Tweak: Growing Up On Methamphetamines eBook –

Tweak: Growing Up On Methamphetamines eBook –

The Story That Inspired The Major Motion Picture Beautiful Boy Featuring Steve Carell And Timoth E Chalamet This New York Times Bestselling Memoir Of A Young Man S Addiction To Methamphetamine Tells A Raw, Harrowing, And Ultimately Hopeful Tale Of The Road From Relapse To RecoveryNic Sheff Was Drunk For The First Time At Age Eleven In The Years That Followed, He Would Regularly Smoke Pot, Do Cocaine And Ecstasy, And Develop Addictions To Crystal Meth And Heroin Even So, He Felt Like He Would Always Be Able To Quit And Put His Life Together Whenever He Needed To It Took A Violent Relapse One Summer In California To Convince Him Otherwise In A Voice That Is Raw And Honest, Nic Spares No Detail In Telling Us The Compelling, Heartbreaking, And True Story Of His Relapse And The Road To Recovery As We Watch Nic Plunge Into The Mental And Physical Depths Of Drug Addiction, He Paints A Picture For Us Of A Person At Odds With His Past, With His Family, With His Substances, And With Himself It S A Harrowing Portrait But Not One Without Hope

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    I wish to God that Goodreads had a category or designation for THE WORST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ, because this would definitely be in it The schtick is a pretty good one the drug addicted son writing his version and his father writing his own version, but the execution is just awful The kid, Nic, is just one selfish, entitled kid who brand name and name drops excessively who goes down a wrong path and has a family to keep picking up the pieces for him, giving him chance after chance It angers me that this kid got a book deal because he has connections and has a marketable story, because if this book is supposed to be insight into the drug addicted mind, it fails miserably This isn t an illustration of a life on drugs I would so much rather read a story about a street kid drug addict who has a real story someone who didn t grow up knowing famous people and having money or brand names That s the story I want to read Not this insipid drivel I have never in my reading history stopped reading mid sentence, closed the book, hunted in the trash for the receipt and returned it Never, until this book It is so poorly, terribly and arrogantly written that it makes me seethe with anger I am only giving the book one star so that the poor rating gets added to the average No stars would have no impact at all.

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    I tried reading this book after reading Beautiful Boy and I couldn t get through it This guy s writing was published in Newsweek Once you get beyond the extremely graphic quality of it, I thought it was terrible He touts himself as an accomplished writer for his age, yet he uses amazing to describe things at least 3 times in the first 50 pages Come on.However, it was interesting to read the opposite side of this story after reading Beautiful Boy Nick is honest than his father about the root of his problems, but I found it too emotionally heavy and the flashbacks too frenetic Also, the pseudonym name dropping of stars or famous people that he is was linked to by 1 or 2 degress becomes annoying.I m sure I m in the minority in my opinion of this book, but I think this book sells itself on shock value than a well crafted story.

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    I heard about Tweak Beautiful Boy through the provocative NY Times book review a few months ago The idea of having such a harrowing story told from two opposite perspectives really piqued my interest Tweak is nothing if not engaging That being said, I find the writing to be sub par, at best After listening to a Nic Sheff podcast, I learned that Nic writes exactly how he speaks Filled with like, you know s, I found myself frequently wondering if this was the caliber of work that landed him a piece in Newsweek.That being said, I enjoyed this book I am stunned by the author s candor and awed at his bravery in telling his story While his vulnerabilities linked to the drugs were horrifying, it was his sober vulnerabilities that broke my heart I do not think Nic is a hero, but I also don t think of him as the spoiled brat who threw everything away, as other reviewers have suggested Nic s experiences detail a very dark side of humanity that seemed almost too easy to slip into But he did While Nic s behavior on drugs violates even the most frayed of moral fibers, at no point did I ever dislike him I believe Nic to be a compassionate, loving person unable to break a debilitating, monstrous addiction Seeing such light become such dark is a difficult task, indeed.

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    Opening Line I d heard rumors about what happened to Lauren, I mean, I never even knew her that well but we d sort of hung out a few times in high school There s been a lot of buzz around Nic Sheff s bestselling memoir TWEAK and for good reason, its un put downable This candid, gritty and detailed struggle with addiction is an amazing story but what entranced me most here wasn t Nic s decent into methamphetamine hell or his subsequent struggles to remain sober and find some kind of peace within himself, it s the way this story is told Nic Sheff the author has a gift and I adored his short choppy style of writing His ability to put into words the pain and loneliness we all at times feel even during the height of his addiction when the words purposely become vague, paranoid and crazy I can only hope that he continues to write as I would read anything he publishes Tweak chronicles 642 days in Nic Sheff s life Beginning on day 1 we bare witness to Nic relapsing after 18 months sober Nic hadn t planned on relapsing that day, his life was working I d made so much progress but without a second thought Nic picks up right up where he left off and in a matter of 32 days loses everything again We follow Nic during those 32 days, learning about his history, his insecurities and disappointed family We watch Nic score and scheme and dream and get high and get really sick Only quitting when he runs out of money and can no longer function Nic s family will have nothing to do with him but he gets one chance from his sponsor, who in a tough love way helps get Nic back on his feetagain Spenser brings Nic into his family, taking him to meetings and working the 12 steps As readers we finally get to see sober Nic Following him on his obsessively long bike rides and feeling his excitement as he begins to write and reconnect with his family On day 278 Nic gets a call from Zelda, the love of his life and despite warnings from friends and family Nic can t stay away from her Quickly becoming as addicted to the beautiful but toxic Zelda as he was to drugs Within a matter of months Nic is using again, this time its heroin and crack and the fall he takes here is faster and harder than before Almost losing an arm to infection from a dirty needle his 22 year old body soon starts to give out It was despairing as a reader watching this unfold I could feel Nic s desperation and loneliness, his inability to fit in and need to be loved but I also felt myself becoming angry when he relapsed because I wanted him to succeed so much that it was hard to read, I just wanted to shake him and say what are you doing This is a raw and honest look at the up and down life of an addict, it s heartbreaking, ultimately uplifting and truly enjoyable The paperback edition also contains a group reading guide and a new afterward by the author.

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    A book in need of an editor But maybe that is the definition of an out of control life of a teenage young twenty drug addict, a life in need of an editor.

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    If you look up DOUCHEBAG in the dictionary, you re likely to see this guy under the main entry I love memoirs about addiction, they are fascinating and usually serve as a nice reality check whenever my often troubled mind veers into darker territories This one just irritated the hell out of me and made me badly wish I could punch the guy in the face Sheff spends a lot of time boasting about how great a writer he is, which is strange because this book reads like an immature 14 year old wrote it I m betting the only reason his writing ever got published when he was in school was because his father is a journalist with friends in high places His favorite word to describe anything is amazing and he uses like than any ditzy valley girl that ever existed This is like the Twilight version of addiction memoirs shallow and mind numbingly frustrating I could get over these flaws if there was a heartfelt story with real truth behind it, but there wasn t This guy was given chance after chance and kept taking it all for granted Squandering his parent s money and efforts, he was nothing but selfish time again and time again Instead of working towards positive changes and a better life, he thought it was productive to constantly name drop and obsess over some old washed out rock stars famous ex girlfriend You think he gets it together in the end, as he claims, but that s just so he can build you up to buy his second lousy memoir about relapsing, appropriately titled We All Fall Down Sheff says that throughout the duration of his book tour promoting Tweak, he was on drugs Don t buy his terrible books and feed into his habit.

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    I just wanted to choke the guy Shows addiction in a brutally honest way, but had to keep putting the book down.

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    I don t mean to put down other people s opinions but you all are being incredibly harsh This is Nic s true story, of growing up on Meth, and unless you have also overcome such a drug, it s not your place to call him a horrible, pathetic person And to say that throughout some of the book, he s putting the blame on other people is wrong and you ve obviously misunderstood He looked up to his father a great deal I remember him writing about how him and his father used to go on walks together and his father would snuggle him up in his long trenchcoatthey obviously had a very close relationship Different families have different ways of raising their children I love how Nic s father was so open with his son He taught him the way of life He s not like other parents who try to make their kids believe that everything s so great if you do this and you do that Nic knew at a young age that life isn t always the greatest, but you make do with what you have because when you least expect it, life can be absolutely beautiful I loved this book, and I think Nic Sheff is absolutely inspiring and an incredible writer.

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    For all the issues our nation, if you live in the U.S and the world, faces in regards to substance use, the fact remains that most of us will go through our life without addiction to illicit drugs This book is amazing because it gives a firsthand account on the struggles and experiences someone has to overcome in their journey to sobriety Nic has courage Not only for not giving up his battle for sobriety, but in sharing his mess, warts and all, with the world Nic s account is messier than his dad s version in Beautiful Boy His experiences can be harder to stomach For all the accounts his father gives of staying up late, agonizing over the days Nic was missing, we get a first hand account of what was happening behind the scenes And yes It was as bad as David feared It was worse.That being said, it was a difficult book to get through and became a slow read for me It ended on a hopeless note and, in true nature for a typical user s story, made it hard to feel hope for those I know dealing with this disease But the hopeful side is he is still fighting Such a worthwhile and important read, especially coupling it with David Sheff s book written from a father s perspective I would not recommend for young readers due to content Parents, this is a probably not a book to use for talking points if I m being honest A lot of adults will set this aside and not be able to finish As I said, he shows complete transparency with some horrific life experiences and in considerable detail As an adult reader, this is a sad and difficult book with many difficult to absorb scenes I d rate a hard R for explicit sex and drug use scenes, frequent swearing, thematic elements, violence, and peril.

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    Honestly after reading Beautiful Boy this book was a let down I felt our writer was one of the most selfish, self inflated narrative voices I have read in a long time By the end of the book I hated the kid and found that he glamorized and legitimized his meth addiction I am curious if this book was only published thanks to Nic s father s connections A cliched story of an addict who really is too concerned with his California land of plastic existence Barf I am sure the movie starring so greasy ball Hollywood actor will be out soon.