Prime The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires By Grady Hendrix –

Prime The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires By Grady Hendrix –

  • Kindle Edition
  • 400 pages
  • The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires
  • Grady Hendrix
  • English
  • 20 September 2017

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestMy favorite work of Grady Hendrix s is actually his nonfiction collection of essays, PAPERBACKS FROM HELL, which is a loving homage to the horror genre that covers everything from Gothics to ghouls As someone who reads pulps on the reg, I was excited to see someone else who appreciated trash as much as I do there s something about finding an out of print gem that nobody has heard of and getting everyone excited about reading it it s like getting an ARC, but in reverse I love that feeling.I ve read some of his fiction works, too, but the two that I read HORRORSTOR and MY BEST FRIEND S EXORCISM were better in premise than they were in execution It felt gimmicky, and the writing really couldn t carry off the story, sadly That said, I was very excited when I heard about THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES One because I love vampires and if its got fangs and hunts at night, I ll read about it and two because it s set in the 1990s and books set in the 80s and 90s are so hot right now They feel claustrophobic because there s no internet no cell phones Everyone is a remote island of fear.Patricia has the ideal life nuclear family with a doctor husband, and a book club of other well to do Southern ladies Unfortunately, her book club makes the classic mistake of picking the usual slew of boring book club bait books and after being caught not reading the book of the month, she and a couple other ladies go rogue by starting their own book club where they do nothing but read true crime, horror, and mysteries Sounds like my kind of book club Where do I sign up At the same time, an old lady goes crazy and bites off part of Patricia s ear Her young relative comes home to take care of her and he s kind of weird His name is James Patricia feels sorry for James and tries to help him out, even as weird things start happening Weird things that might or might not be connected to James, the man she has invited into her home and who has become intimate with her family Everyone thinks Patricia is crazy and that all those books she s been reading have rotted her brain, but Patricia thinks she knows what she sees, and if Ann Rule s memoir has taught her anything, it s that sometimes it s the people who are closest to you who can t be trusted right So, I went into this expecting satire or comedy, and there is a bit of that, but it s mostly written straight It pays homage to a lot of vampire and horror tropes, but it reminded me most strongly of Fright Night 1985 , The Burbs 1989 , and maybe a dash of STEPFORD WIVES The slow feeling of doom and paranoia were so well done, and Grady Hendrix might be the only male writer I ve ever read who really understands and captures how men talk over and gaslight women There were sexist scenes in here that literally made me sick to my stomach, because I ve been in similar situations and it really sucks being painted as someone who s hysterical or shrill when you have actual concerns.In addition to the horror vibe, there s also a sense of camaraderie with the women in the book club, and even some surprisingly erotic scenes, which is a must if you re writing in the vein ha vein of vintage horror movies and books, because a key element of horror was sex The horror genre is basically the epitome of the Eros and Thanatos drives of Freudian psychology By the time the book ended, I was actually shocked at how dark and disturbing it was This was leagues better than anything else Grady Hendrix has written and I honestly can t wait to see what he does next Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars

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    Grady Hendrix is a mood that I am here for.

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    This is not a fluffy, fun vampire book It was gruesome and savage, but I really liked it Living in Myrtle Beach, I loved the fact that this took place in Mt.Pleasant, loved the fact it was in the early 90s, and loved the fact it was a book club at the heart of the story.Most of the characters weren t particularly likeable UGH, the husbands , but that didn t take away from the story at all This was my first book by Grady Hendrix, but I will definitely read in the future when I want to be scared and grossed out.

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    3.5 StarsLet me preface this review by explaining that I am not the biggest fan of the vampire subgenre of horror Further, I have a luke warm track record when it comes to Grady Hendrix s fiction I love the the concepts behind his work, but I often struggle with the execution I consider Hendrix to be one of the most intelligent modern horror authors who writes incredibly self aware, satirical pieces Yet, as a novel, they don t always work for me So if you are a die hard fan of Grady Hendrix or love vampire stories, this novel could easily be a five star read for you It wasn t for me However, I think this is the best of all his published novels.Set in the 1980s, this can be read as a very loose follow up novel to My Best Friend s Exorcism However, there is no need to read that one first I appreciated the 1980s references, which were present, but subtle In many ways, the setting of the novel had less to do with nostalgia and to do with the mindset of that time period Back then, people were trusting of their neighbours and traditional gender roles were accepted The story is framed around the true crime book club, which worked incredibly well with the structure of the narrative Naturally, the characters and readers will pull connections to Ted Bundy and Ann Rule s friendship Any true crime buffs will enjoy the tidbits and name dropping scattered throughout the pages of this novel One of my favourite aspects of the novel was the honest conversations surrounding the realities of being a mother and a homemaker Going through this life stage myself, so much of that narrative hit me in a very personal way, which really helped me to connect to the main character Like a lot of horror novels, this one lacked the suspense that readers find in the thriller genre From very early on, readers will be aware of what is going on, which diminished some of the tension Instead, this was the kind of novel where the reader should sitback and watch the events unfold I would have liked it to be a touch shorter, but that might be personal preference Despite satirizing the vampire narrative, this was actually quite a dark book I often forget to give content warnings in my reviews, but readers should be aware that this book addresses harm to children, specifically coming from a child predator angle At several places, I was surprised how uncomfortable I felt so please proceed with caution Overall, I liked this one and I would still widely recommend it to horror readers who love smart horror that is a touch satirical Disclaimer I received a digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from the publisher, Quirk Books.

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    Grady Hendrix has been churning out some amazing horror books for quite some time now But it wasn t until his last release, the highly acclaimed We Sold Our Souls, that I feel like he finally got the notoriety that he s been due Now everybody is aware of what a lot of us already knew, the guy has some serious writing chops and can spin a tale better than most Needless to say, when I received an advance copy of his latest offering from publisher Quirk Books, I couldn t wait to dig in The description immediately intrigued me and the cover is just completely hilarious.Patricia Campbell is a housewife and mother living in a suburban area of Charleston, South Carolina Her daily life consists mainly of dealing with her unappreciative children and a marriage that grows and stale with each passing month The one and only joy in her life seems to derive from getting together with her fellow wives and mothers for their women s book club reading discussions These meetings provide a well needed opportunity for Patricia to feel valued and appreciated in a way that she really doesn t most of the time.The club get togethers often devolve into sensational gossip that don t really pertain to the topic of whichever book is on the schedule These gossiping sessions span a wide variety of topics from the infidelity of a certain husband in their neighborhood to the latest scandal or tragedy being reported ad nauseam on cable news So when a mysterious stranger by the name of James Harris moves into their community, it is only natural that this will be next burning subject for the book club to debate James is fairly handsome, well spoken, and intriguing to Patricia on a number of different levels She immediately becomes interested in his comings and goings often times very late at night.Patricia s imagination regarding the town newbie further runs wild when a few children go missing in and around the vicinity of her home Speculation grows among the book club moms that their newest resident might be involved in the disappearances It stands to reason that a True Crime book club would wonder if a real serial killer may be operating in their midst And soon Patricia is even conducting her own stakeouts of James in an attempt to uncover his potential hideous crimes In doing so however, she may very well have stumbled upon something far far worse than she or the members of the book club ever bargained for This was one hell of a read I have to say THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES is equal parts suspenseful mystery, horror, biting satire, and a plain old kick butt story that will consume you as the chapters fly by The publisher s description states that the book is Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias meet Dracula While I agree with the former, for me the latter was akin to Fright Night and Disturbia It certainly made for a phenomenal combination nonetheless.It was interesting to see Patricia s character develop from a mostly timid wife and mother who just sort of accepted her lot in life, followed a certain schedule etc to a bold and persistent amateur investigator who stops at nothing to try to uncover the mystery behind what is happening in her neighborhood Hendrix does an outstanding job of showing how the lines between fiction and real life can be blurred at times and that talking about True Crime books can make the imagination wander into areas that normal people may not want to particularly go We ve all see this plot before, it s by no means a new one mysterious stranger moves into town, bad stuff starts to happen, suspicion turns to them, yada yada yada Somehow though, Grady Hendrix makes this story feel entirely new and fresh and there are a number of twists that made me not want to put this book down for even a minute It s so difficult to write a horror book that both delivers maximum scares and also truly entertains at the same time This book walks that line beautifully and is what I believe raises it to a level significantly above most in the genre today And the ending is absolutely stunning.If you are looking for a book that will scare the heck out of you, make you snort with laughter, and keep your face glued to it for hours upon hours, you need to read Grady Hendrix s newest book THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES This is a story that every reader regardless of reading taste, will find something to connect with and enjoy It appears that Grady Hendrix is continuing to turn heads with his marvelous writing and lucky for us, should be putting out fantastic books for countless years to come

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    The middle aged moms fighting evil horror story I never knew I needed Perfect.

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    Review to come

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    4.5 starsPatricia Campbell is your typical suburban housewife she always has a mile long to do list to keep the lives of her husband and two kids functioning smoothly and it mostly goes unnoticed and she s recently taken on the care of her mother in law whose health is declining rapidly.The one thing she has for herself is book club, a group of Charleston moms who enjoy obsessing over true crime and relate over the trials of marriage and motherhood They help each other out in times of need and Patricia is grateful to have these women in her life.When her elderly neighbor dies, Patricia s southern manners determine she needs to take a casserole to James Harris, the grand nephew taking care of the final arrangements She finds herself strangely attracted to the mysterious stranger at first but soon she can t shake the feeling that there is something dangerous about the man.James decides to stay in town and begins investing in the neighborhood which gains the trust of the residents and also earns them a great deal of money.A chain of horrific events, including a bizarre incident that leads to her mother in law s death and the disappearance of several children in nearby Six Mile, leads Patricia to believe James Harris is somehow involved.James knows that Patricia is on to him.He also knows that no one will believe her so he isn t afraid to show her exactly what he is.Patricia needs the help of her book club to rid them of James Harris once and for all These ladies may be willing to look away when death is on the other side of town, but when it arrives at their front door, they will stand up to the monster they invited into their homes Patricia knew how they looked, a bunch of silly Southern women, yakking about books over white wine A bunch of carpool drivers, skinned knee kissers, errand runners, secret Santas and part time tooth fairies, with their practical jeans and their festive sweaters Think of us what you will, she thought, we made mistakes, and probably scarred our children for life, and we froze sandwiches, and forgot car pool, and got divorced But when the time came, we went the distance Okay, be prepared for me to gush now I mean, I ve been trying to thank of a coherent review here but all I m coming up with is It s so good y all, read it Grady Hendrix has this signature style of blending pop culture, satire, and horror together He s written a book about a teen in the 1980 s possessed by a demon who is saved by the power of friendship and Phil Collins I remember Phil Collins was mentioned in the exorcism and a book about a former rock star determined to save her soul from the devil with the power of music Do they sound ridiculous and awesome at the same time Yesssss.So when Quirk Books announced the upcoming release of The Southern Book Club s Guide to Slaying Vampires with the blurb Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias meet Dracula I was like, how did I just realize I need this in my life Hendrix writes in the author s note With this book, I wanted to pit a man freed from all responsibilities but his appetites against women whose lives are shaped by their endless responsibilities We underestimate women endlessly, especially those who fit the middle age soccer mom stereotype These are the women always behind the scenes, their work unnoticed or underappreciated.With this book, Hendrix has given readers a look into their everyday lives with the unexpected thrill of learning what they re capable of when a vampire moves in next door.It s an extremely bloody story about proper Southern ladies who are way too polite to forget their manners until you mess with their children.I adore Grady Hendrix and Quirk Books so this has been a highly anticipated read of 2020 for me Huuuuuge thanks to Quirk for providing me with an advance copy of The Southern Book Club s Guide to Slaying Vampires in exchange for my honest review I can t wait to read it with my own Southern book club following its release on April 7, 2020 For reviews, visit Quote included is from a digital advance reader s copy and is subject to change upon final publication.

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    I fell into this one with it s sense of nostalgia and often it s out and out horror Grady Hendrix is a brilliantly dark and dastardly writer who lulls you into a false sense of security then BAM hits you with moments that make you clutch at your head, grimacing wildly but unable to look away.The ladies of this book club are a vibrantly eclectic lot, whose lives follow the path of least resistance in often hilariously insightful ways They read about the darkest crimes whilst vacuuming their curtains, then one day real danger arrives in the form of the enigmatically attractive James Harris.This novel has all the horror layers you would hope for, whilst attaching you to the protagonists with a fairly unshakeable bond It is a crazily relevant vampire tale, in this case with no Van Helsing waiting in the wings, just Korey and Blue s Mom Patricia It really isn t going to be a fair fight.Brilliantly observant, cleverly written and intensely addictive, The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires is a razor sharp, absorbing and randomly terrifying novel that has the side effect of increasing your to be read piles exponentially.I loved it Highly Recommended.

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    Grady Hendrix s The Southern Book Club s Guide to Slaying Vampires is an absolute ride from start to finish, tasting of sweet tea, Bible verses, and passive aggressive book club members Steel Magnolias meets Dracula as Patricia Campbell and her family are thrust into the hands of a vampire that begins to prey on them mentally and physically Can a years long crime fiction book club posing as a Bible study group take on a centuries old charmer The earrings come off for this house wife power tale of horror and familial struggle against a highly unanticipated foe James Harris.

Fried Green Tomatoes And Steel Magnolias Meet Dracula In This Southern Flavored Supernatural Thriller Set In The S About A Women S Book Club That Must Protect Its Suburban Community From A Mysterious And Handsome Stranger Who Turns Out To Be A Blood Sucking FiendPatricia Campbell Had Always Planned For A Big Life, But After Giving Up Her Career As A Nurse To Marry An Ambitious Doctor And Become A Mother, Patricia S Life Has Never Felt Smaller The Days Are Long, Her Kids Are Ungrateful, Her Husband Is Distant, And Her To Do List Is Never Really Done The One Thing She Has To Look Forward To Is Her Book Club, A Group Of Charleston Mothers United Only By Their Love For True Crime And Suspenseful Fiction In These Meetings, They Re Likely To Discuss The FBI S Recent Siege Of Waco As Much As The Ups And Downs Of Marriage And MotherhoodBut When An Artistic And Sensitive Stranger Moves Into The Neighborhood, The Book Club S Meetings Turn Into Speculation About The Newcomer Patricia Is Initially Attracted To Him, But When Some Local Children Go Missing, She Starts To Suspect The Newcomer Is Involved She Begins Her Own Investigation, Assuming That He S A Jeffrey Dahmer Or Ted Bundy What She Uncovers Is Far Terrifying, And Soon She And Her Book Club Are The Only People Standing Between The Monster They Ve Invited Into Their Homes And Their Unsuspecting Community

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