Best Rolex Yacht-master 116680 Replica Watch Information, A New Vision

Mention the Rolex diving watch; we will feel the name of the water ghost is louder; from the appearance and artistry, I prefer this replica watch information because it will give you the water ghost, not the same feeling. A high-quality sports wrist expression has been slowly transformed into a concept, beautiful color matching, and practical is a non-everyday cultural experience. If you find the flood of summer diving fake watches for sale boring, this Rolex yacht series 116680 will give you a refreshing visual impact.

The case size is 44mm, very atmospheric; the rotating ceramic outer ring has a beautiful blue color very eye-catching, white dial; the color is gorgeous. The case material is made of 904L fine steel; this material we introduced before has very corrosion and high-pressure resistance, is very stable and skin-friendly, and a sports replica watch information material is very reliable.

The literal use of white as the background color, the above pointer, and the scale with red and blue collocation is very eye-catching, highlighting the style of the sports watch replicas online free. The six o ‘clock small dial shows the second hand, and the arch 0-10 dial shows the 10-minute countdown function. The Arabic numeral sign is adopted, so the wearer can quickly grasp the timing information. The blue dial matches the small red pointer, which is beautiful and has a sense of movement. The matching color of white, red, and blue is very contracted and elegant, without trivial feeling, relaxed and dazzling.

Twelve scales and minutes, hour hand with lake blue luminous function, the dark lake blue color is elegant and fresh, as if to tell people, it is always from the sea watch, the hegemon in the water.

The back cover is exquisitely polished, using a very delicate drawing process, no lettering, no pattern; very refreshing and fits the wrist. Open the back cover; in addition to the waterproof apron, the eye is polished, exquisite movement, movement using Shanghai 7750 timing movement, with high stability and high timing accurate line, very suitable for this time diving replica watch information.

Fine steel watchband, polished in the middle, drawing process on both sides, meticulous artistry, wear up, no lack of comfort, and very texture. Oyster-type safety buckle, delicate artistry, and luminous effect are also perfect.

Summary: This is a noble must-have watch; the spirit of the soul is more than the ghost of green water; fresh and straightforward colors do not lose the eye rate. It is the Middle East, many rich the first choice of replica watch information.

Range:Yacht-Master II
Case_size:44 MM
Dial_type:White Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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