Read pdf Directive 99 Author Judith Rolfs –

Read pdf Directive 99 Author Judith Rolfs –

Jennifer Trevor, An Ambitious Career Woman, Holds Enormous Power She S About To Promote A Secret Government Directive That Will Cause The Death Of Millions Her Husband, Nick, A Christian Lawyer, At Odds With His Wife S Values, Desperately Attempts To Stop The Directive Forced To Run For His Life, He Battles Sinister Forces Plotting To Redesign Society His Disappearance Prods Her To Reconsider Her ChoicesJennifer Must Decide Between Protecting Her Reputation And Career Or Sacrificing Everything She Holds Dear To Prevent A Grievous WrongIVE A Compelling Story With An Exciting Resolution I Stayed Up Until A M To Fi Nish Linda Austin With This Timely Book Dr Rolfs Has Issued A Clarion Call For Honesty And Courage For Each And Every One Of Us Sue Drefs A Modern, Mysterious Thriller Directive Gives Us A Glimpse Of Where Our Road As A Nation Could Lead Steven Ostrander

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    Indirect missThis is a pretty good story It s also eerily relevant in today s world Could it happen Would it happen Will it happen And, if so, will anyone have the courage to try stopping it The story was good The book, at least the version on my Kindle, was not great There were many times where there should have been chapter breaks or, at least, page breaks In those instances, the perspective would shift from one character to another Without s break, it was very annoying to keep up with who we were seeing through There were other editing issues that added to the shift from good story to mediocre book That s unfortunate, too, because the story could be powerful.

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    Amazing journeyAs Jennifer fights Nick about his Christian beliefs, Nick disappears Jennifer is devastated Finally, with help from Anne, she reveals truth in order to defeat evil I definitely recommend this book

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    ExcellentThis book was hard to put down with mystery Prayers and dynamic people Nick Jennifer and Michael and Anne The bad guy who became a good guy who believed in God A good story line and a talented author

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    Loved it

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    The Most Right Wing Reactionary Book I ve ReadYet I read it from beginning to end I wanted to be fair to the author, so I read it all I confess the characters were interesting and the basic plot interesting, but why the need to inject homophobic scenes into the book, or posit that a Christian Underground is necessary to shelter and protect poor unprotected Christians from a society which believes that government is taxing churches and churchgoing good people out of existence in order to support leeches like the elderly and single moms Please believe me when I say that plenty of Christians,includin