Free Reading RHS Encyclopedia Of Gardening –

Free Reading RHS Encyclopedia Of Gardening –

Features A New Chapter On Container Gardening And Sections On Contemporary Techniques, Such As Gravel Gardening And Up To Date Information On Environmental Issues Such As Organics, Recycling And Water Conservation

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    I know absolutely nothing about gardening but have recently started planting various plants in pots on my balcony So investing in this book might seem a bit of an overkill to learn about a few plants but I didn t know what else to buy and I wanted something that had everything in one place I read all of the existing reviews and thought that if I didn t like it or didn t use it, then I could give it away as a present The fact that it has sections on gardening in containers and on several of my favourite flowers lilies, sweet peas the easy things was very important.And I m absolutely delighted with it First of all, it is a beautiful tome which is printed on thick glossy paper and has hundreds of wonderful colour pictures and diagrams It includes information that helps beginners like me such as a glossary with basic gardening and plant terms that I just didn t understand and all of the written content is well laid out in sections that make it easy to follow I ve spent a lot of time reading through sections on things such as growing fruit and vegetables and now have some very healthy looking raspberry plants which I would never have grown before And there is a further section on indoor gardening which is great for those like me with limited outdoor space.I appreciate that a lot of the information in this book might be regarded as general gardening knowledge to gardening experts However for those who want to find all of the information they need in one place as well as somewhere to learn a lot , this book comes highly recommended And as and when I live in a house with a garden again, I ll be able to grow many of the larger plants and plan my garden with the advice given in the book The only problem now is that having read some information about the various plants covered in this book, I now want to know about the individual plants themselves and the various varieties so next year, I m planning to invest in the RHS Encyclopedia of Plants to go alongside this one.

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    wonderful gardening guide, with really useful stuff and not only pretty photos Instead of frustrating pictures of others garden, often without satisfactory caption, that we are used to find in many other encyclopedias, here we have useful tips, practical advice and actual pictures and arts that show what you have to do in real life for example how to find and take off suckers from roses.Just one minor problem for me it has evidently been written taking into account english soil and weather, so you have to adapt it a bit to other climatic situation I am in the south of france my major problem is not biting cold, it s stuffy weather

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    A very useful book to refer to at any time Bought this one for a friend who is starting their gardening experience and felt it would be helpful to her I am confident that most topics are covered here from basics to the challenging.

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    I have had every edition of this book over the years Unfortunately this one is quite out of date by now 2007, hence only a 4 star rating and I would have preferred to wait for a new release However, I needed it for my RHS Certificate Level 2 exams and it has served its purpose well the detailed photographs showing various propagation methods were particularly useful As a general reference book the content is excellent, but the way in which the chapters are organised means it is hard to find information simply by flicking through the book Fortunately there is a comprehensive and accurate index which will take you to the right pages My only complaint relates to , not the book This, together with my other book purchases, was shipped loose in a box with almost no protective packing so did not arrive in mint condition.

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    I bought this book used but it was in such good condition, it had hardly been used at all It is a huge book packed full of amazingly detailed information and illustrated guides I cant believe how lucky i was to get this encyclopedia for just 0.01 I have used it many times already for all things garden related and i can always find what i am looking for Would highly recommend.

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    Good pressie for green fingered daughter moving to her first home with garden

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    Great for beginners like me a lot of information.

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    Good book bought for a relative