has been produced. Despite the fancy name, this type of buckle is a derivative of the folding buckle, except that the folding buckle folds one way in one direction. In contrast, the butterfly buckle folds two ways in two directions. Is the more complicated butterfly buckle more high-end? It is just a member of the ordinary watch buckle. Beauty and high appearance are the charms given to it by the creator. Still, having too many parts in pursuit of appearance is not a good thing because, unlike movement, the watch buckle is used more often in daily life, and having too many parts will increase the frequency of failures. Such a design will make the wrist contact surface thicker, which is a mixed blessing.

A legendary existence in the watch buckle world

RRolex’sbuckle fine-tuning technology (classic Glidelock strap buckle)

A diving watch is a crucial item to ensure the safe operation of divers underwater. In addition to the strict requirements for the watch’s waterproof performance, the watch strap’s design is also a relatively severe test. The design of RRolex’s new SSubmariner’s classic Glidelock strap buckle is particularly outstanding. As an extension device for the bracelet links, it is easy to operate and can be easily worn by new models wearing thick diving suits. Developed, designed, and patented by Rolex, it has been with everyone since 2008. It is mainly used on Submariner and Submariner Date watches. It can be easily debugged without any tools and can provide 2 mm per section. Gradually extend up to 20 mm.

Rolex Glidelock strap buckle

The toothed plate completes this magical patent on the watch buckle. Loosen one end of the bracelet link to adjust it quickly. After adjusting to the required length, the toothed plate will immediately tighten and make a relatively loud sound. The unmistakable “lick” sound seems to notify the wearer that it has been fixed. Will the waterproof performance be compromised after adjustment once? Not at all; the opening and closing device of the new Oyster safety clasp is very stable and prevents accidental opening when diving. Although this invention is straightforward, the hardships behind it are self-evident. Through quite complex technology, two patents enable such a safety buckle to meet strict standards regarding comfort, beauty, and practicality.

A new definition of aesthetics for watch buckles (PP lantern buckle)

The design of the lantern buckle not only adds beautiful scenery to the watch but also provides a new definition of watch aesthetics. Unique design: you can tell it is a Patek Philippe watch even just by looking at the lantern buckle. The lantern buckle makes the watch buckle look simpler. The exquisite printing and the buckle hidden on the inside of the strap add luster to the connotation of the entire Patek Philippe watch. The unique and subtle design shows Patek Philippe’s attention to detail. Perfectly carved, it can be called a new watch buckle invention. Patek philippe replica.

Vacheron Constantin (half Maltese butterfly buckle)

In 2016, Vacheron Constantin worked hard on the Overseas series, which is quite sincere. The details from the case to the movement, from the lugs to the buckle, are all in place. In addition to the three straps/chains included, the buckle’s design surprised me. The “invisible” stainless steel butterfly buckle of the belt or steel chain model is also a highlight of the watch. After being exquisitely polished and decorated with the brand’s half-Maltese logo, it shows this watch buckle’s magical charm. It is novel, exquisite, elegant, and very beautiful.

Buckle diagram display

Summary: There are many more creative ideas for watch buckles, which are more than this. As long as you explore carefully, you will gain something. The clasp is of great significance to the watch in terms of safety and beauty. Although it is just a tiny object on a watch, it also reflects the brand’s consideration of details and overall appreciation. Who would have thought that the buckle that has always been at the end of the watch and has never been noticed would have such a magical side? From this point of view, it is also exciting as the buckle on the watch is the least noticeable.

Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Case Color: Silver-tone
Model: 16710COKE
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Series: Gmt Master Ii

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