Proteinaholic kindle –

Proteinaholic kindle –

An Acclaimed Surgeon Specializing In Weight Loss Delivers A Paradigm Shifting Examination Of The Diet And Health Industry S Focus On Protein, Explaining Why It Is Detrimental To Our Health, And Can Prevent Us From Losing WeightWhether You Are Seeing A Doctor, Nutritionist, Or A Trainer, All Of Them Advise To Eat Protein Foods, Drinks, And Supplements Are Loaded With Extra Protein Many People Use Protein For Weight Control, To Gain Or Lose Pounds, While Others Believe It Gives Them Energy And Is Essential For A Longer, Healthier Life Now, Dr Garth Davis, An Expert In Weight Loss Asks, Is All This Protein Making Us Healthier The Answer, He Emphatically Argues, Is NO Too Much Protein Is Actually Making Us Sick, Fat, And Tired, According To Dr Davis If You Are Getting Adequate Calories In Your Diet, There Is No Such Thing As Protein Deficiency The Healthiest Countries In The World Eat Far Less Protein Than We Do And Yet We Have An Entire Nation On A Protein Binge Getting Sicker By The DayAs A Surgeon Treating Obese Patients, Dr Davis Was Frustrated By The Ever Increasing Number Of Sick And Overweight Patients, But It Wasn T Until His Own Health Scare That He Realized He Could Do Something About It Combining Cutting Edge Research, With His Hands On Patient Experience And His Years Dedicated To Analyzing Studies Of The World S Longest Lived Populations, This Explosive, Groundbreaking Book Reveals The Truth About The Dangers Of Protein And Shares A Proven Approach To Weight Loss, Health, And Longevity

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    This is an indispensable book on nutrition It flies in the face of popular diets and does it with confidence Unfortunately it will likely be ignored by most people that don t want to hear their food choices are probably killing them.

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    There is nothing in this book that you can t read in better written vegetarian ism books I promise I ve read most of them I could have handled his obnoxious tone, his I m a doctor let me talk down to you in an aww shucks manner writing style, and his incredibly offensive penchant for explaining how he and this is true trained himself to dislike meat by thinking of slaughterhouse practices whenever he craved a burger , if he didn t do the one thing he complained that the other side does, and which he, Garth Davis, would not do That is, cherry pick data from small sample, short term health studies Because as soon as he said that all I noticed were his incessant allusions to health studies that looked at small samples, over short time frames that surprise proved his point To be fair, all health books use that trick And, many researchers do small scale studies over short time periods to prove their points That s an issue And, to be honest, I don t disagree with Davis conclusions We do eat far too much meat in the standard American diet SAD I m not sure if the answer is going vegan, although that is one option, but rather I think we need to change the way we look at food and how we cook it Yes, we need to eat vegetables, whole grains, and less meat Yes, livestock raising is a serious ethical, moral, health, and environmental issue But, there are better books out there to read about this issue that lack the moralizing, evangelizing tone of this one.Really, at the end of day, eat in moderation and how Michael Pollan recommended Eat food Not too much Mostly plants.Other books to read instead The China Study The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long term HealthDeath by Food PyramidVb6 Eat Vegan Before 6 00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health for GoodFood Matters A Guide to Conscious Eating with More Than 75 RecipesIn Defense of Food An Eater s ManifestoYou Don t Need MeatHow Not to Die

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    I couldn t put this book down It s easy to read and it s packed full of useful, insightful information about our obsession with protein and the impact this obsession has on our health As a former proteinaholic myself, I can attest to the negative impacts this addiction can have on our wellbeing as well as on our waistlines I thought that gaining weight was inevitable as we get older And at one point I was well on my way to becoming overweight despite my obsession with protein What I didn t know was that my overconsumption of animal protein was the very factor that contributed to my weight gain It wasn t until I recovered from this addiction to animal protein by going fully plant based that the pounds finally started to melt In the first two years of going vegan I lost 30 lbs I went from 150 lbs to 120 lbs I have kept this weight off for almost a decade as a vegan and am now in better shape at 40 years old than I was at 25 years old I have even recently managed to compete in a bodybuilding contest and have completed many Ironman triathlons and ultra marathons Ditching my obsession with animal protein has changed my life for the better in ways I could have never even imagined previously Thank you for this much needed book, Dr Garth Davis I hope everyone gets to read it and benefit from its advice.

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    Bullet Review My biggest problem can kinda be summed up in one flaw Davis spends a lot of the book citing sources proving his point And then, without one shred of evidence, tells his audience to turn to organic, non GMO foods.I agree with his premise to eat less meat and saturated fats I don t care for exactly how he did it.

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    What a fantastic and fascinating read It paints yet another grim picture of the American diet and its obsession with animal protein He doesn t always advocate pure vegetarianism or veganism although he is a vegan himself but makes a clear case that eating way veggies and fruits just might save your life and health someday.

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    An informative and well written analysis of how an animal based diet is killing us I was particularly interested in the author s perspective, since he is a doctor who specializes in obesity and he was one of the proponents, before he knew better, of a high protein low carb diet Oops I was also surprised by the number of books out there written using pretend science Paleo diet books, Wheat Belly, to name a few And by the supposedly scientific research being done that is FUNDED BY DAIRY AND AGRICULTURAL INTERESTS.Davis lays it out very clearly A diet based on animal products puts people at a much greater risk of developing heart disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel you name it, it s on the list To say nothing of the environmental impact of raising animals, or the brutal treatment of the animals being slaughtered so that we can have our hamburgers It s a no brainer A plant based diet presuming plants doesn t potato chips provides all the protein and calcium a person needs Plus you feel better Plus you re healthier.

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    As a background, I believe in a paleo diet there are many including I think vegetarian ones being the way to go for most people but in my personal situation need to eat a somewhat vegetarian diet for now I also believe that nutrition is nowhere near being a science and as such is important to get as many opinions as possible I think there were some good points in the book, some potentially good points and some potentially bad points The problem for me is that the author didn t seem to question his opinions very well and that makes it easy to throw out the baby with the bathwater This has lead me to disbelieve all of his opinions, including potentially life saving ones I tend to like authors who don t say one thing is always good vegetables and another meat is always bad I also like nutrition arguments to admit their flaws and say why the statement is still true despite them The author does neither of these things and doesn t seem bothered by it For an example of a point I agree on, heme iron is bad and that is a point against meat, especially red meat For an idea that could be a good point consider the authors point regarding TMAO and choline I have heard about TMAO risks and am worried about them However, I ve also heard phosphatidylcholine the villain in in his vilified eggs was not that dangerous in terms of TMAO Also I have have a hard time believing that choline is completely bad as represented by the author who implied that is always worse Like most things there is probably a U shaped curve here and the question should be how much is a good amount and how much is dangerous.A point that I probably disagree on is that meat causes diabetes I think while this point may be true it certainly isn t his strongest statement and to start the factual part of the book e.g the part past the introduction and anecdotes off that way seems to indicate that he doesn t know or think about how this looks to people who haven t already bought his argument While it is possible that inflammation has a role in diabetes it hardly seems true that meat is the sole or even major cause of inflammation There are different types of meat raw vs cooked vs burnt, grass fed vs conventional, beef vs chicken vs pork, processed meat and there are inflammatory vegetarian foods I did not see these variables mentioned The author does back his claim with studies but studies can be flawed For example, most vegetarians are health conscious so they exercise If you allow people to self choose which group to be in which is almost always the case you don t have solid science I didn t see any mention of this kind of information e.g sample sizes when he referenced studies.All in all I think this could be a good book but I can t tell without actually reading all of his referenced studies The fact that he doesn t go into this level of detail indicates that this is a book for people who wouldn t read that information Not that this is bad there are books that don t even mention studies so the author at least expects his audience to want studies , just I am not part of that audience.I will reread this when I have time to look at his studies.

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    For me, of course, Proteinaholic Garth Davis is preaching to the choir I feel strongly based on my internet for shame reading and my personal experience that whole foods plant based is the best way to eat That said, I felt like this book, while spot on with its science If I, non scientist that I am, dare evaluate this And perhaps almost 50 pages of bibliography don t actually prove truth and its eye catching title missed the mark for its intended audience Science so much, so repeated, so boring, so impossible for the lay person to analyze was there, for sure And personal experience and passion, yes, yes , yes But, readability Oh my, no The science stretched on forever, and the defensiveness especially vs Paleo was non stop I wanted energy I wanted love for these food choices I wanted recipes that would be good transitional foods I wanted editing both condensing and grammatical I wanted this book to be the one that turns the tide for so many people and for our environment I fear that it won t But, don t take my word for it read it for yourself.

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    The book dwelt with the question, is meat good for us A quick cut to the quick in Dr Davis s opinion No He rips every low carb diet from Atkins to Zone He makes an excellent case for a plant based diet, from every angle This book reminds me of the time in the 90 s when I became a vegetarian I gained weight I stopped eating meat but forgot about the endless pasta bowl Oh man did I dig in on the pasta and muffins Davis puts the spotlight on eating fruit, veggies, and grains He is a vegan triathlete but he doesn t dwell on that He examines the epidemiological data and the methods Especially on the studies that don t support his views I gave this book a 5 due to its thoroughness and readability Read this book and see if you still want to eat animal products Its got me rethinking the vegetarian vegan diet, and I bet it will you too.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anybody who is curious for a well written summary of reasons to adopt a plant based diet empowers readers to interrogate scientific studies themselves tells a powerful personal story well credentialed he s a weight loss doctor and referenced lots of research quoted.