Free Audiobooks Dangerous Games (Dangerous Beauty, #3) Author J.T. Geissinger –

Free Audiobooks Dangerous Games (Dangerous Beauty, #3) Author J.T. Geissinger –

The Game Isn T Over Until Somebody DiesEva Knows What It S Like To Be Imprisoned By A Man S Twisted Obsessions But After Running, Hiding, And Finding Refuge In A Rescuer S Arms, She S Suddenly Pulled Back Into The Black Hole Of Her Past Kidnapped By Her Sadistic Ex, Dimitri, And With The Love Of Her Life Left For Dead, Eva Is Facing Down The Worst Of Her Demons AloneIf Dimitri Wants To Play Sick Games, Eva S Ready She Already Knows How Dark They Can Get But Despite Her Fears, She Hasn T Been Abandoned Naz Is In Hot Pursuit And The Last Thing Dimitri Expects Is For A Dead Man To Come Calling For Eva And Naz, Worlds Apart Yet Bound By Fierce And Unbreakable Passion, It S Time To Beat The DevilTo Do It They Ll Have To Be Just As Ruthless, Seductive, And Cunning With Every Pulse Of The Heart, They Must Risk It All To Play Dimitri S Final Game To Its Harrowing End And Win

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dangerous Games (Dangerous Beauty, #3) book, this is one of the most wanted J.T. Geissinger author readers around the world.

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    4 stars ARC recived from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Book 3 of the Trilogy, a Romantic Suspense series with some twists, turns and action along the way.I was so very happy finally to get the oppportunity to read the conclusion to this fast paced and extremely absorbing trilogy from J.T Geissinger but.oh my.this one was a lot darker and definitely way angsty than the other two books of the trilogy..but YES we finally get to see Dimitri get his just deserts..he was such a sick, evil and cruel b stard and I do not say that lightly this book actually gave me goosebumps This part of the story was essentially so much about Eva than the other two installments and in this.she needed her inner strength alone.just to survive She is also fierce.I LOVED the ending and we also got a sweet epilogue that made me think that maybe there might be a book coming for the futureand that would definitely be a very good thing indeed Great writing from this author and I really did enjoy this fast paced and twisty romantic suspense series I think that I read each book in record time.they were really not the sort of reads that you put down I was glued to my kindle My other reviews

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    This whole series has been like one big action movie that has had my heart pounding the whole way through I can t see anyone getting bored On top of that action was such a beautiful love story Naz far exceeded what I thought we were going to get from him When he falls, he falls hard He is exactly what Eva deserves after years of being held prisoner with that monster We got to see some of what that monster was capable of in this book and let me tell you, it was not easy to read I wanted to annihilate Demetri I wanted to hurt him back as badly as he hurts women and I think I would have been capable of it if I was faced with a monster like him I won t call him a man He doesn t deserve that title.Killian was such a good surprise I loved his character I have my fingers crossed on both hands that the author will write a story for Killian Awesome series

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    Who s going to join me in starting a petition to get JTG to write a book for Killian

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    What an absolutely thrilling ending to this trilogy This picks up right where book 2 ends Eva is caught up in a nightmare of epic proportions and this story races by at breakneck speed as Dimitri makes his move We can try to bury the past, but some corpses refuse to lie quietly in their graves There is so much angst and despair, but through it all, Eva rises to the challenge to become one of the strongest heroines I think I ve ever read She faces headon all that is thrown at her and holds fast to her faith and with it her need for vengeance And oh, what a dangerous game I m playing What a dark, dangerous game While this couple are separated through the majority of this book, there is never a doubt that you re still reading a romance It s in all the thoughts and deep need these characters reflect upon even as their world is turned upside down Naz is battling his failures as well as those around him who hold him constrained to what his body requires He remains a strong hero with his only thought being to get to Eva To protect, to cherish, to keep her safe.There is a lot of villain time here and with it is some dark moments that may have you flinching We ve had a lot of lighthearted moments throughout this journey, and we still have them here, but when Dimitri is in the scene things always take a drastic downturn This author conveys his evil throughout every word, every move and every flicker of his eyes.This abounds with secondary characters that enrich the story, adding another level to the overall plot So much happens that it s impossible to predict how this will all end And as if this author is taunting us with all his mysterious ways, Ms Geissinger leaves even bread crumbs as to who and what Killian really is We must ensure that she continue his story in the future or furiously rebel if she chooses not to The previous two books in the series must be read prior to this, but at least you ll have them all out there in print, ready to go for your continued pleasure It s been agony waiting If you enjoy romantic suspense and thrillers with action that will have you nibbling every fingernail and sitting on the edge of your seat, you re going to love this series Dual POVSafe view spoiler om is the villain and definitely comes between the h H but there is no cheating, no crossing any lines hide spoiler

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    ARC received for reviewFinally the ending to Naz and Eva s story Dimitri is truly nasty, mean, and evil Loved where Eva s help came from especially after all she endures at Dimitri s hand, but it took too long for her to be free Great ending and epilogue to their story, even if it did take three books to get there.Who the heck is Killian really Is he going to get a HEA And he s got a view spoiler twin hide spoiler

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    ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    We get and epilogue And hottie killian in it Yay a fan of him honestly That wasn t suppose to be But I can t take Naz with his growls like come on Anyway this whole trilogy was ok for me I m too picky I guess.

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    I m not usually a fan of trilogies because I find each book lacks in length, substance and depth I m happy to say that I didn t find this with the Dangerous trilogy at all While you absolutely must read them in order, each book holds its own to come together with a dynamite conclusion This book had a different feel again from its two predecessors, with a lot of the story having Naz and Eva apart Surprisingly, this didn t annoy me because the novel was written well with this author s characteristic humour, action and well paced story telling.Without revealing too much, the story picks straight up where Dangerous Desires left off and the book hits the ground running Eva has Dimitri and his band of merry men waiting at her doorstep, but whereas the Evalina of old would have succumbed to her former oppressor s commands, her recent taste of freedom and love has created a new beast maybe to go with her Beastie and Dimitri doesn t find his compliant mistress of the past seven years Tensions ignite and Naz is left seriously injured with Eva taken to an unknown location, hence the lovers long term separation Whilst I ve enjoyed Eva s strong, survivalist nature in the previous books, she took it to the next level in Book 3 She endures countless episodes of abuse at the hands of Dimitri who is determined to make her pay for having the audacity to leave him There s no sexual abuse for those with triggers, but there is a considerable amount of humiliation Eva faces it head on with a Go to hell attitude that had me fist pumping in my head, making it clear that the groomed captive that was willing to acquiesce in the past was gone I loved the large amounts of Dimitri that featured in Book 3 and the author wrote his character well with good splashes of malevolence and violence while revealing elements of his nature for readers to revel in deplore depending on which side of the coin you re looking at His depravity and callousness knew no bounds and as someone that enjoys a bit of darkness in not only my reading material but its featured characters, I really enjoyed what he brought to the story He was cold, calculating, manipulative and sociopathic which also allowed for Eva s character to develop further as she encountered his latest machinations While Naz was out of commission for a lot of the story and spent a fair chunk of the book frustrated at his injuries, the chapters he did have were fantastic I loved the interaction between him and Killian and Naz s humour was on point for the entire story He was snarky, sarcastic and just plain delicious as he struggled with not only being away from Eva, but not knowing where she was and how she fared Killian pops in here and there honestly, I could not get enough Killian sue me and was consistently fabulous He continued to be an alpha mystery man with an ego, intellect and muscles the size of the Titanic A bit is revealed about his super spy ways and I hope this leads somewhere in the future We re also introduced to a few other characters surrounding Naz and Eva and they all contributed positively to the plot With the revelation at the end of Book 2, Eva has even on the line to lose, making her desperate to survive, particularly not knowing if Naz was dead or alive After a massive build up to a climax that you knew was inevitable, I found a few of the loose ends tied up a bit quickly and a teeny bit anticlimactically for me, especially since I ve been invested in this story since the first page of Book 1 It wasn t a letdown just a personal preference and observation and I still finished the book with happy pants firmly intact Without revealing any spoilers, Naz s role in Eva s rescue played out differently to how I thought it would and that chapter of the story didn t end as I had predicted which was a pleasant surprise As with all of J.T Geissenger s books, the writing was solid with strong characters that stand up individually, great humour and dialogue and plenty going on to keep the reader interested I really love her style of writing as it s funny particularly the littering of sarcasm , well paced and constructed thoughtfully It was a hell of a ride and while I m sorry it s come to an end, I m hoping at least one of the secondary characters get their own book s I m looking at you, Killian Seriously Dangerous Games certainly held up to the high expectations the other two books set and while it focussed a bit on Eva s story, I personally loved this and thought it added another dimension to the story I ll be rereading this series in the future I love a story with a little bit of heartache and where love conquers all Sigh Now, J.T., bring on Killian s series, pretty, pretty please I neeeeeeeed it.

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    To say this final book is action packed would be an understatement, folks Here s a couple pieces of advice 1 Better brace yourself for some very graphic abuse mental and physical inflicted upon this already been to hell and back before heroine I actually wish some of that had been less frequent reigned in 2 Read the books in order This book is not meant to be a stand alone 3 Prepare to be even swept off your feet by the love this main couple have for each other Each book keeps solidifying that bond, even when they have been parted against their will It is an epic, undying kind of love If steam is your thing, well, you certainly get some up close and personal smexiness late in the story line Naz is once again determined not to give up on his Eva He proves over and over he ll put his life and heart on the line to keep his lady love Eva shows us first hand she ll never give up or surrender to the devil of a monster who is insanely possessed with an obsession to control own her mind, body, and soul Fortunately, even an OTT evil villain can be defeated It is killing me here not to go on a fangirling rave about Killian, an awesome James Bond like sub character, who made cameo appearances a couple of times We first met him in book 2, Dangerous Desires, and I simply cannot get enough of his awesome, man of mystery manliness Here s to hoping he gets his own series, my fellow romance book loving friends, sooner rather than later He certainly needs his own kind of Eva in his life Title Dangerous Games, Series Dangerous Beauty Book 3 , Author J.T Geissinger, Pages 221, should read all 3 books in order, not a stand alone, strong, resilient heroine with abusive past, determined to save be with her alpha hero, graphic disturbing abuse, violence, unstoppable love soul mates, OTT evil villain, heroine is beaten tortured almost raped threatened with rape a lot Book 1 Dangerous BeautyBook 2 Dangerous DesiresBook 3 Dangerous Games I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley All thoughts and opinions are my own I was not given any payment or compensation for this review, nor is there any affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author publisher NetGalley.

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    Dangerous Games is the third and last book of the Dangerous Beauty series by JT Geissinger You must read the first two books before this one since they re interconnected.The second book Dangerous Desires ended with a huge cliffhanger that promised lots of actions and suspenseful events in this last instalment And sure enough, JT did not disappoint us by delivering an emotional roller coaster, a heart pounding thriller that was packed with pain and bravery For the first time since this series started, we got to witness first hand the absolute cruelty and brutality of the sickest and most devilish villain ever So beware of the violence on the page, all the pain that Eva went through to survive him was so palpable, it almost made me cringe On the bright side, the love hate bromance between Killian and Naz was just too adorable, and their banter was fun to read Killian appeared again just as mysterious as before, but regardless of his true identity, he cared deeply for Eva and was willing to join force with Naz to protect Eva And our dearest loveliest Eva She s transformed into the toughest warrior through all these ordeals and torture, become her own knight in shining armor She was strong, brave, kind hearted, intelligent, and especially resilient, and she knew when and how to step back for her own safety Her reunion with Naz at the end was really sweet and emotional, and their HEA was truly, truly hard earned and well deserved.As with her previous works, JT has delivered another beautifully crafted story, unfolded layer after layer of what seemingly were hopeless situations at the time The way she developed her main characters, particularly Eva, was so natural and well done You can feel a different Eva at the end of the series.An absolute 5 star read for this book as well as the entire series This final instalment is such an epic conclusion for a rocky yet beautiful adventure for Naz and Eva It s full of love, emotions, with much pain, suffering, and admirable fighting spirit I have enjoyed this series and their journey tremendously My heart bursts with joy, I cried my happy tears for them Now, I want Killian, please ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.