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Twenty Five Years Ago, Monica Stanton Gave Up A Baby Girl For Adoption Now, The Thing Monica Didn T Dare Hope For Has Happened Jessica Has Reentered Her Life And Brought A Little Drama And Competition With Her Jessica Is Willing To Meet Her Birth Mother, But She Wants The Reunion To Air On A Reality TV Show Monica Would Rather Chew Glass Than Appear On TV But She Ll Swallow Her Pride And A Few Other Unsavory Items If That S What It Takes To ReconnectAs If Getting To Know Her Grown Daughter While Competing On A Remote Island Isn T Hard Enough, Monica Is Further Confused When Jessica S Long Lost Birth Father Shows Up, Complicating Both Her Relationship With Her Daughter And The Attraction Monica Has To The Hunky Reality Show Host The Fruit Basket Upset Of Emotions, Accusations, And Regrets Might Make For Good TV, But Will It Destroy The Family In The Process

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    I m not into reality television so you might wonder what drew me to read this book This novel was nominated for a Carol Award a couple of years ago and I delight in finding new authors.Last Family Standing is about a reality television show, but is quite a bit Main character Monica gave up her daughter for adoption and her 25 year old daughter has invited her to be a contestant with her on a show called Last Family Standing It s about their growth, but also about the dynamics between all of the contestants.It was a good contemporary novel and I d read other books by the author.

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    This poor Mother gave up her daughter over 25 years ago, she never forgot her Not a day went by without her thinking and worrying over her And did she make the right decision.She gets to go on a reality TV show to be reunited with her daughter.We have all watched these heartbreaking shows haven t we The ones were you need your tissues, your eyes run all down your cheeks Well, this story is no exception.This takes you beyond the TV show, Mother and daughter reunited, how will it work out These book has every emotion conceivable in it, you will love it.I am happy to say that Abingdon Press gave me an advanced copy via Net Galley which I devoured

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    I had planned on pacing myself on this novel, but within the first few chapters I was a goner The Last Family Standing starts with an older woman, content with her dull life, which consists of herself, her dog, and her best friend Suddenly she s staring at a screen where her daughter, whom she gave up for adoption years ago, is asking for Monica to contact her so that they can compete in the game show Last Family Standing Monica now finds her life upside down, competing in a physically, mentally, and emotionally fatiguing game show More importantly she s competing for the attention of her estranged daughter Jess.I believe that the pacing for this story was just right We get time to get to know Monica, her feelings, and the people in her life, and the predicament that she finds herself in It s a rare talent to be able to write in real time, instead of a self appointed one There was a moment where I was like I thought the description said something important would happen with this character I feel like the description lied to me about the relationship dynamics of the book.I usually read novels about people closer to my own age, from 16 25 are usually the ages of the main characters in the books I read Why Because I can relate to them One of the things that surprised me about this novel was how well I related to our 40 something year old main character Monica She is warm, nice, and thoughtful to a fault Perhaps it s not so much that I relate to her but that she is that fun aunt who babysat you when you were little Or the cool mom down the street who hands out giant candy bars on Halloween She was just overall a great and loving character, her personality really made the book.A bothering point in the book was just a little detail in it, hunger I m not sure if it s possible to really describe true hunger, but for a character that loses enough weight to not fit into any of her clothes towards the end, she was never really described as hungry She complained about the lack of food, and the variety of food but the author made it out so that it didn t sound like they went hungry The physical endurance part of the book should have at least prompted some hunger pains if their food supply was so meager I love that this novel was so well balanced It had these very spiritual or religious moments, but it never got preachy, never forceful it was just there, it made its presence known and left Or take for example the romance in the book, it never got hot and heavy and yet it still makes you swoon a bit and go Ah, I m so jealous In fact the romance is of an undertone, a very obvious undertone but still I really enjoyed this novel overall, can t wait to read another Allee novel.

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    Loved it one of just a very small handful of books I ve read in 2015 that left me interested enough to regret having to go to bed without knowing what happens next.Monica is a very private woman in her mid forties who enjoys working as a chef and spending time with her beloved dog, Ranger Her quiet world is thrown for a curve ball when the daughter she lovingly gave away for a closed adoption outs her on a reality show She has longed for years to get to know her child and decides to accept the bizarre offer.The reunion doesn t go as well as she hoped and her daughter will barely talk to her The show s producers also throw out a few curve balls to the stressed duo Why did her daughter choose reality TV, of all things, to find her birth mother Why meet your birth mom on a Survivor esque show viewed by millions instead of choosing the privacy of your own home Why the heck are so many people so cruel to birth parents who make such an extraordinarily selfless decision Poor Monica s been through a lot and she deserves some happiness.My only complaint is that there was not enough initial dialogue between Monica and Jessica It really felt like the book took a commercial break.The book brings up some good talking points on adoption, privacy, and understandable but dangerous if only wishful thinking Note I would characterize this book as inspirational fiction than Christian fiction No one should avoid this book for fear of proselytizing, prejudice against religious based works, etc It is really just a women s fiction novel without curse words or sex scenes and covers some universal concepts of what it means to be a family.

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    she gave her baby away when the dad left cooking school and she couldnt find him to tell him she was preg she couldnt raise her daughter on her own and thought she would be better off with 2 parentsthe girl grew up and went on a reality program on tv who contacted the birth mom to join her in the game she wanted to meet her daughter so she went there , it was on a island and they had to do games to see who got eliminated they also brought the birth dad and introduced him to the daughter he never knew he hadshe got hurt in almost every game, ending up with a broken wrist at the end her daughter said she only went to get the for her mom, the one that raised her the birth mom was hurt until she found out the other mom had als and needed the money to do her wish list the birth dad turned out to have left the school when his dad had a heart attack and died he went on to become very rich running the business he joined the birth mom to go to the daughters house and meet her parents.they made a new program to give the mom all her wishes before she died

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    Just from the description of this book, I could tell it was going to be funny, and I was certainly NOT disappointed From the very first page, where Monica s best friend Jules told her her daughter was on TV asking her long lost birth mother to join her, I was hooked Only by virtue of the fact that I have been very busy lately did it take as long as it did for me to read this novel.The main character of the book middle aged, unattached chef, Monica Stanton is a simple, self effacing person with a dog and a few equally loyal friends She owns her own restaurant in Las Vegas and is pretty happy with her life When she learns about this invitation to join the daughter she placed for adoption on a survival game show, Monica is conflicted On the one hand, she has no desire to be on TV or live on a remote island for a month, but on the other hand, she s eager to get acquainted with the child she only laid eyes on briefly before relinquishing her to her adoptive parents The handsome and persuasive game show host tips her over to his side and convinces her to accept the invitation that will change her life forever It was a little awkward at first getting used to the author s use of first person singular and present tense However, this particular book lends itself to that voice, since the subject is a reality show and it is entirely from the viewpoint of the main character It keeps you in the moment and lets you experience everything as it happens to Monica It also keeps you entirely in her head, with all the details being filtered through her perception often misinterpreting what is going on.What makes the book so hysterical is how Monica manages to injure herself on national television, in just about as many ways as is humanly possible At the same time, it is clear she is a born diplomat who helps bring the other players together, even though they are all competing against one another She is attracted to the game show host, Rick, but won t admit it neither will she even consider that he might be interested in her Meanwhile she is frustrated in her attempts to get to know her daughter.Even though what I read was an advance reader s copy, an uncorrected proof, I only found two small typos in the book, which says a lot about the writer s skill and her editorial team, as I do a lot of proofreading in my job There was not one page of this book that was slow or boring I frequently laughed out loud at Monica s verbal faux pas and spectacular accidents I was totally unprepared for the bombshell Monica s daughter Jess dropped on the last day of their competition, which temporarily deflated her high hopes for a lasting relationship and added to her sense of failure However, the way Jennifer Allee resolved it in the end was good.My only complaint is the ending of the book The author doesn t tell us who was the winning family After reading all about the challenges and elimination rounds, the grilling of the two remaining teams, and so on, she leaves us utterly hanging I was so disappointed, because it could have gone either way, with so many resulting consequences I don t see any indication of a sequel, since all the other loose ends of the story were neatly tied up It was almost like watching a real reality show, but never getting to catch the final episode where they announced the results.Nevertheless, if you need a good laugh and enjoy situational almost slap stick humor, this is the book for you Who ever would have thought something so serious as a premarital relationship and the tough decision to place a child for adoption could have such a funny, wonderful end result If you have a self effacing, mea culpa kind of mentality or two left feet, you will certainly identify with Monica and laugh at your reflection If you need a break from a way too serious or too regimented life, this may be the diversion you need.

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    I don t typically like reality shows, OK, that is an understatement I have never watched a reality show, I think they are just a show that details how our society has become a bit to materialistic People want to win and they don t typically care who they hurt in the process.So, why did I even bother to order this book from the Vine Program Well, I guess the short concise concept of a mother daughter team who haven t ever been together except in the birthing room of the hospital got to me I wanted to have a nice story of a mother and daughter meeting for the first time 25 years after the birth of said daughter.What I didn t expect was to enjoy the book so much I don t know why but the way that Jennifer Allee made the story come alive and the development of the characters really made a difference You can t get to know a character on a tv show unless you watch multiple episodes, even then it is difficult.But in the book you get the development of the main characters and you learn to real life struggle each of them has had in regards to not having lived their lives together How hard is it for a mother to give up her child How hard is it for a single mother to have the father walk out of her life and never contact her again, without even knowing he is a father How many mothers get to meet their daughter for the first time on television in front of a huge audience Then the next thing that I enjoyed was the fact that faith comes in to play in some of the scenario s of the book There is a pastor and daughter team and that helps to bring in the thought of a relationship with God There is the couple who adopted Jessica, they are solid believers and their faith has helped them to raise a mature young woman who is amazing.Then there is the love life of Monica, the mother, well, the lack of love life She has not dated, not married, not been involved with anyone that we know of But for whatever reason it appears that the host of the show is taken with her, how will that develop.All of these things come together to make for a story that is fun to read and enjoyable to see that even in the midst of tragedy that good can come out of things.I really hope you enjoy the book Oh, and just an after thought, I still don t have any desire to watch a reality TV show.Enjoy

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    I discovered Last Family Standing while browsing aimlessly on Goodreads One of the primary reasons I got into book related fora and social media was to broaden my horizons as a reader, and certainly this novel is well outside the bounds of my preferred genres literary, historical, mystery But, the story line struck me as quite fresh and interesting Author Jennifer AlLee s novel promises than page turning drama with both birth parent child reunion and reality show competition story lines packed between the two covers What sparked my interest was the proposed juxtaposition of a vulnerable character facing an important crossroads in her life journey with the cynical thematic perspective and the raw action and result focused narrative I would expect to find in any story told against that very particular cultural backdrop we know as reality television.So, I entered a Goodreads giveaway, got lucky, and received a free copy of this book in exchange for posting an honest review after reading that s what this is Last Family Standing was a decidedly enjoyable reading experience for me, and I expect that many readers who gravitate towards the fictional genres this book and AlLee s other works typify will be we satisfied with this offering In the end, the clash I perceived between the two threads of the novel s plot didn t produce any literary fireworks However, this prize was than just an enjoyable read in a genre and style far afield from my usual haunts, Allee s novel made quite a memorable impression on me From the very first paragraph until the end, this author s remarkably fluid prose drew me into close sympathy with the narrator and protagonist The reader experiences the protagonist s consciousness than she observes it from her position outside the text At least, that s how I read it I m not talking about an absorbing story what I mean is that the writing flowed so that I followed the narrator s thinking as she shifted from topic to topic and experienced specific moments in time consciously I hope that makes some sense I definitely liked this quality of AlLee s storytelling I am so glad I stumbled upon this randomly it was a rewarding read.

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    One of my favourite Christian fiction authors is Jennifer Allee and with her book Last Family Standing it mixes adoption, family drama and reality TV together as well as a hint of romance blossoming Twenty Five years ago Monica gave up a baby girl for adoption as she was just in her early twenties and the father had left without a goodbye and she wasn t ready or capable of raising a baby Now years later, that girl is called Jessica and she is starring on a family TV show and she wants her birth mother to join her as her family member The thing is she only knows her first name and has her graduation photo Imagine Monica s shock when she sees it on TV Soon Monica s life is thrown upside down as she is entered into the survivor type reality TV show Last Family Standing with a host who continues to flirt with her and a daughter who won t talk to her and seems to resent her and the guest appearance of Duncan whom is Jessica s birth father and the big clinch is she never told Duncan she was pregnant and hasn t seen him since the day he disappeared from her life twenty five years ago The other thing too is that Monica is a klutz and seems like she may very well hold the record for most injuries on a reality TV show Can Monica and Jess put aside their differences and the past and learn to forgive one another, in order to get through the show and win the grand prize in which Jess needs as her birth mother is dying from ALS Find out in this inspirational and enjoyable take on the Survivor type reality show Last Family Standing by Jennifer Allee.This book is worth reading if you love reading about Family Dynamics the functional and dysfunctional as well as being a fan of the reality shows like Survivor.

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    Monica is a forty five year old woman whose best friend Jules lives down the block with her family Monica has a rather boring life aside from work, taking Ranger her beloved dog for walks and no prospective love interest or thoughts of looking for love Well her life is about to change and she will never be able to go back to her dull life after this Jules calls to ask her if she was watching Last Family Standing, kind of like a survivor type reality show and of course she says no Ok then come right over as I have something to show you that I just taped.When Monica arrives Jules plays the tape of Jessica, the daughter she gave up for adoption twenty five years ago She is holding a picture high school of Monica and asking her to reunite with her on National TV to compete in the show.Shock is the first word that comes to mind and secondly why now after all this time Seems Jessica wants to compete in the show and hopes to win the grand prize along with her birth mom.Monica is not even a fan of the show but will do anything to get a chance to reconnect with the baby girl she gave up for adoption years ago What she is not up to are the surprises that will constantly appear once she agrees to do the show.We will read about the reaction, acceptance and reasons why Jessica has chosen now to find her birth mom Monica will be reunited with Duncan, the father of her child whom she has not seen since there daughter was conceived Why did he leave and not say good bye Why not come back and look for me These questions have haunted Monica for many years and she thought she had finally put the memories to rest when suddenly the door opens like a tidal wave with lots of surprises rushing thru.A very emotionally touching story.