Free pdf Aloha, Kanani Author Lisa Yee –

Free pdf Aloha, Kanani Author Lisa Yee –

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    Kanani is a kind Haiwaiian girl who desperately wishes to make friends with her visiting cousin from New York Kanani is such a sweet, open hearted girl The cultural references in this book really help the story and characters feel authentic Whenever they talk about something Haiwaiian it makes me want to guy somewhere foreign preferably Hawaii and try new foods and have cultural experiences I just thought that Kanani s tory was very sweet Thought the plot was anything but intriguing, I was mostly reading for the experience of seeing what Kanani s life was like and the cultural exposure.

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    I read Aloha Kanani by Lisa Yee I loved this book Now I am reading the second book In this book the girls have a lot of fun, see new things, and save animals Kanani is a young girl who lives in Hawaii Kanani s cousin Rachel came to visit for a month While Rachel was in Hawaii the girls spot a Monk Seal The Monk Seal only lives in Hawaii When the girls spot the seal it is tangled in a net Once the girls save the seal the Akina family gives Rachel a gift Although Rachel can t keep the gift it s a new shaved ice flavor The new flavor was called Rachel s Apple I think anybody could read this book The book is a little longer than some other American Girl books Except it s detailed, and there is not a lot of big vocabulary.

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    I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, and the Kanani series is soooo sweet

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    4.5 That was actually better than I expected.

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    This review is of both books in the Kanani series.Kanani Akina was American Girl s Girl of the Year 2011 Her books, Aloha, Kanani, and Good Job, Kanani are set in Waipuna, in Kauai, Hawaii, where her family owns a shave ice store In the first book, Kanani s cousin, Rachel comes from New York, and the two girls get off to a rocky start because each girl thinks the other is bragging about her city of origin, but ultimately become great friends In the second book, Kanani takes on the job of selling shave ice on the beach in order to raise money to save the monk seals, but runs into trouble with her best friend when she would rather surf than help Kanani work.It had been a long time since I d read an American Girl book, and these looked so appealing when they arrived at my library, that I took them home before putting them out on the shelf I read them in the same night, one right after the other, and found myself really surprised by how well written they are, and how positive, without being cheesy I really like the direct, upbeat language Yee uses to describe her characters and the Hawaiian setting I also enjoyed Kanani s first person journal entries in Aloha, Kanani, and her letters to Rachel in Good Job, Kanani, which gave insight into her thoughts that might have been missed by the primarily third person narration.The activism portion of the books was especially interesting Kanani s knowledge about the endangered monk seals and her continued heroic efforts to preserve their safety and well being were admirable, and her passion for helping the endangered animals will undoubtedly inspire girls with an interest in marine biology, or veterinary medicine Like the historical American Girl stories, Kanani s books focus on universal themes of friendship, girl power, empathy, and community mindedness, and create a positive, feminine, and educational reading experience I really strongly recommend these books to tween girls who are less interested in dating and fashion and excited about friendship, animals, and saving the world They also make a wonderful girly alternative to the Calvin Coconut series, another set of books that very strongly evokes the Hawaiian climate.

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    I read both the books this weekend My review is from the viewpoint as mother of a 4.5 DD who isn t ready for the doll, but now I ll know when she s ready for the books These are the first GOTY books I ve read, and I was pleased with them The illustrations are gorgeous.Aloha, Kanani I like that Kanani learns to put herself in the place of her confused, homesick cousin, and not just focus on herself and her plans And I think the moral is handled fairly subtly, and is mixed in with other parts about being kind to the elderly, being good to neighbors In some ways Kanani is too perfect taking care of her pets , in other ways she has room to grow And her parents are almost entirely absent the adult figures are all elderly neighbors Kanani seems to have full run of the island, and both books take place in the summer so no school element.Overall, a satisfying book with some important lessons about empathy that are handled well.

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    my book was pretty good its about a girl named kanani how her cousin Rachel came over to stay with her for a month how events happened that if you read the book , you will find out the author Lisa , wrote her book pretty good to where I wasn t bored liked the book the ending was pretty good too because she kind of wrote it to where she like makes me have to read the next book its kinda cool I would recommend this book to girls girls only not guys because its a girl book and younger girls like 6 7th graders younger well this is my critique about aloha, kanani I hoped you liked it

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    Make a new friend everyday

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    I LOVE this book If you want to learn a little bit about Hawaii read this book There is a glossary in the back because there is a lot of Hawaiian words so you can also learn a little bit of the Hawaiian language I really recommend this book.

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    Aloha, Kanani is a solid American Girl book Like most AG books, it s on the simple side, but the Hawaiian setting is enjoyable, and Kanani is a good character Love the illustrations

Kanani Loves Helping Out In Her Family S Store And Sharing The Wonders Of Hawaii With Visitors When Her Chic Cousin Rachel From Manhattan Comes To Stay For A Month, Kanani Can T Wait To Get To Know Her Cousin And Help Rachel Feel At Home But A Clash Of Cultures Ensures, And Kanani Feels Ignored She Tries To Extend Hospitality But Everything She Does Seems To Make Rachel Unhappy How Can She Find A Way To Connect With Her Cousin And Make Things Better Sometimes People Who Want Help The Least Need It The Most, Her Mother Tells Her After A Mixup With A Diary Leads To A Fight, Kanani Reaches Out To Rachel In An Openhearted Spirit Of Caring And Good Will, And Discovers That She Has Misjudged Her Cousin In The Process, Kanani Learns The True Meaning Of Hawaii S Aloha Spirit