Free kindle Egyptian Things to Make and Do (Activity Books)Author Emily Bone –

Free kindle Egyptian Things to Make and Do (Activity Books)Author Emily Bone –

This Title Provides Things To Make That Include A Pharaoh S Headdress, An Egyptian God Puppet With Moveable Arms And A Mummy In A Sarcophagus Every Activity Is Clearly And Vividly Illustrated In An Appealing And Colourful Style, With Easy To Follow Step By Step Instructions It Contains Information Boxes On Each Page With Interesting Facts About The Egyptians

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    Great, got some good ideas for my daughters Egyptian homework shoebox decorated in an Egyptian theme We may have got slightly carried away but good fun. everything was easy to do, cheap and easy enough to get..

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    My daughter 8 and son 6 just finished the first activity and had so much fun They picked the mummy It took two evening s to complete The instructions were great and were easy to follow We discussed head size compared to body size, etc and made it a bigger task The mummy came out brilliant Looking forward to our next activity.

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    I m a teacher and bought this to make Egyptians a little interesting The children loved it Everything we made the children were able to take home and parents were amazed at how well they did.

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    My daughter has just started year 5 and her class is studying ancient Egyptian She is really happy with this book, and although we only received it last week, she has already made half the projects in there It is certainly keeping her occupied and only requires little supervision from adult so we are both really happy The explanations and projects are really simple to execute and you don t need a massive amount of art craft bits and pieces to complete Yet the finished products are quite impressive for what they are and are certainly a great addition to boring homework.

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    Lots of things to make and do to help with my son s school project His whole class made one of the ideas and we have made a few at home It s not too complicated and you don t need to buy loads of things to make the models we had everything The stickers in the middle are great too.

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    As my grand daughter aged 8 was doing a project at school on Egyptology I saw this book and thought it would be ideal I sent it directly to her and report from my daughter was that she grand daughter was over the moon and took it into school where her teacher had a look at it saying it would help immensely with her project.

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    Plenty of things to make and do All simple and achievable with resources that you generally have to hand in class.Just the thing for an emergency topic lesson Differentiation by outcome Y6 following these instructions independently produced work similar to the illustrations in the book Y1s completing the same activity achieved success It was just a bit less beautiful

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    Received this today and we have already made 2 things It s got some great projects and nothing that is too difficult and most just require card, paint and glue.