buy fake Rolex watches “plate chain” and “five baht chain” how do you choose?

As is known to all, some buy fake Rolex watches have two bracelet versions, namely the Jubilee bracelet and the Oyster bracelet. But rather than direct official translations, domestic players prefer to call them “banchan” and “Wubaht chain” according to the shape.

The two bands, though very different in style, are both classics, and each has its own set of supporters, the merits of which have long been debated. In particular, last year, Rolex made GMT “Coke circle” and “blue and black circle” return to the board chain, adding a five-baht chain for “Skywalker” again triggered hot debate. The brand expanded the scope of application of the double watchband; the option to return the user from the watchband is no longer the influence of the table choice factors; consumers can buy the most suitable version according to their preferences, but also make many “difficult choice” players worry about this. Today, let us start from several angles; the analysis of “plate chain” and five baht chain “precisely what is different, and how to choose both.

Let’s start with the plate chain. Careful friends of the table are not challenging to find; in addition to the Cellini series, the buy fake Rolex watch’s official name will be named Oyster type constant motion plus type. Such as “Oyster constant motion Rolex Deep dive”, “Oyster constant motion cosmic meter Dittona,” and so on. The name is inherited from the oyster case patented by Rolex in 1926, and the bracelet designed for it soon came into being. Because the shape is simple, easy to wear, and the connection between the table section is less, the whole is solid and durable, suitable for all sports scenes. The oyster case and Oyster strap are inseparable, so their combination is more “orthodox” but also fits the Rolex swiss replica website watch unique temperament.

A commemorative band called the “Five Baht chain” was released after the Oyster strap. As the name suggests, the memorial bracelet was introduced in 1945 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the buy fake Rolex brand. The first version was made of 18-karat gold and was only available on DJS, both material and visual. Today, the material of the commemorative watchband is not limited to precious metal material, and the detailed design has been adjusted several times. But no matter how it changes, it always shows the quality of elegance.

The current series with both bands are Log, women’s Log, Longboat (Skywalker), and Greenwich II. Comparison of their selling price is not difficult to find that the brand for the commemorative watchband price is significantly higher than the Oyster watchband. Take the well-known “Cola circle” Ref.126710BLRO as an example. After the price adjustment in early 2022, the price of the five-baht chain version is 83,600 yuan, and that of the plate chain is 81,900 yuan, a difference of 1,700 yuan between them. In the case of not considering the secondary market premium, only from the official price, the plate chain is more dominant in price.

First of all, appearance is a plus for the five-baht chain. Wubaht chain uses polishing and drawing, two kinds of the polishing process, staggered with each other, in the light of the same under the ran shine, the refracted ray is very dazzling. In contrast, the appearance of the plate chain is much more low-key (Oyster constant movement, submersion, and other models) and only use wire grinding; visual perception is not so “delicate”. However, just as the so-called Rob cabbage has his love, appearance preference is a subjective feeling, like plate chain friends must have their reasons and wish to exchange and share in the comment section.

There is no doubt that the plate chain is more advantageous from a practical point of view. At this time, the advantage of drawing grinding is reflected; it can dilute part of the subtle scratches and wear marks, unlike polished watchbands like an eyesore.

Early Wuzhu chains had hollow interiors, which were lighter than plate chains. However, the new model has been upgraded to solid material. Although solid material also increased weight, the current two kinds of watchband weight of the difference have been further reduced. Because of the short interval of the table section of the five-baht chain, it is easy to bend and fit the wrist; as far as I am concerned, I will prefer the five-baht chain. However, there are still some disadvantages. Some customers think that the easy-to-bend characteristics of the Wubaht chain make it appear “loose” and quickly pick up hairs, so it may not be friendly to friends with hairy hands.

Conclusion: In general, the five baht chain and plate chain is still indistinguishable: only from the aesthetic degree of the five baht chain will be more dominant, two different polishing process to make it particularly delicate; Originally designed only for the log type, it is suitable for players who often wear formal clothes or have thin wrists. On the other hand, the oyster watchband table section is broad, so wrist-thicker friends are recommended to wear it. From the wearing comfort, they are 50/50, the five-bead chain has the problem of hair clip, and the plate chain is not as good as the five-baht chain to fit the wrist. But in price and practicality, plate chains can pull back a city. No matter which one you prefer, it is recommended that you try them on before you buy. After all, the experience of others is not as good as your own experience.

Range:GMT Master II
Model:116710 BLNR
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type:Black Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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