An Extremely Rare Rolex Chronograph Appears. Buy Replica Watches

A rare collection to admire

First, the big one is Patek Philippe 5002G (lot number 845). As the predecessor of 6002, this watch was made around 2012 and is estimated to be worth HKD 6.2 million to 11 million.

In 2001, Patek Philippe used the famous Star Caliber 2000 pocket watch as a blueprint to release the 5002 Sky Moon Tourbillon, the most complex watch model in the brand’s history. The brand’s first double-sided watch had 12 complex functions and dual dials with astrology charts. , is hailed as one of this century’s most essential and outstanding watches. This auction is the first platinum version of the Patek Philippe Astronomical Tourbillon watch on the public market. It is equipped with a specially designed black dial with red letters. This combination is likely to be unique.

There is also a special Patek Philippe limited edition for the brand’s 175th anniversary, the 5275P-001 platinum triple jump sonnerie watch (lot number 844). It inherits the model 3969 barrel-shaped case released for the brand’s 150th anniversary. It has triple instantaneous jumps-jumping hours, jumping minutes, and jumping seconds functions and automatically chimes the time on the hour every hour.

This watch has been collected very well. It is still in its original packaging and has never been opened or worn. It is estimated to be worth HKD 2.3 million to 3.8 million Hong Kong dollars.

Rolex’s most popular sports models are still the most popular. At a rare timepiece, the first-Daytona” model 6238 (Lot No. 906), 14K gold bracelet watch with chronograph function and black glossy dial, 1967 system.

This is the last chronograph watch before Rolex releases Daytona, and it is also the previous watch with a tachymeter scale printed on the dial. After Daytona came out, the speed measurement scale was designed on the bezel, so 6238 was also called “Pre-Daytona.” The gold version of model 6238 is rare, and the configuration with a black glossy dial is even more precious. Currently, only two are known to exist, and this lot is one of them.

The most rare thing about this 6238 is the 14K gold case and bracelet. Rolex made this watch then and only offered it for sale in the US market. This watch is estimated to cost 3.2 million to 5 million Hong Kong dollars.

There are also two essential chronographs, models 6265 (Lot No. 853) and 6239 (Lot No. 852). In all the auctions since the establishment of the Phillips watch department, there have been only three Rolexes with brown “panda face,” and the models are all 6263. This is the first time there has been a “panda face” dial with a “Tropical” dial—-ring minute scale of 6265.

These 6265 (left) and 6239 (right) are famous Paul Newman dials. 6265 is valued at 2.2 million to 4 million Hong Kong dollars, and 6239 is valued at 940,000 to 1.4 million Hong Kong dollars.

In addition, this 6239 is the best-preserved and rare example of the Rolex “Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman,” with three light-colored dials on a black background. The original owner was from Malaysia, and this was the only valuable item he decided to take away during a fire.

Another piece of antique water ghost, model 6538 (lot number 899). 6538 and 6200 are called “Big Crown” by watch fans because of the size of the crown, and only a tiny number exist. Under the dial of 6538, most have two lines of text: “200m = 660ft, Submariner”. It is scarce to add the four-line text dial “200m = 660ft, Submariner, Official Certified, Chronometer” certified by the Swiss Observatory.

This 6538 was made around 1956.

This watch is estimated to be worth HK$2.8 million to HK$5 million.

The one you love when you have the chance to do it

Let’s first appreciate a group of rare craftsmanship models from Patek Philippe, namely the pocket watch model 770/3 (made in 1968, estimated at HK$960,000~1.92 million, lot number 835) and 5089G-069 (estimated at HK$650,000~1 million, Lot No. 930). Both pieces use enamel technology. Patek Philippe replica.

This 18K micro-painted enamel pocket watch is made by Suzanne Rohr and sold by Gübelin (middle left). 5089G-069 is the work of enamel master Anita Porchet (right)

Two popular sports watches are RM11-03 (estimated at HK$780,000-1.17 million, lot number 882) and Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800/3 (estimated at HK$230,000-400,000, lot number 990).

The material of this RM is 18K rose gold and NTPT graphene carbon fiber, while PP3800 is a work from 1995

Two very luxurious watches embodying complex craftsmanship are the GF Greubel Forsey GMT (estimated at HK$1 million to 2 million, lot number 883) and the Ulysse Nardin limited edition platinum Royal Blue Mystery Tourbillon watch (Royal Blue Mystery Tourbillon, Estimate: 1 million to 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars, lot number 828). Buy replica watches.

This GF black titanium watch is limited to 22 pieces and is numbered 3 (left), while this Ulysse Nardin watch has a hollow, mysterious design and is limited to 99 pieces. This piece is numbered 89 and was made around 2006.

And Rolex and Panerai. Panerai PAM00636 (estimated at HK$390,000-780,000, lot number 806) and Rolex GMT model 16700 (estimated at HK$160,000-240,000, lot number 1053).

The PAM00636 tourbillon dual time watch is limited to one piece, numbered No. 1 (left), while this Rolex is limited to 50 pieces, numbered No. 18, made around 1997 (right)

As for this Lange Datograph Up/Down Lumen model 405.034 (lot number 965) is a limited edition platinum watch with a total of 200 pieces, numbered No. 91. The watch is very new and made in 2019. The estimated price is HK$860,000 to HK$1.2 million.

Finally, let’s return to simplicity and end with a Rolex Day Date made in 1989, model 18238 (No. 935).

This 18K gold version has a unique grossular garnet dial, estimated at HK$120,000 to HK$200,000.

Model: 18038
Movement: Automatic
Series: Day-Date
Band Length: 18cm
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 36mm
Brand: Rolex

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