Oath Breaker: Book 5 (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) (English Edition) Audible – Replica-watches.co

Oath Breaker: Book 5 (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) (English Edition) Audible – Replica-watches.co

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    This has been an excellent series thus far Following the life of Torak and Renn as they face many challenges has been an adventure In Oathbreaker, Torak loses his kinsmen and becomes consumed with avenging his death.The book shows us how vengeance can cost a high price Torak nearly loses than Bale, but through the progression of time he comes to realize this Yes, he does make one careless mistake after the other, but realistically this is how a person behaves when they are bent of vengeance They cannot see past their own hurts and hatred Torak had to come to this realization.This was yet another engaging read in the series and I look forward to the concluding novel.

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    I can t get enough of these books and I m all grown up If any of us had to put ourselves in Toraks shoes who is to say how we would respond I could actually relate to the soul sickness a place alot of people go who have been hurt in their life, rejected, traumatized I wish Ms Paver would continue further into his life as he ages and matures and can pass his wisdom on to another I really want a happy ending with Renn Maybe we all have these gifts of some sort but are so entrenched in our own century we re not listening to the earth around us.

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    I really liked the cliff hangers and how the book was structured it left me wanting and and It was such a amazing book that I loved.

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    Requested by my students.

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    Again, her work is so well researched I have read all the books in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series They are also written for older children but so readable by adults.

When He Was Outcast, Torak Was The Hunted One The Following Spring, He Becomes The Hunter When He Swears To Avenge The Killing Of One Of His Closest Friends To Fulfil His Oath He Must Brave The Hidden Valleys Of The Deep Forest, Where The Clans Have Reverted To The Savagery Of An Earlier Time Here, Torak Finally Learns Why He Is The Sprit Walker And Discovers The True Cost Of RevengeLaunched At The Height Of The Harry Potter Phenomenon, The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness Is The Ultimate Magical Adventure This Edition Contains Brand New Interviews With Michelle Paver Audio Edition Also Available, Read By Ian McKellen