[[ download Best ]] Witch Is When Life Got Complicated (A Witch P.I. Mystery #2) Author Adele Abbott – Replica-watches.co

[[ download Best ]] Witch Is When Life Got Complicated (A Witch P.I. Mystery #2) Author Adele Abbott – Replica-watches.co

10 thoughts on “Witch Is When Life Got Complicated (A Witch P.I. Mystery #2)

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    I really enjoyed this cozy mystery about a witch just learning her powers She lives in two worlds a sup world full of vampires, werewolves, witches, goblins, etc., and a world of humans In the human world, she s a PI and helps solve a murder mystery In the sup world, she s just coming into her powers and she helps solve the case of a missing trophy.

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    Jill Gooder yes, that s her last name is a PI and a witch She s new at the witch thing I liked the first book But what I like about the first quirky, fun was overshadowed by the other issues I had This, like the first, was very light on the mystery Jill is a decent main character What annoyed me, is I wish she would stand up for herself and be less of a doormat Just Say No I didn t like the secondary characters as much I thought they mainly Jill s sister and cousins were rude, immature, and just plain annoying It sucks that a book with so many human characters, the one I liked the best was Winky, a cat.

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    Still going strongAnother one with a nice plot and details about all the relevant characters Enjoyed it as much as the first volume, with the right amount of giggles in the right places I think Following the main character in her two different lives makes for a fun ride

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    A nice, easy, fun read Perfect for relaxing.

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    fun, light hearted and snarky I do take issue with the older sister Kathy, though, who goes above being bossy and straight to being a bully I really did almost have to quit when she guilted our main character into giving some of her prized childhood possessions to Kathy s own daughter Unnecessary and mean.

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    Easy to read but keeps you wondering toogreat little cozy mystery series Thoroughly enjoyable and a good light hearted read Now on to the next book

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    I was surprised I actually liked the first book in the series It had a certain charm, which was OK the first time around, but by the second book the novelty value has now worn off Jill is extremely irritating she makes decisions that make no sense, sometimes because she allows herself to be bullied into them and then complains about having made them I wish she had a bit backbone and be prepared to stand up to people, especially her sister.The main problem with the story is it is so fragmented Things just happen and aren t explained or followed up There are also the continuing incidents with the followers of the Dark One, Jill deals remarkable well with them, but then seems to forget them and carries on as if she hasn t just been attacked and involved in killing several people.

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    Witch Is When Life Got Complicated is the second book in the series, and I enjoyed it much than the first one I felt like Jill was really trying to embrace her new witch heritage, and I loved learning about that I also enjoyed the side characters, except for her sister I can t stand her sister at all, she is beyond annoying And now the previous cop that she seemed to hate, and he hated her, well now they are forced to spend time together This book has very little on the romance side, which is fine, but I do hope that it comes into play a little later on in the series Other than that, I enjoyed the mystery, and I loved Jill The humor in this story is awesome as well I m hooked and can t wait to read .

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    It s a good light read for when you re in between better series, but I hate most side characters Kathy most of all Her children are completely spoiled beasts, she has zero regard for Jill s wishes and expects her to drop everything for her every whim Even worse, Jill let s her Her birth family is dysfunctional, but generally tolerable Basically it s all much better when nobody else is around except for her cat if this book could just be her and her cat and no other recurring characters, it d be so much better.

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    This is getting better and better D I love Jill and Candlefield..and Winky It was funny read.

It Ain T Over Life Is Always Hectic For PI And Novice Witch , Jill Gooder Murder, Theft And A Missing Cat, She Can Take In Her Stride, But A Date With Detective Jack Maxwell That S A Whole Different Ball Game Til The Custard Creams Have All Gone