[[ Download Prime ]] Shakespeare's Scribe (Shakespeare Stealer)Author Gary L. Blackwood – Replica-watches.co

[[ Download Prime ]] Shakespeare's Scribe (Shakespeare Stealer)Author Gary L. Blackwood – Replica-watches.co

When An Outbreak Of The Deadly Black Plague Closes The Globe Theatre, William Shakespeare S Acting Troupe Sets Off On A Tour Of England Widge, The Orphan Turned Actor, Knows That He Ll Be Useful On The Trip Not Only Does He Love The Stage, But His Knack For A Unique Shorthand Has Proven Him One Of The Most Valuable Apprentices In The Troupe But Then A Mysterious Man Appears, Claiming To Know A Secret From Widge S Past A Secret That May Forever Force Him From The Theatre He Loves An Exciting, Well Written Tale That Is Sure To Leave Readers Clamoring For School Library Journal, Starred Review

About the Author: Gary L. Blackwood

He grew up in rural Cochranton, Western Pennsylvania He attended school in a one room schoolhouse He graduated with a B.A in English from Grove City College in Pennsylvania While a college student, Blackwood published his first short story, Cliffs of Gold, in Twelve Fifteen magazine Blackwood s first book was The Lion and the Unicorn, which he published when he was nineteen Blackwood sets h

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    Didn t love it as much as the first,but still enjoyed it Good amount of action duels , some subtle mystery, and some interesting new characters One new character I really could do without, though.Got really emotional and a bit angry at one point, but no spoilers Was frustrated with Widge s lack of confidence and ability to stick up for himself It takes him way too long to fight for himself in this one After what he d been through that surprised me The ending happened way too fast Everything unfolds really quickly and I would have liked it the last four ages had a bit time More exploration of what the characters were feeling Loved Mr Shakespeare in this It s interesting seeing him in the process of writing one of my favorite plays The inclusion of his brother Ned was a good touch to the story as well.

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    I just love this author s historical voice I feel like I m wandering the backroads and alleys of London right along with Shakespeare and company.

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    I thought that this book was very good It wasn t filled with action, but it was a good, rambling book I especially liked the nervous parts of the book, and how each little story got unraveled What s , all the characters had a strong mind Lastly, I liked how the book came together at the end.I would recommend it to anyone.

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    The second in Blackwood s series which introduces children and pre teens to Shakespeare Most of the characters were actual people but a few are invented by Blackwood for his story The plays, of course, are real.

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    This was a really good sequel It was nice to have the note in the front talking a little about the historical background, as apparently many others were wondering what was fact and what was fiction.With a little idea of how much is fact, it amazes me how little I actually know about Shakespeare Everyone knows his name, and most people have studied at least one of his plays at some point in their schooling, but I really don t know much about his life, about the historical events in his lifetime, or how acting troupes functioned.To talk about the actual book, I really liked Widge s character arc in this He really grows in this book, and the ending was perfect for the arc he went through The new characters fit well into the story, and helped to push Widge into this journey of change Things could be a little slow at times especially in the first third , but I was never bored, just of wondering where the story was going Still, I enjoyed it.This isn t a book I m in a rush to buy, but I would like to add it to my collection.

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    This is the second of three books in the series It doesn t work as well as the first one, but there is still a lot of fun period detail and Shakespeare atmosphere The Plague plays a small part in the story which is interesting, but I felt that the whole thing wrapped up too quickly and neatly.

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    Exciting and Heart warming I have been reading this series with my 13 year old, and we love the storyline and the characters The books are exciting, funny, and heartwarming.

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    The plot was a smidge predictable but the book was still really good.

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    I loved this book Can t wait to read the next.

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    Also posted on Rally The Readers The Shakespeare Stealer was a very enjoyable read, so I was really looking forward to reading the follow up, Shakespeare s Scribe Much to my disappointment, the sequel lacked the charm and wit that made the first book so captivating I just didn t feel as invested in the story and the characters as I did with The Shakespeare Stealer.The plot of Shakespeare s Scribe, which centers around the Lord Chamberlain s Men taking their act on the road after the plague forces the shutdown of London s theaters, wasn t all that compelling to me I failed to find anything particularly fascinating about the day to day life of a traveling actor in Elizabethan England As Shakespeare and his actors trudged through muddy country roads, I felt like I was slogging through the book Shakespeare, who s in the midst of writing a play that will eventually become All s Well That Ends Well , has a greater presence here than he did in The Shakespeare Stealer Although it s welcome, page time for the Bard still doesn t inject enough spark into the story.The biggest letdown was the lack of character growth by the protagonist, Widge We pretty much see the same Widge from the previous book The story line involving the addition of an apprentice named Sal Pavy, who previously belonged to another acting company and becomes Widge s rival, fell kind of flat My interest was piqued when the Lord Chamberlain s Men made a stop in York, where Widge grew up, and a visit to his old orphanage resulted in an unexpected clue to his parentage I thought that this development in Widge s story had a lot of potential, but I didn t like the way that it played out At times this plotline seemed forced, like it was in the book just to give Widge something to do besides transcribing for Shakespeare and worrying about losing his roles to Sal Pavy I really do like Widge he s an endearing sort of lad whom you can t help but cheer for, and I felt that he deserved a satisfying resolution to his search for answers about his identity Shakespeare s Scribe isn t a bad book by any means It s just that I went into it with high expectations after liking the previous book so much, and this installment in the series didn t quite meet those expectations I do still plan on reading the third book in this series, Shakespeare s Spy , to see if the story picks up.