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❰BOOKS❯ ⚦ Safeguard: NYC Doms, Book 2 Author Jane Henry – Replica-watches.co

A Stand Alone Book In The NYC Doms Series The Engagement May Be Fakebut The Handcuffs Not So Much She S Feisty, Gorgeous, Impossible Submissive And All Mine I Don T Do Half Assed Relationships When I Set My Eyes On The Most Headstrong, Tenacious Submissive I Ve Ever Met, I M All In I Ll Show Her The Dark, Sensual World She Craves, Dominate Her, And Leave Her Begging For But When Her Safety S Endangered, She Needs Than A Dom She Needs A Safeguard

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    Loved this book, but I got way over the top involved and was shouting at the characters, you idiots it s obvious who is the guilty party Did they listen NO So enjoyed myself reading this book , romance, intrigue, who s doing it and a lot of slap and tickle, plus spanking, whipping etc.If your into big dominant men and like a good bit of romances, then put your feet up forget reality for a couple of hours and enjoy this book.

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    Took slightly longer than usual to get into this book and it helps to have read the previous one in the series Enjoyed it all the same but ended a bit suddenly I could spot the twist a mile off.

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    excellent reading

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    Beatrice and Zack have been a couple for a long time he is a Dom and she is his Sub but they both have their own independent lives, she still has her own apartment and even though they are so involved she still has never even been to his home, which he does find somewhat strange.Zack is used to having to help Beatrice sort out her life and organise important things like paying bills and opening mail, she has just discovered that her cousin is getting married and even though she knows she is going to be opening a can of works asks Zack to accompany her, he agrees even though he can feel her trepidation and growing unease however nothing could have prepared him for what he discovered.After the wedding and the obvious unease his girl has been affected by, she realises that something funny is going on, her car is moved, bags are going missing and things are being taken and changed, Zack knows that this cannot be ignored and has moved Beatrice into his home, is watching her every move and has even got someone watching her but nothing could have prepared him for final outcome.Beatrice is totally beside herself and then when she realises that she is in great danger she is unable to believe who orchestrated this sinister attack on her independence, it is a good job that she has Jack looking out for her.I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading any future publications keep up all the great writing.

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    This is the second book in the series and while you can read it as a standalone I would suggest that you read Book 1 first as the characters flow really well into this book.This is the story of NYPD Police Officer Zack and Beatrice who is a yoga instructor Beatrice has had money thrown at her by her parents her whole life and just wants to prove that she can make it on her own, making her own money and not answering to anyone Because of this she finds it hard to fully submit to Zack and whilst she is happy doing a scene with him at their BDSM club Verge and calling him her Dom, they have never spent a night together nor does she wear his collar.Beatrice get s invited to her cousins wedding and asks Zack to go with her She knows that she must go but is dreading it because she hasn t told Zack that her family is beyond wealthy.After the wedding Beatrice lands herself a stalker and Zack has had enough He takes her back to his house for protection until they can find the culprit and the story goes from there.I really liked this story, it is another great addition to the series and I can t wait for the next one I literally could not put the book down once I started5 stars plus

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    I read this in one sitting and loved every moment of Zach and Bea s developing relationships I always REALLY enjoy Jane Henry s books and this series is shaping up to be a new favourite of mine.Zach as a overprotective Dom and Bea as a struggling sub who is fiercely independent but loving the safety and unconditional loves she receives from Zach, leads to some interesting conversations and play between them When they are both put to the test and the strength of their D s relationship and love is also tested, things become interesting and the chemistry and sparks fly in ways than one This is a must read and despite being the second in a series, is completely stand alone I would, as always recommend reading the first as familiar faces make a return and it s so nice to see how Tobias and Diana from book one Deliverance are doing I can t wait for the next one..I just know I ll need to pencil in an afternoon to read Conviction in June in one sitting to

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    Loved this book from the get go Both MCs have strong personalities, and the chemistry between them is scorching Zach is an attentive yet strict Dominant with a sadistic streak, and hes matched perfectly by the bratty and tempestuous Beatrice Between the delicious scenes of domination, punishment and hot sex, the plotline has several quirky twists and turns with a slightly dark edge Im not going to give away any details as I believe a reader should find out these things themselves without spoilers, however small, but I will say I highly recommend this book and hope there are to come in this series.