Audible The FixAuthor David Baldacci –

Audible The FixAuthor David Baldacci –

HoursTHE NEW MEMORY MAN NOVEL Amos Decker Witnesses A Murder Just Outside FBI Headquarters A Man Shoots A Woman Execution Style On A Crowded Sidewalk, Then Turns The Gun On HimselfEven With Decker S Extraordinary Powers Of Observation And Deduction, The Killing Is Baffling Decker And His Team Can Find Absolutely No Connection Between The Shooter A Family Man With A Successful Consulting Business And His Victim, A Schoolteacher Nor Is There A Hint Of Any Possible Motive For The Attack Enter Harper Brown An Agent Of The Defense Intelligence Agency, She Orders Decker To Back Off The Case The Murder Is Part Of An Open DIA Investigation, One So Classified That Decker And His Team Aren T Cleared For It But They Learn That The DIA Believes Solving The Murder Is Now A Matter Of Urgent National Security Critical Information May Have Been Leaked To A Hostile Government Or Worse, An International Terrorist Group And An Attack May Be ImminentDecker S Never Been One To Follow The Rules, Especially With The Stakes So High Forced Into An Uneasy Alliance With Agent Brown, Decker Remains Laser Focused On Only One Goal Solving The Case Before It S Too Late

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    I don t feel inspired to write a review, and for pages in this book, I didn t think that Baldacci was inspired with writing The Fix Face it Baldacci fans, you re used to reading his books that have 500 ish pages.Like usual, the author pulled the fat out of the fire just when things were getting noticeably boring I felt despaired Fortunately things improved just when I had abandoned all hopes of a return to form.The Fix is perhaps the only Baldacci book where a cruel death is averted at the end Well things are feisty right from the start But not at the end Maybe the author has received feedback not to kill off his most cherished characters The book didn t suffer for it though After a little hesitation, I give this book 4 stars There are few better and far worse thrillers out there.

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    This is the third book in the Amos Decker Series I loved the first two books in this series and when I got this from Overdrive I was so excited I listened to the audiobook Ugh Only to be left in utter disappointment I felt like this was written by another author It was so different than the first two books I am a fan of this author and he never disappointed me If you are a fan of spy and espionage thrillers, I think you will love this one I wouldn t really call it a thriller but of a slow moving mystery This book can be read as a stand alone if you don t like to read a series I loved the beginning but then in the middle it went flat It took me seven days to read this book Lucky I was reading it with other great books I love twists and it didn t even have any and if it did, I must of missed it Now will I read the rest of his series Of course I will because I loved the first two books Amos Decker witnesses a murder just in front of the FBI headquarters Walter Dabney shoots a woman on a crowded sidewalk, then shoots and kills himself This is not a spoiler since it happens in the very beginning Then Amos Decker and his team tries to solve this case Some of the questions that are asked is Why would Dabney kill a woman in front of the FBI Head Quarters on a crowded street Why did he kill himself The rest of the book mainlygoes on and on trying to answer these questions It was a slow moving mystery and lacked the suspense for me.This is a spy and espionage mystery and I am not a big fanof those kind of books so if you like these kind of mysteries I really think you will like it a lot.My rating 2.5 rounded to 3 stars.

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    The Fix is the 3rd book in the Amos Decker series by David Baldacci Amos Decker and his team are faced with a baffling new case Walking past the FBI s Hoover Building, Decker witnesses a man shooting a woman dead right in front of the building s entrance before killing himself Investigations seem to be leading nowhereat first, there seems to be no connection between the two people but soon Decker, with his memory talents, discovers a plot filled with betrayals, family secrets and a lot than span over a lifetime.The story did start becoming a bit slow and drawn out towards the middle but it draws to the most unexpected and shocking ending that made it worthwhile finishing.Although you can read this book as a standalone, I recommend you read the first two books.Memory Man and The Last can read my reviews here .to get a better understanding of how Amos Decker began his new career.A good an solid addition to the series but not as good as the 1st two.

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    Amos Decker is officially one of my favorite book characters, ever The story starts off with a bang literally and escalates into scary territory David Baldacci s writing style is unfathomable Fantastic book

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    If this had been any other author, I never would have bothered finishing this For me, extremely repetitious and boring 2 stars is a gift.

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    Originally posted on The Book NymphoAmos Decker is walking to the FBI building in Washington DC when he witnesses Walter Dabney, a prominent owner of a government contracting firm, pull out a gun and shoot a woman who was also walking in that vicinity He then turns the gun on himself It s clear that Dabney murdered Anne Berkshire, a substitute school teacher, but what s not so clear is the why Since Decker witnessed the event and the case is handed to the FBI, the task force is given the assignment Unlike the first two books, the task force is investigating a hot case instead of a cold one It s classic police procedural with Decker s added unique skills As it progresses, the investigation runs smack into another of the alphabet agencies, the Defense Intelligence Agency DIA and Harper Brown, their liaison It was a gnarly puzzle, leading down unexpected and surprising paths I ended up suspecting quite a few from time to time but ended up going with my initial instincts, which were right I loved that the clues were all there for me to deduce much of it on my own along with a lot of help from Decker.What I truly loved about this book was the relationship elements Decker is experiencing the benefits of being part of a team after the circumstances of his tragic past and it humanizes him and the story It makes quite a difference in a good way Also, the duality narration has found its rhythm and it rocked Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy made this a very enjoyable listening experience Still loving this series and Amos Decker This story might not have all excitement of the first two but it certainly strains the brain in figuring out the mystery I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    The Fix is the third book in the Amos Decker series You don t have to read the previous books to enjoy this one Personally, haven t I read the first book yet although I m eyeing right now since it s on my desk waiting to be read.Amos Decker and his team have a new case, a man shoots and kills a woman outside FBI headquarters and then he shoots himself But why The man and the woman have no connection to each other and no one can understand why he did it This is a strange case that soon gets even stranger when Harper Brown, an agent of the Defense Intelligence Agency gets involved with the case, first trying to get Amos to back down and then and less helping them.As usual, has Baldacci written an interesting thriller What I love about this book not only the strange case, but small things like Marvin Mars showing up in the story and Decker and Jamison moving in together as roommates in a building that Mars bought Just roommates, they are just friends, although Jamison seems sometimes a bit fond of Decker However, Decker is not a man that s ready to move on from the tragic murder of his wife and daughter especially since with his extraordinary memory never can forget the sight of finding them What he needs is friends and that s what he got in Mars and Jamison.I liked how weird this case is, how they slowly had to unravel it to find out the motive for the killing Did I see the ending coming Partly to be honest I was not totally surprised by the twist towards the end when we learn just how everything is connected Sometimes, the answer is in front of your eyes all the time and I have read so many thrillers that I felt it was quite obvious who the person behind it all was That doesn t mean that I did not enjoy reading the book, but some twist were just a bit too obvious I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy for an honest review

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    Read this review and at Following the events of last year s The Last Mile, newly hired FBI agent Amos Decker returns for his third outing in David Baldacci s The Fix.Amos Decker is not your average FBI agent His size is the first thing that stands out, as Decker a massive, hulk like figure still has the frame and body size that carried him to the NFL, where an injury ended his playing days.The career ending injury he suffered, though, caused some rare side effects The crunching helmet to helmet blow induced both hyperthymesia and synesthesia, fancy words that mean Decker cannot forget anything at all, ever Oh, and it s changed the way he sees colors.After a career as a police detective, a very personal case he worked on caught the eye of some people who made Decker an offer to use his unique skills and abilities to solve cold cases for the FBI as part of a newly formed special task force He accepted the job and took on his first case in The Last Mile, but this time he s thrust into a murder investigation that even he can t see any reason or motive for.While walking down the sidewalk towards the FBI headquarters, Decker decided against stopping for a breakfast burrito and happened to return his gaze forward just in time to see a man pull a compact Beretta from his pocket and shoot a woman in the back of her head Pulling his own firearm, Decker runs forward but is unable to do anything other than watch helplessly as the gunman turns his weapon on himself and pulls the trigger one final time.The shooter was eventually identified as Walter Dabney, a former employee of the NSA who has since been working as a contractor with several government agencies, including the FBI However, Decker and his team are unable to find any link between Dabney and the victim, Anne Meredith Berkshire, a substitute teacher who lived alone and had no close family members An early working theory is that Dabney, who they confirmed was scheduled for a meeting inside the Hoover Building that morning, went off the deep end and decided to take a random person down with him.Decker pokes numerous holes in the initial theory and begins searching for additional answers through his own unique methods At the top of his list of unanswered questions is how a woman who makes a living as a substitute teacher is able to live in a three million dollar condo and drive a new Mercedes More questions pop up when the team digs into Berkshire s background and struggle to find anything on her beyond the last decade.Just as the investigation heats up, Harper Brown, a no nonsense DIA agent, requests a meeting with Decker and his boss, where she informs them that the murder is part of an ongoing investigation by the Defense Intelligence Agency and that they no longer need to spend any resources trying to solve the case themselves.When pressed, Brown says that the murder is now a matter of national security, involving a scenario that could be bigger than 9 11.Forgetting about a case and moving on isn t what Decker does In fact, it s impossible for him So, ignoring Brown s orders, Decker and his team keep working the case and eventually uncover a massive conspiracy that quickly becomes much bigger than anything Amos Decker has tackled before.David Baldacci, with than 110 million copies of his books in print around the world, has finally hit his stride with this series While Memory Man flashed potential and The Last Mile was a solid thriller, The Fix is without question the best Decker novel yet While the story starts out with the feel of a crime or mystery novel, it suddenly turns into a high octane political thriller filled with enough lies, conspiracy, and espionage to keep fans of both genres happy Book DetailsAuthor David BaldacciSeries Amos Decker 3Pages 432 Hardcover ISBN 1455586560Publisher Grand Central PublishingRelease Date April 18, 2017 Order Now

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    The first 2 books in this series were inspired and I was totally expecting the 3rd to continue that standard Unfortunately it was not to be The writing was pedestrian, the dabney character was tedious and it all felt a bit dreary Deckers synesthsia was barely mentioned in this book, just a passing reference and too much emphasis was put on his flicking memory frames I found it dull and unlike the other books which I devoured I struggled to read this until the end.

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    This is the third book in David Baldacci s Amos Decker series, but it provides enough background information to be read as a standalone Amos Decker, 6 5 tall and over 300 pounds, was a professional football player until a massive hit ended his career and left him with hyperthymesia and synesthesia The hyperthymesia gives Decker a permanent detailed memory of everything he s ever seen or experienced like a combination photo album video in his head And the synesthesia makes Decker see things in false colors like death scenes glowing blue Unfortunately, Decker s hyperthymesia doesn t allow him to dim the memories of his dead wife and child, who were murdered a few years ago On the upside, Decker s phenomenal memory helped him in his career as a police detective, and he now works for the FBI..on a team that investigates crimes Decker s FBI partner is Alex Jamison, a woman who understands his problems and has his back Decker is on his way to a meeting in the FBI s Hoover Building in Washington DC when he sees a man shoot a woman in the head, then turn the gun on himself The killer is identified as Walter Dabney, a former employee of the National Security Agency NSA who now consults with various government agencies, including the FBI And the dead woman is identified as Anne Berkshire, a substitute teacher at a Catholic school and a volunteer for a local hospice At first, the crime seems inexplicable since Dabney is a successful, happily married man with four grown daughters As Decker s team investigates, though, they learn that Dabney had an inoperable brain tumor and an aneurysm, which would have killed him within months Moreover, Dabney recently paid 10 million dollars to cover a huge gambling debt As for Berkshire, she seems to be an enigma Despite having a modest salary, the teacher owned a multimillion dollar condominium and a very expensive Mercedes On top of that, Berkshire s searchable past ends ten years ago, beyond which there is no record of her Dabney s wife and daughters are unable to provide any information about the tragedy They re grief stricken by Dabney s death and flummoxed by the gambling obligation Or are they Things are complicated than they seem, and get even obscure when another murder occurs Decker s team is in the midst of investigating the Dabney murder suicide when Agent Harper Brown from the Defense Intelligence Agency DIA waltzes in, says she s taking over the case for national security reasons, and demands all the FBI s files Of course Decker isn t about to let his case get hijacked, and continues to make inquiries raking his prodigious memory for relevant clues The DIA and FBI end up working together, which works out well all around To reveal about the mystery would give away spoilers, so I ll just say the story has lots of twists, Decker and Jamison run up against some extremely dangerous people, and the book has a dramatic climax.A secondary thread of the story involves Decker and Jamison becoming apartment mates and building managers in a run down edifice recently purchased by Melvin Mars a man they helped in a previous book Melvin plans to upgrade the tenement to provide nice apartments for low income families As residents of the old building, Decker and Jamison become acquainted with a tenant named Tomas Amaya and his eleven year old son Danny Amaya is on the outs with neighborhood gangbangers, and Decker s interference in the situation leads to grave danger for himself and Jamison This secondary plot introduces a second set of bad guys , which led to some confusion for me about which criminals did what For romance fans, there s a budding love story in the novel, which leads to friction between the female characters..but not for the reasons you might think There s also an interesting theme about the damage caused by sports enhancement drugs, which I found intriguing All in all, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to fans of thrillers.You can follow my reviews at