Audiobooks Serpent Never Sleeps –

Audiobooks Serpent Never Sleeps –

Serena Lynn, Age Seventeen, Turns Down An Appointment To Serve England S King, James I, At Court In Order To Follow Her Beloved Anthony Foxcroft Across The Sea To The Newly Founded Colony Of Jamestown But Their Ship, Loaded With Much Needed Supplies, Founders In A Hurricane, Wrecking Serena And Anthony In Bermuda By The Time They Make Their Way To Jamestown, The Colony Is In Ruins, The People Half Starved Now Serena Must Go To The Indian Princess Pocahontas To Plead For The Life Of The Colony And Of The Man She Loves

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    Oh dear I re read this book because I loved it when I was in 4th or 5th grade and I picked up a dollar paperback at half price books This book isn t good I think I must have liked it as a kid because the adventure is interesting Our protag, Serena follows the man she is in love with to the new world, gets shipwrecked in Bermuda, ends up in Jamestown and then because she is the same age as Pocahontas is asked to solicit her help for the colony All of that sounds good, but all that is missing is any kind of compelling dialogue, socio historical context, characterization, description, or tension.

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    I first read this when I was a teenager I loved this story about an English girl named Serena Lynn who journeys to Virginia on the Sea Venture along with a man named Anthony Foxcroft, a foolish and arrogant youth They get standed on the island of Bermuda before he dies and she and the rest of the crew make it to Virginia The fort of Jamestown was perishing from the Starving Time and Pocahontas was needed to aide the colonists Here Serena comes into her own, befriending the Powhatan maiden History could have been dull here but it isn t And novels like this simply aren t written any.

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    Summarize the book The Serpent Never Sleeps by Scott O Dell is about a young lady, Miss Serena Lynn, who travels from England to the New World in the early 1600 s We follow Miss Serena Lynn from Foxcroft, England where she read to a Countess, to London where she worked for King James I, and finally to Jamestown where she meets Pocahontas During her journey Miss Serena Lynn s love is captured and lost at sea, the ship she is sailing on is shipwrecked in Bermuda, and she endures harshness and starvation in Jamestown Identify the characteristics from the text that support the specific genre This book is considered historical fiction because it depicts a time that actually happened in history, but through the eyes and actions of a fictional character Scott O Dell has been know to do great amounts of research for his books, and this is no exception According to the Author s Notes, there are multiple sections that are taken word for word from historical documents and letters.Identify specific concepts that could be integrated into the classroom The main concept that could be integrated into the classroom for this book is history, and using it to put a personal spin on historical events It could also be used to look at different cultures and backgrounds of the characters.Provide any other suggestions that would be useful regarding literary content, reading level, and other ways in which the book might be integrated The Serpent Never Sleeps is listed for grades 6 8 It might also be used as a teacher read aloud, but I wouldn t really go any lower than 4th or 5th grade due to some of the vocabulary and descriptions This book could be integrated in history in a way that links writing and history by having the students research a time period and write a narrative from the viewpoint of a fictional character that was there.

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    The Serpent Never SleepsHistorical Fiction192 PagesFinished on 1 22 13Right within the first pages of this book you come face to face with the young and beautiful Serena Lynn, a teenager who worked for Mrs Foxcroft, a well to do countess Ever since Serena was a child, she was in love with Anthony Foxcroft, Mrs Foxcroft s son When he was convicted for a crime he didn t commit, Serena begged King James to free him King James finally agreed and admired Serena for her courage King James then gave Serena a gift, a ring with a stone serpent coiled three times around King James promised that the ring will protect Serena from death Once Anthony was freed, he and Serena took off to the new world There, they faced the starving colony of Jamestown, and Serena became convinced that if she found the Native American princess, Pocahontas, Jamestown would thrive Many people died of starvation and Serena put all her faith in the serpent ring King James gave her the serpent with emerald eyes that are half closed, but never sleeps.This novel was a bit of a let down It had good moral but it was difficult to follow Scott O Dell books are usually better than this, in my opinion It was interesting when Serena meets Pocahontas but the characters were not very well developed There were so many characters that sounded exactly the same, which was incredibly confusing to the reader I usually like Scott O Dell books, but I found this to be a disappointment This book wasn t as intriguing as I thought it would be.

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    The plot is a bit jumpy, but the history and the descriptions of Bermuda and the New World, as well as the sea voyage are rich and alive The characters and their hardships are believable, though Serena, much of the time, was merely an observer I was mostly disappointed with the book s summary on the cover, which says that Serena s view of Anthony Foxcroft would change It doesn t She suffers many hardships but her emotions are only described through her actions, which at times makes her seem like an unfeeling character The other characters are similarly described, but as the story is not told from their perspective, it doesn t matter Overall, I enjoyed the book and its connection to history O Dell obviously did a lot of research, and though the story started slow for me, the last half made up for it I recommend this book to O Dell fans and to those who enjoy historical fiction.

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    I read this book in one night in middle school I was prompted to re read by a discussion of what love is with my sister in law At one point the romantic hero tries to get the herione to fall in love with his house so that she might therefore fall in love with him He says that his sister married a man who trained pigeons because she loved to watch them tumble in the air He concludes that you can never tell what women with fall in love with I then said to Cheryl that I married David because he played the piano and I didn t but always wanted to own one.I just love Scott O Dell His characters are real and flawed and strong I ate him up as a growing young woman He wrote so many about strong young women This one is about Jamestown I had no idea Pocahontas was such an important part of the colonies survival Or that the early settlers died of salt poisoning.

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    Having been a long time Scott O Dell fan, I was pleasantly surprised to come across this one This is a fictional story about a young girl from England who by chance meets King James and ends up heading to the New World on a ship filled with settlers, food and supplies that was sent to help the starving settlement in Jamestown, Virginia I read this one along with my 11 yr old son and we both enjoyed it thoroughly I learned a number of details and gained a surprising perspective on the events surrounding the Jamestown settlement and Pocahontas, who ends up being a key character in the latter part of the book Highly recommended.

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    I read this book mostly because it s by Scott O Dell and I really liked Island of the Blue Dolphins way back in middle school However, I thought this story was kind of ridiculous I didn t think O Dell did a very good job writing as a woman, much less a teenage girl I could have done without it.

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    Not amazing but interesting none the less Read full review here.

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    As a kid I adored Scott O Dell