Read Audible Fated for the Alphas Author Lily Thorn –

Read Audible Fated for the Alphas Author Lily Thorn –

10 thoughts on “Fated for the Alphas

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    This is part five in a the series Fated for the Alphas and does end in a cliffhanger.Lia escapes from Shade and returns home to the Twin Rivers Pack The only problem is that Shade comes back for her and a battle ensues.I am not going to say anything else as I don t want to spoil it for anyone I will say that I am really loving this series I can t put it down.Going for Part six now.

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    This book was a fantastic read.This book was a fantastic read The story line was captivating and thrilling With all the twists and turns it was hard to put the book down I can not wait to read the next book

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    Wow this story just gets beter and beter Plenty of twists an turns, never know whats going to happen next.Spoiler alert Part five doesn t end well On to part six

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    Wow What an ending That was amazing I cannot wait until the next instalment

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    Fated for the AlphasGave it a five star rating Great story can t wait to read what happens next in the series love it.

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    Oh I really liked this one Full of surprises Don t drink the wine, or really anything that asshat gives you But, this Finn, I am curious to see what turns out with him in the end.

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    YAAAS LIA YAAAS She FINALLY used her magic for something big Really liked the magical touch this book had with everything.

Trapped In Shade S Lair, Lia Is About To Learn Just How Good The Alpha Is At Bending Captives To His Will Deep Beneath The Earth In The Cavernous Dark, She May Be Beyond Rescue Kane Sets Out Alone To Free Her Though He Knows He May Be Walking Into A Trap, Nothing Could Prepare Him For What Awaits On The Far Side Of The River And Neither Of Them Is Ready For The Terrible Twist Of Fate That Lies In Store This Is The Fifth Part Of An Ongoing Story Not A Standalone Cliffhangers Abound For Adult Readers Comfortable With M Nage Romance, As Some Installments Contain Explicit Scenes With Multiple Partners