[[ download epub ]] Viewfinder - hard-working cameraman Akihito Takabas Romantic Life As An Indentured Servant Author Ayano Yamane – Replica-watches.co

[[ download epub ]] Viewfinder - hard-working cameraman Akihito Takabas Romantic Life As An Indentured Servant Author Ayano Yamane – Replica-watches.co

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    While visiting a luxurious hot spring resort, poor Akihito has his wallet stolen and is subsequently forced to pay off his debt the only way he can as an indentured servant.Unfortunate for Akihito gloriously fortunate for the rest of us Asami, naturally, comes to the rescue only to chance upon an old nemesis Dies on floor holding up a surrender panty flag This bonus novella is a dirty dream cum true for Finder fangirls as we re finally treated to our long awaited, sexy m nage A.k.a the sexiest threesome ever.Aki is hilariously out matched by these two yakuza bosses, who get ahead by playing dirty as a matter of course Though really, he should have known better than to allow himself to get stuck in the middle like that Evil snicker Who needs Fei s and Asami s illegal drugs Their death glares, oh so sexy competitive banter and eventual coopetition I swear it s an actual word, look it up is MY drug of choice This much to short story made for a sexy, highly cherished addition to my Kindle library May this be the first of many chance encounters for our sizzling hot trio Also, I m afraid I can t oblige, Asami I ve already added this pretty sight to my spank bank Not the least bit repentant Yeah, this is me right now

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    It s a Target in the Finder super short manga story It s alright, but I honestly wish it were published as a part of a manga volume.

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    Yamane s Viewfinder series is my favorite yaoi, partly because it is explicit but also because it has a storyline to go with the sex When the manga volumes are released in Japan, they often include a bonus story in a separate perfect bound book This story accompanied Volume 6, so I already had it in Japanese which I can t read so I was delighted to see it released via Kindle with an English translation.This is essentially a extremely hot interlude that includes Takaba and Asami, but also Fei Long Asami and Fei come to a hot spring spa where Takaba is working off his tab after having his wallet stolen The story includes a very explicit sex scene, and not much since this was a bonus short story and not a full volume.I give the story 5 stars, but must give the Kindle edition only 2 stars For some reason, the transfer causes the pages to come out shrunken So, most of the screen is white and the actual manga page takes up less than half This made is very challenging to read as since the the text is very small and cannot be enlarged However, is is still very clear which is why I didn t give it 1 star I really wish and the publisher could correct this I m very glad I have the print Japanese version to truly see Yamane s gorgeous art work.Overall, I recommend this mainly because it s currently the only way to get the story in English.

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    Somehow I d missed this one when reading everything in this series These little Kindle exclusives are short and generally fun than intense I quite enjoyed this one for a variety of reasons, particularly one of the final scenes And isn t it nice to see Fei Long again

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    Such a fun little story This really makes me want to try the original series The SM scene was quite nice.This was loaned to me on Kindle I read it on Kindle Cloud Reader Very nice Thank you

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    I can t help but love Ayano Yamane s work It s fabulous.

Finder No Netsujou First Limited Edition Special Episode Akihito Needs To Work As An Indentured Servant At A High Grade Hot Spring InnAsami Suddenly Shows Up There And Fei Long Too Fei Long, Asami, And Akihitoforbidden Way Play Age Explicit ContentSuggested For Mature ReadersShow Show Less