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[ Prime ] Bom dia camaradasAuthor Ondjaki – Replica-watches.co

Luanda, Angola, Ndalu Is A Normal Twelve Year Old Boy In An Extraordinary Time And Place Like His Friends, He Enjoys Laughing At His Teachers, Avoiding Homework And Telling Tall Tales But Ndalu S Teachers Are Cuban, His Homework Assignments Include Writing Essays On The Role Of The Workers And Peasants, And The Tall Tales He And His Friends Tell Are About A Criminal Gang Called Empty Crate Which Specializes In Attacking Schools Ndalu Is Mystified By The Family Servant, Comrade Antonio, Who Thinks That Angola Worked Better When It Was A Colony Of Portugal, And By His Aunt Dada, Who Lives In Portugal And Doesn T Know What A Ration Card Is In A Charming Voice That Is Completely Original, Good Morning Comrades Tells The Story Of A Group Of Friends Who Create A Perfect Childhood In A Revolutionary Socialist Country Fighting A Bitter War But The World Is Changing Around These Children, And Like All Childhood S Ndalu S Cannot Last An Internationally Acclaimed Novel, Already Published In Half A Dozen Countries, Good Morning Comrades Is An Unforgettable Work Of Fiction By One Of Africa S Most Exciting Young Writers

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    Do you feel nostalgia for a communist past that never existed Do you strongly miss your childhood even if it was lived in the midst of war Do you think that school days were the best days of your life even if you could barely stand getting up in the morning If this is your frame of mind, then there is no better book than Good Morning Comrades for you.The debut novel of famous Angolan author, Ondjaki, Good Morning Comrades follows the daily life of Ndalu The schoolgoing boy lives with his middle class family and goes to a good school He and his friends are taught by Cuban teachers, who garner great respect because of their dedication to the revolution There is also a visiting aunt from Portugal, completely clueless in the ways of communism and Africa.In many ways, the novel is lighthearted, depicting a portrait of life from the worldview of a child Though shortage and war are ever present in the background, the story is not emotionally heavyhanded and puts its point across brilliantly The students are well fleshed out, and school life in communist Angola was well depicted The ability to follow instructions without questioning is deeply ingrained at school, and this affects the way Ndalu and his friends experience the outside world Ndalu s school stories play a pivotal role in the narrative, where misinformation rules The lack of awareness of his own purchasing ability is brilliantly shown by means of a Portuguese aunt, who brings presents for everyone and has no clue why the President of Angola requires a guard Of course, this means that the aunt had to be made completely dumb, but I feel I can forgive that in view of the otherwise amazing narrative The book brings out the strong influence of Cuba, Russia, and Portugal on Angola I have rarely been impressed with child narrators, but this one was just perfect I think Good Morning Comrades would be a perfect addition to anyone s bookshelf.

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    Good Morning Comrades is the delightful debut novel by Angolan author Ondjaki pen name for Ndalu de Almeida Published in 2001 in Portuguese and engagingly translated by Stephen Henighan 2008 , it launched Ondjaki s writing career that has brought him recognition and several international literary awards For this novel, which tells the coming of age story of Ndalu and his school friends, Ondjaki mined his own memories of childhood and experiences while growing up in Luanda the capital during the conflicting and difficult times of Angola s early years of independence Seeing the world through the eyes of a growing boy, daily life, however, is preoccupied with school, games, friends and family The parades, the power struggles between the regime and its opponents are noted but not understood and have little bearing on the daily life of the children Their na vet protects them from getting into trouble they don t ask questions the world is fine as it is When, for example, Ndalu is chosen to make a May Day speech on the radio and his own prepared text is replaced by another text for him to read, he doesn t question this decision Nor does he question the privileges of his own family in comparison to the poverty of others in his class They are all together and support as well as tease each other He does wonder, though, why his aunt, visiting from Portugal, does not know anything about ration cards and could, at home, buy as much chocolate as she liked The school features prominently in the novel, in particular classes with the Cuban teachers They are often the subject of the children s discussions Still, over time they develop a real affection for them without questioning why they are there in the first place and when they like most other Cubans in the country at the time leave Angola they are sad to see them leave Their departure coincided with the year end of the last school year The young people will be scattered into different directions and, for the first time, Ndalu experiences personal loss, sadness and insecurity about what the future will hold Good Morning Comrades is a simple, yet vividly told story The reader easily connects with Ndalu and his friends Below the surface, Ondjaki touches on many issues that the young country and its people had to deal with Stephen Henighan s very informative Afterword is highly recommended reading as it places the novel in its historical context and greatly contributes to a deeper understanding of its importance in the literary treatment of Angola s early years as an independent country that was caught very much in the middle of the Cold War and its competing international interests.

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    Simple charming child s eye view of life in Angola during revolutionary changes civil war in the 1990s The Afterword provides a lot of good historical context about Angola s history, as well as the various changes that were going on in the 1990s Even though the book is fiction, the author has said that it is semi autobiographical, based on his own childhood in 1990s Angola.Recommended, especially for those who enjoy books from around the world.

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    H algum tempo que n o me ria tanto com um livro Ap s o almo o, esplanada nesta bela tarde de Verono, ri a bom rir, feita parva com a camarada professora foguete , o Bruce Lin , vox v gen , ch kingue o gloss rio no final deu um certo jeito no in cio, se bem que h muito cal o que tamb m existe por c e outro que reconhe o do Brasil Lembra me Capit es da Areia , num outro tempo, outro continente, certo, mas mesma tem tica Ignorante como sou da hist ria angolana, fiquei com imensa curiosidade de conhecer melhor e j me pus a investigar O autor da mesma gera o que eu, mas qu o diferentes as viv ncias A prosa po tica, de uma candura doce e perfumada que d para cheirar e comer Adorei conhecer o abacateiro espregui adeiro, o Camarada Ant nio vinte minuto e ler com sotaque angolano Vou matabichar a cultura riqu ssima deste pa s com sumo de frutas tropicais de nomes estranhos D

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    Neste maravilhoso livro contado do ponto de vista de um mi do, Ondjaki levou me a recordar os belos anos que vivi em Angola As brincadeiras, as g rias, os colegas, os h bitos, os gritos e as despedidas Tudo isso levou me a um tempo que n o volta mais, mas que gostaria mesmo que voltasse.O livro leve, engra ado e profundo ao mesmo tempo Eu sorria durante toda a leitura e desatei a chorar no final Muito bem escrito e com mensagens muito bonitas, Bom dia, camaradas uma leitura que vale cada segundo

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    Ondjaki s writing style is very simple, making it an easy read However, the way that the narrator tells the story so simply is shocking when you realize the reality that he lives in, and how normal it is This books has very well developed themes which make it a great book for discussion groups.

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    J h algum tempo que tinha curiosidade em ler algo de Ondjaki e na minha ltima ida biblioteca acabei por trazer este pequeno livro.Infelizmente, e apesar de ter algumas expectativas, a hist ria n o me conquistou.Gostei de ficar a conhecer um pouco mais sobre a vida em Angola, j ap s a sa da dos portugueses das diferen as entre os dois pa ses mas, em termos de hist ria, confesso que n o percebi qual era o objectivo do livro.De qualquer modo, fica a vontade de ler mais do autor.Vejam a minha opini o mais detalhada em v deo, AQUI.