Read Pdf Close to Home (Finding Home #3) Author Carly Marie –

Read Pdf Close to Home (Finding Home #3) Author Carly Marie –

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    Arc provided courtesy of Carly Marie All reviews are voluntary and my honest opinion This is Jasper s story He s the oldest, but because he s repressed his emotions for so long he actually comes across as the baby in the family In the first book Jasper s naivete often leaves him looking homophobic, but it s really a certain amount of innocence, combined with a sheltered upbringing, and a fear of disapproval from their father, that keeps Jasper s personality from fully presenting.Jasper shared one kiss with his childhood friend Harrison, who then assumed that Jasper was straight and moved on.You begin to feel for Jasper, who s been alienated and left out by his brothers, who s almost become the butt of their jokes due to his outsider status regarding his sexuality Jasper doesn t feel comfortable talking with them, and it s almost gotten to the point that his fear of being mocked has kept him from seeking help from anyone His brothers often come home to visit other people, leaving Jasper to feel like an afterthought He s gotten to the point that he craves their attention, but resent it when he gets it because they re generally not there for him, they ve come at the request of family members or friends.With Greg, the hot guy Jasper found himself attracted to at Declan s party, back in town, and long time crush Harrison jilted by his cheating husband, things ignite, and Jasper finds himself in a complicated relationship with not just one hot man, but two Jasper wants to come out, but he s tired of being the butt of his brothers jokes.I think this is Carly Marie s best novel yet She has a knack for writing men that you can sympathize with, men who come across as emotionally vulnerable, but not emasculated I ve gotten to the point where Carly Marie is a favorite author of mine, I m willing to give any of her new novels a read But this is my current favorite 5 out of 5 I eagerly anticipate the conclusion.

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    The writing was a bit repetitive but I did like the characters Their story continues in the next book It s on KU so I ll probably check it out.

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    GoodStill having some issues with these but still loving the stories too I love Jasper s character development over these books and was really happy that he manages to make it work with Harrison and Greg The ending was a bit abrupt but, thankfully for me, I can slide right into the next book

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    3.5 stars In my opinion, Close to Home and the upcoming continuation of it, have the most potential to be my favorite in the seriesBook 1 At Home was a fun read yet I felt it missed out on some potential opportunities by not extending the page count.Book 2 Coming Home was equally as fun but somewhat dull.Book 3 Close to Home has a lot going for it than the first two We are already familiar with all of the characters seen throughout the book, and they re all wonderful There is kink in terms of a polyamorous relationship and previous kinks from book 1 and 2 brought up often There is some actual light drama angst finally that works nicely and could really bond some of our characters The downside.A CLIFFHANGER NOOOOOOO dramatic sigh My concerns with there being a second books vs the book just being longer, is that the vibe will change This is always my issue when it comes to books which don t wrap up at once If an author took a break between the writing of part 1 and part 2, it could change up the vibe or structure of the second part.and in this case, I LOVE the things we ve already got going on in part 1 that if the focus changes in part 2, I will be really disappointed Fingers crossed and hoping for the best view spoiler I really want Jasper to air out his feelings to his brothers There was some fantastic buildup in this book and I would be really disappointed if it isn t dealt with in the next part I hope they continue to discuss their familial issues and they don t just ignore it and get sucked up in the relationship drama It would be nice if the author has them explore everythingJasper s sexuality, the polyamorous relationship with two of his brother s friends, and the feeling that Jasper has been left behind and left out hide spoiler

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    I don t know how Carly Marie manages it, but as soon as l start readingone of her stories l get a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.She has such a special touch , one that sucks you deep into the storyand makes you feel like you are a part of the family too.l love all of the characters, each one different and unique and special.At the heart of this story is love Love of family and friendship but most importantly love of their chosen partnersThe story develops very organically , the timeline and pace giving the characters a chance to grow ,living the ups and downs of their lives All while life weaves it smagic around them First kisses Childhood crushesDormant feelingsUnexpected carnal urgesEverything combines to bring three men to their knees, with so much chemistrybetween them the intimate scenes are super hot.The time it takes to finally bring everyone together will make youdesperate for some action, and boy is it worth the wait.There is so much love in this story, between Greg and Jasper and Harrison.l enjoyed the slow burn of the feelings and urges , which eventually just combusted l really need , l want to know what life is going to throw at them and if they will make it.The brothers and their husbands all make an appearance in this story too All the while reminding us of their kinks and lifestyle choices.Another beautifully written story from Carly Marie.

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    4.5 Close to Home is the third book in the Finding Home series by Carly Marie and cannot be read as a standalone as there is a lot of character crossover While age play and Daddy boy themes are mentioned, they are not the focus of Jasper s story.This book follows Jasper, Harrison, and Greg over a long time span from Jasper and Harrison meeting as kids and Jasper and Greg meeting a few years ago through Jasper s brothers to them all meeting up again in Oklahoma after many life changes Jasper has taken over the family ranch in Oklahoma and lives in his own house on the property Greg has just dropped his son off at college, just retired from the Navy, and isn t quite sure what he wants to do next Harrison found out the man he had been in a relationship with for the last 10 years was cheating on him and went back home to figure out his next step Jasper is deeply in the closet and is trying to figure out his attraction to both Greg and Harrison and if the three of them can come together.I really enjoyed the characters in this book and of course the side characters They are just very realistic Jasper the confused closeted workaholic, Greg the retired empty nester, and Harrison the unrequited love This book has lots of laughs and sexy times, and I cannot wait to hear the rest of their story Close to Home ends with an HFN and soft cliffhanger.

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    I have loved the other books in this series so far and I can t tell you how excited I was to get Jasper s and his mens story I think this is my favourite book so far Jasper has stayed home to run the family ranch, he has very little work life balance and has been hiding the fact that he is bisexual all his adult life The only person who knows is his brother s best friend, Harrison Harrison is just getting out of a 10 year relationship after catching his partner cheating on him and he decides to return to Oklahoma to regroup Gage has been a single father since his kids were tiny, now with his youngest is heading to college it might be time to consider a relationship, and when he meets Jasper again their chemistry is off the charts As Jasper begins to process the situation with Greg he grows closer to Harrison and before long the three men have struck up a firm friendship and the attraction between the three men becomes harder for them to resist I loved watching these characters grow closer and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the rest of their story.

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    I love this series so much Jasper is so adorable and I know he was scandalized by his brothers in the last book but I can understand not wanting to know that kind of information too I love how he finally gets the guts to explore his attraction to men and love that he gains so much I loved Greg s patience and acceptance of Jasper and wanting to help him accept himself I love the friendship they grew and then how they smoothly brought Harrison into their lives too Harrison and Jasper had been friends, though distant ones for years and Harrison had become the one person that Jasper felt he could lean on So so good, I can t get oo much into the story to give it away but it was wonderful.Now Jasper s brothers, I loved them in previous books but throughout this one I just felt frustrated with them All they wanted to do was shock Jasper or ignore his presence and I couldn t help but feel how hurt Jasper was and how much Greg and Harrison felt for him I can t wait for Already Home to see the conclusion of their story.I received an ARC of this book and am giving an honest review.

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    I absolutely loved Close To Home This has been a fantastic series and I ve grown to love all the characters I always felt bad for Jasper because it seemed like everyone left him out a bit and he didn t seem to be as included with the family as everyone else As the series progressed I felt this strongly and couldn t wait for him to get his HEA Who knew shy, prudish Jasper would end up with than one guy Harrison and Greg are wonderful characters Greg is very stable and supportive, yet funny and Harrison has a gentler side that I wasn t expecting They all fit together so well and I m loving their intense chemistry I cannot wait for the next book to see what happens as the rest of the family finds out about Jasper s new loves Since Derek seemed especially bratty in this book I m anticipating of that and I think something s up with Greg s son Very interested to know I received an Advanced Reader Copy and am happy to voluntarily leave my review

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    I couldn t wait for Jasper s story to be told He was originally a character that not many liked due to his reactions to Derek s coming out in book 1.In Close to Home we finally get the answers we re looking for and it made me fall in love with Jasper even He s a beautiful sensitive soul and I m so happy he s found not one but TWO men to help him find himself.This book is 1 of 2 and it leaves us with a HFN ending Jasper has found his true self with Greg and their budding relationship but something s missing for them both Harrison is left floundering after the breakdown of his decade long relationship and heads back home to Oklahoma and ultimately Jasper We find that there s lots to the relationship between Jasper Harrison than anyone knew I loved the ultimate coming together of these three characters and can t bloody wait for the conclusion in book 2.Carly has become an automatic one click for me, she manages to put a great mix of humour, angst and love into her writing that creates fantastic stories amazing characters

Jasper Scott Is A Single Workaholic He Split With His Girlfriend Two Years Ago And Hasn T Felt Drawn To Anyone Else Since Except The Sexy Navy SEAL He Met At His Brother S House Two Years Ago But That Man Lives Halfway Across The Country And After So Long, Jasper S Convinced His Mind Has Embellished Greg S Sexy Gray Eyes, Rippling Muscles, And Gorgeous Salt And Pepper Hair After His Husband Died, Greg Joseph Devoted His Life To Raising Their Two Kids And His Work As A Navy SEAL Now, His Kids Are Grown And In College, He S Retired, And He S Facing A House That S Too Big And Too Empty For One Person After Dropping His Son Off At College, Greg Accepts An Invitation For Drinks With A Friend And Runs Into The Man He Hasn T Been Able To Get Out Of His Head Jasper Scott Harrison West S Life Is Falling Apart At The Seams After Walking In On His Partner Of Ten Years In Bed With Another Man, He Flees Tennessee And Heads Home To Oklahoma To Figure Out What To Do Next When He S Dragged Out Of His House For A Night At A Bar, The Last Thing He Expects To Find Is His Long Time Crush, Jasper Scott, Kissing Another Man He S Also Not Prepared For How Being Around Jasper Again Awakens Feelings Harrison Thought He Had Put Behind Him A Decade Ago For Jasper, Deciding To Take A Chance On A Relationship With Greg Was Confusing Enough, But What Happens When Jasper And Greg Both Realize They Have Feelings For Harrison Is Jasper Ready To Accept Both Men Into His Life And His Bed Are Jasper And Greg The Two Men Who Could Mend Harrison S Broken Heart Close To Home Is An K Word Novel And Has Many Appearances From The Scott Family Who Are Known To Overshare A LOT Age Play ABDL, Daddy Boy, And Other Adult Themes Are Mentioned Within