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    I m going to present this review in a series of half explained gifs.In the beginning, I was just casually reading through it.And then I started getting into it.I was enjoying the story and beginning to get irritated with everyone s constant blatant disregard of Lia and the fact that she was still humaninside.Then the story moved onto Zo or Zoie the Hoie as I like to refer to her and of course, I hated her.But it wasn t just your regular hate This was deep, burning hate that even the fiery pits of hell couldn t compete with And then there was the scene with Walker Cough Douche bag Cough and Zo at the back of the school, practically dry humping each other Lafayette, speak for me Once we got past that, Auden s heart felt love confession, another bitch out from Zo and finally reached the part with her dad.Oh myYes, I cried And though I ll claim I hate it, I kind of like it when authors make me cry It proves to me that their actually pretty good at what they do.Then of course there was the part with Auden right after the waterfall incident My word Such profanity I know I shouldn tI ll try not toI ll try to resistbut IIPoor LiaFew Wipes brow Nearly had a brain aneurism.I know the kid s laying in bed with multiply injuries that he ll be stuck with for the rest of his oh so human life But some of the things he said were pretty nastyI was a little disappointed to realize I disliked him from then on From this day forward, from page 339 to the last in the series, the image of Auden will forever be tainted in my eyes Sighs Oh well5 stars 4.5 at the least Till next time,

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    Okay I m not going to finish this book, but it isn t because I don t think it s a perfectly acceptable book It is The writing is actually very good, and the author presents a lot of interesting questions about what it means to be human This author has a compelling voice and the novel reads a lot like a Scott Westerfeld novel Even the paperback size and cover look like an Uglies novel However, Westerfeld draws the reader in much faster with rising action and character development.I m just not on board with this book So far, I dislike the main character an awful lot I m 100 pages in and nothing much has happened except a lot of whining about her circumstance I can see where the story is going I portend much disappoint from the Zoie and Walker front and frankly all I can think is meh.

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    Lia shouldn t have been in the car in the first place By doing a favor for her sister, she has changed her life forever A one in a million chance The navigation system in her car malfunctioned and she crashed head on with another car Her body broken her skin burning, Lia waited for help Unfortunately, her body didn t survive the trauma of the accident However, her brain remained in tact Lia wakes up several weeks later to find that she is alive She has been downloaded into a new body A body that isn t flesh and blood, but circuits and wires covered by synthetic skin Lia doesn t want to be a skinner, a mech head, a freak She d rather be dead Instead she has to go through the indignity of learning the most basic of activities all over again Eventually, Lia returns to school only to find that the people she depended on most aren t as receptive to her as she d hoped Companionship comes from an unexpected person Lia doesn t want to admit she isn t the same as she was before the accident She refuses to believe she is only doing what the computer is programmed to do.Lia meets a group of radical mech heads that force her to confront her situation Is it dangerous for her to live amongst people acting as if she is exactly like everyone else Is she causing the people she cares about the most harm than good SKINNED by Robin Wasserman is a spell binding, futuristic story filled with issues of medical ethics, family dynamics, and loss If you enjoyed the Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld, you ll enjoy SKINNED The story is powerful and keeps you hooked until the end I was excited to see that SKINNED is the first book in a planned trilogy I desperately want to see what happens next in Lia s complicated existence Robin Wasserman s website includes cool downloads based on the book like desktop wallpaper, screen savers, and avatars Go check it out.

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    Awesomesauce It was really good It started off a little confusing, but it had a very cool and sort of risky concept to it By risky I mean that it could have failed epically I see a lot of authors take on this kind of plot and then just sorta let it die, but Skinned pulled it off Not only was it addicting and exciting, but it got me thinking too There was depth in it than I expected it had a thought provoking theme about identity, and what makes someone who they are and not only that, but what makes someone a human being.A couple of little things bothered me, though First of all, there were times when the main character kinda got on my nerves I started liking her towards the end, but for a majority of the book she was a little whiney I know she was in a pretty crappy situation, but still Well, at least she matured somewhat in the end, and I started feeling pretty bad for her.The other thing was that, at times, I could tell this book desperately wished it was Uglies Even the cover art and the way the book was formatted seemed very similar The world in which it took place was very Westerfeld esque the Skinners are sorta like Pretties or Specials, it s a similar futuristic post apocalyptic setting, the society is very technology obsessed and they even have some similar lingo.But, despite those few instances of similarity, it had a lot of originality too Over all, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen for TeensReadToo.comLia Kahn was perfect She had a perfect life, perfect friends, and a perfect boyfriend She was popular and beautiful and everyone wanted to be with her and know her until the accident changed everything When Lia is in a fatal car accident, she finds herself awake in the hospital She should be dead, but she knows she s alive She can t feel her body, but she knows it s there Lia has become the latest patient in the download process a way to download your memories and brain functions into a computer based body that is made to look and act human Lia is angry about the download process She doesn t want to be a skinner the awful nickname for download recipients But she also isn t ready to give up on her life Being a skinner isn t easy, though Groups of people have rallied against the download process, calling it unethical and saying the skinners are without a soul Lia s friends seem to have turned on her and her boyfriend can t stand to be near her any She s Lia, but she s not the same Lia, and she s not sure how to handle her new life Add in the mysterious group of skinners that Lia encounters, plus humans that would do anything to be part of the download process, and Lia isn t sure any what exactly it means to be human SKINNED presents an interesting look at what really makes us us Are we human when we have flesh and blood, or is it our memories that make us who we are Can we ever have the same life again An interesting and engaging look at medical ethics and humanity, SKINNED is the beginning of a new trilogy.

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    Jugendb cher sind oberfl chlich und voller Klischees Hier ist ein sehr gutes Beispiel, dass es auch anders geht Anfangs war ich noch etwas skeptisch.Lia Kahn, die Protagonistin, w chst in einer Welt auf, in der die Technik die Menschen immer mehr beherrscht Ja, noch mehr als schon jetzt Sie ist 16 Jahre alt, verw hnt und sehr von sich eingenommen Ihre Familie ist reich und vor allem ihr Vater hat berall gro en Einfluss Lia ist immer up to date, ihre Freundinnen sehen zu ihr auf und die Jungs himmeln sie an In dieser Rolle gef llt sie sich ziemlich gut und auch mit ihrem Freund Walker l uft alles bestens Nur ihr etwas distanziertes Verh ltnis zu ihrer Schwester Zoie ist etwas durchwachsen aber das k mmert sie nicht wirklich.Bis jetzt h rt sich das noch sehr nach diesen typischen Jugendbuch Charakteren an, von denen ich ziemlich gelangweilt bin Aber mit Lia passiert etwas, etwas dramatisches und sie muss irgendwie lernen, damit umzugehen Die Konsequenzen ziehen immer weitere Kreise und aus der Ich Perspektive erlebt man sehr intensiv, wie Lia sich ver ndert Die Geschichte steigt ein, als Lia im Krankenhaus aufwacht Sie hatte einen schlimmen Unfall und w re gestorben, h tte man nicht ein neuartiges Verfahren an ihr vorgenommen Sie steckt ab jetzt in einem k nstlichen, perfekten K rper Ihr Gehirn und damit ihr Wissen und ihre Erinnerungen wurden in einen Computer eingespeichert, die sie abrufen kann Sie muss nicht essen, nicht atmen, wird nicht altern, auch nicht sterben und keinen Schmerz empfinden doch auch alle anderen Gef hle sind nicht mehr da Ich war nur ein Geist in der Maschine.Ein MechHead Ein Kabelhirn Ein Frankenstein Ein Hautdieb.Ein Skinner S 39Es ist ein langer Leidensweg, der sehr gut beschrieben wurde Ich hatte etwas v llig anderes erwartet und musste mich erstmal darauf einstellen, dass Lias Entwicklung sehr detailliert erz hlt wird Das war aber n tig, damit man das, was weiter passiert, gut nachvollziehen kann.Die Reaktionen der Umwelt auf Lias Ver nderung sind ziemlich heftig Auch wenn in dieser Zukunftsvision die Technik allgegenw rtig ist in Form von genetisch modifizierter Natur, K rperliftings, programmierten Autos, dem allgegenw rtigen sozialen Netzwerk und stimmungsbeeinflussenden Drogen,steht man in der Gesellschaft den Skinnern u erst kritisch gegen ber Die weitl ufige Meinung geht sogar soweit, dass sie diese reanimierten Computermenschen als nicht menschlich ansieht, als Kopien, die keine Rechte haben sollten Dieses Gedankenexperiment ist be ngstigend, vor allem, weil man sich sehr gut vorstellen kann, dass es tats chlich so verr ckte Entwicklungen in unserer Zukunft geben k nnte und man stellt sich w hrend dem Lesen immer wieder die Frage Was w rde ich dazu sagen Wie w rde ich mich verhalten, wenn mir so jemand gegen bersteht Wird man das Gehirn tats chlich einmal kopieren k nnen und wo bleibt dabei die Seele Gerade mit der Figur Lia, die ja eigentlich kein wirklich sympathisches M dchen ist, leidet man doch mit Vor allem wenn man den Hass und den Vorwurf sp rt, mit dem sie sich t glich auseinander setzen muss von den anderen aber auch von sich selbst Ihre Familie ist hier auch keine Unterst tzung, denn der Vater wirkt wie ein kalter Kontrollfreak, die Mutter wagt kaum ihre Meinung zu sagen und die Schwester Zoie ist scheinbar ein sehr nachtragendes Biest.Allerdings lernt sie noch zwei Jungs kennen, die einen gro en Einfluss darauf haben, was weiter passiert.Einmal Auden Woher willst du wissen, dass ich wirklich einen freien Willen habe Woher soll ich wissen, dass es so ist Klar, ich habe das Gef hl, selbst ndige Entscheidungen zu treffen, doch wer wei Er denkt, dass Gott alle F den in der Hand h lt Woher will er denn wissen, dass ihn Gott nicht wie eine Marionette tanzen l sst S 241und Jude diese Perfektion ist unser einziger Makel Sie altern, sie werden krank, verletzen sich, immer ist irgendwas Sie verfallen Wir bleiben immer gleich Wir schweben durch die Zeit sie ertrinken darin Sie haben einen Stichtag wir nicht Und genau das k nnen sie uns nicht verzeihen S 368Nichts ist einfach und alles kompliziert und es gibt einige sehr tiefsinnige Gedankeng nge die bei mir sicher noch eine zeitlang nachwirken werden.Ich hoffe, dass man im zweiten Band auch noch etwas mehr ber die Welt erf hrt, denn es gibt nicht nur die Reichen und M chtigen, zu denen Lia geh rt, sondern auch die Unterschicht, die St dter, die in den verseuchten Ruinen leben Ohne Bonus und ohne Chance auf ein angemessenes Leben mit medizinischer Unterst tzung und den Annehmlichkeiten der Reichen.Die Entwicklung am Ende da wei ich noch nicht genau, was ich davon halten soll mal sehen, wie es weitergeht FazitAu ergew hnlich, fesselnd und teilweise auch verst rend, wenn man sich mit dem Thema des Buches auseinandersetzt Endlich mal ein Jugendbuch, das tiefer geht, das einen gedanklich herausfordert und das hoffentlich mit der gleichen Intensit t weiter geht AleshaneeWeltenwandererCold Awakening1 Skinned2 Crashed3 Wired

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    This was a quite gripping piece of science fiction, right in the line of Scott Westerfeld s Uglies series, Mary E Pearson s The Adoration of Jenna Fox and Circuit of Heaven by Dennis Danvers All of these titles tackle the question of what is really needed to make us human, what should be scrapped up and remolded, when large parts of our body or our mind are gone if we can that is, of if there should be a physical limit to holding up our excitence here on earth, of if we are allowed to tamper with an organism that has officially already ceased to be and to try our hands at creating artificial intelligence that mimicks or copies the ones of actual persons, and finally, of if the new person physical or digital will be me when is has aquired my memories and my personality.Robin Wasserman s approach to point out not answer these dilemmas is a very thrilling and emotional one It resonated within me for a while this morning Certainly it helped that the post war, post radioactive crises setting with a strict split of the world s population into bonus points stuffed haves in spacious, digitally technically enhanced country based buildings and company bound, no rights, no medical favours have nots in contaminated city ruins had a pretty realistic feeling Although the book ends on a cliffhanger, I do not need to rush out to get the sequel which doesn t mean I would mind to read it eventually I recommend Skinned But maybe I would recommend The Adoration of Jenna Fox and Circuit of Heaven .

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    May contain spoilers, cursing and ranting.When something bad happens to you, like an accident as what happened in this book to our main It doesn t always mean death If your brain is still working you can be downloaded into a new body Some people if they have enough credit can have one specialty made if there is enough time for it But the thing is you are no longer human You can t bleed, eat, breath You can feel pain to a degree only with extreme actions Hot and cold mean nothing You can feel slightly but it s not the same You don t need to bathe, brush your teeth or use the bathroom You re a machine that looks human and mentally you still are the same person but it s never the same.It was going so strong, so good But then things started to stand out Little things that annoyed me Nothing major just certain wordings for example eating lunch but how is she exactly doing this She doesn t eat She has no need to eat, she doesn t have a stomach The author could have used the sentence, she spent her lunch hour Like I said not major but annoying when it continued to come up.And fuck Zo why are you such a bitch, like seriously I did not like Zo at all There was never a momment where I went ok fine she s experenced this tragedy, but nope she s just a bitch.Blargh end rantEdit You know what Lia, the main character she s a bitch as well If all this shit never went down and things were different or rather not different she d still be a self centered bitch.OK now it s an end rant.Over all I did enjoy the concept and I ll continue on with the series, hopefully the characters start to be less annoying.

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    Meh A poor man s Cinder Just okay.

The Download Was Supposed To Change The World It Was Supposed To Mean The End Of Aging, The End Of Death, The Birth Of A New Humanity But It Wasn T Supposed To Happen To Someone Like Lia KahnAnd It Wasn T Supposed To Ruin Her LifeLia Knows She Should Be Grateful She Didn T Die In The Accident The Download Saved Her But It Also Changed Her, Forever She Can Deal With Being A Freak She Can Deal With The Fear In Her Parents Eyes And The Way Her Boyfriend Flinches At Her Touch But She Can T Deal With What She Knows, Deep Down, Every Time She Forces Herself To Look In The Mirror She S Not The Same Person She Used To BeMaybe She S Not Even A Person At All