Creamy Second Generation Explorer II, Replica Watches Rolex

Today, I share a second-generation Explorer II Ref. 16550 produced in 1985. The dial is a relatively rare ivory-white color. There are individual differences in the ivory-white color. The darker ones are more popular. The one in the picture is a color comparison. The deep ivory-white center split refers to the vertical alignment of the gaps between the letters “SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER” (upper row) and “OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED” (lower row) on the dial. I wouldn’t have known that ivory white could have such a deep color without comparison. With the gradual reduction of circulation, it is no longer so easy to find the color you like, so its scarcity and price are also rising. There are also various theories about ivory white, such as the transformation from white, the product of initial production errors, etc. I won’t delve into its origin here. Let’s take a look at the actual pictures.

As you can see from the picture, Although some tiny black spots are on the line, they are almost invisible to the naked eye. The difference between it and the white dial is that the ring of the scale is silver, which makes it look indescribably special if you look closely. The Chronometer mark is a center split, also the focus of its high evaluation.

The case has some traces of polishing, but the overall shape is still full, retaining the unique charm of watches from the 1980s. It is worth noting that the bezel of Ref.16550 also maintains its original condition. The font looks thick and robust. There is a little scratch on the outside of the bezel. The atmosphere will significantly reduce if replaced, so it must be original. Replica watches rolex.

The strap is the 78360 strap with the number 501. It is a 20mm Oyster strap. Although it is a little loose, fortunately, it is not deformed and in excellent condition. The buckle is engraved with [I], consistent with the year. You can often see the buckle replaced by a folding watch. The rare dial must be matched with its original suitable strap. Fake watches.

I am sharing a complete set of certificate boxes, including the box, warranty, American booklet, American card holder, and explorer booklet. The Ref. 16550 sticker is retained on the outer shell of the box, although there is no dial color. Stickers, but they are perfect. Because it is an American warranty card, it can be confirmed that the dial color number is 12, which further verifies that it is ivory white. Antique watches with such complete accessories are relatively rare, but if you follow this standard to find an antique watch, the difficulty should be hellish. The main thing here is to let everyone know that many accessories exist. The ivory-white dial has been trendy since the beginning. In recent years, both the market and popularity have skyrocketed. It is a strict antique watch to acquire, and many collectors are looking for it.

Brand: Rolex
Band Color: Silver-tone
Series: Explorer
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Silver-tone
Model: m216570-0001
Case Thickness: 15mm

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