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[ read online Audible ] Devil's ConsortAuthor Anne O Brien – Replica-watches.co

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    I don t know why I didn t review this book when I read it first time around on it s publication date Another beautifully written, well researched book with the usual touch of magic from Anne O Brien I love the way Miss O Brien captures Eleanor and Henry s strength of character, their love of life and for each other Eleanor was never going to be Louis s meek little queen waiting to do all he asked I loved the way she played and stood up to anyone who got in her way, Sugar, the Blessed Bernard of Clarvaux, the nasty, evil Galeran to name a few She had a hard life along the way It is easy to forget that she was nearly fifteen when she married Louis, but the her intelligence and deviousness was honed to a fine art during this period of her life Queen Adelaide was never exactly the welcoming, warm hearted Mother to this young woman who had never really knew her own mother It seemed everyone gunning for Eleanor She always had to fight long and hard for everything Louis, although I am sure he loved her inmoohis own way, treated her and allowed her to be treated abysmally After the massacre on Mount Cadamos, she must have felt bereft, with no friend or even her own vassals to turn too And then we come to Raymond of Antioch Did she have an affair with him I think she did At that point in her wretched life, he was the only one to show her affection and kindness and of course, he reminded her of her beloved Aquitaine He gave her her health, beauty and strong character back and gave her the will to carry on and to eventually get rid of Louis She had to fight everyone, from the Pope down to eventually gain her freedom I think she and Henry were born for each other A truly golden couple who matched each other beautifully A pity their relationship soured when she got past child bearing age A pity Henry never learnt to share his great kingdom with his sons A pity they all turned against him in the end A sad end to a great king I think Eleanor and Henry never did really fell out of love, their bond lasted a lifetime This book leaves them in their early years, young, strong and in love with a lifetime to look forward to Another wonderful book Miss O Brien Thank you.

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    Anne O Brien has produced another excellent novel and this time her heroine is Eleanor of Aquitaine, a woman whose long and extraordinary life is absolutely stuffed with potential for fiction this one does not disappoint In the early 12th century, in the absence of a son and heir, Eleanor becomes Duchess of the rich province of Aquitaine on the death of her father this makes her a wealthy and beautiful marriage prospect and the French King Louis the Fat, a real charmer seizes the initiative and arranges a marriage for her with his second son, Louis Capet This son is destined to become the next King of France in place of his deceased older brother.Eleanor is clearly not to be married for love, but determines to make the best of the situation with her young, blond and not unpleasing bridegroom However, she very quickly finds that as she said herself she thought to marry a king, but found she had married a monk Louis knows his duty as a husband, but prefers the life of the church with its rituals, prayers, fastings and austere clothing Eleanor on the other hand wants a proper man and one who appreciates the lifestyle she has enjoyed in the lush, romantic and lavish court of Aquitaine Louis becomes king, but seeks his advisers from within the church and will not include her in decision making He is also, in an age of warrior kings, a truly dreadful commander of troops and a disastrous soldier.The dynamic, passionate Eleanor will not accept that this is to be her life and begins to take matters into her own hands in an effort to find physical and intellectual satisfaction Louis on the other hand seeks his route to heaven by taking the Cross and leading a futile Crusade the fallout from this failed venture leads ultimately to the ending of the marriage, which has produced only two daughters, and not the vital heir In the wings, however, bursting with energy, courage and skills is young Henry Plantagenet, son of the Empress Matilda and challenger on his mother s side for the crown of England These two are made for each other and born to rule thus begins Eleanor s real destiny as she leaves behind her suffocating life as Louis bored consort and heads for passion and power as Queen of England, and future mother of the Plantagenet dynasty the Devil s brood This book cracks along at a fast pace and it sometimes feels like its key protagonist is driving her own narrative Powerful stuff.

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    Firstly, I probably should disclose that Anne O Brien taught me A Level history hello Mrs O Brien and in doing so, instilled in me a lifelong interest in British monarchs Therefore I was incredibly excited to discover that she has since turned her hand to writing and so bought Devil s Consort immediately, albeit with some trepidation in case it wasn t any good.I needed have worried I loved this story Eleanor of Aquitaine is a fascinating character anyway and to have her brought to life and given voice added a richness to what I already knew of her It s an easy read and clearly a great deal of thought has gone into looking at what happened and trying to imagine how she would have thought or felt about her life The pay off for this is that she has a strong and clear voice throughout and the story is all the powerful for it The history of Eleanor s early life is woven cleverly into the plot vases, uncles, Papal bed linen all deftly included.Definitely worth reading All that s left for me to do now is head off to buy another O Brien book

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    I couldn t put this book down I have never read Anne O Brien before but she will be on my list from now on The picture she painted of the historical landscape of France and England and her powerful characterisation brought the whole era to life My emotions swung throughout the story admiring Eleanor despising Louis shouting at Henry Fantastic I can t wait to read it again and gather of the atmosphere which I raced through this first time.

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