Read ePUB The Dutiful Rake –

Read ePUB The Dutiful Rake –

THE RAKE S REDEMPTION The Earl Of Rutherford Was Used To Flirting With Scandal But When An Act Of Charity Placed His Charge S Spotless Reputation In Jeopardy, Marcus Knew He Must Do The Honorable Thing There Was No Point In Pretending He Was In Love So In Return For Miss Marguerite Fellowes S Discretion And Children, The Earl Offered His Name And ProtectionThen Marcus Watched As Proud Meg Blossomed In London Society Meg S Smile Was Perhaps The Loveliest He D Ever Seen, And The Glow In Her Eyes Made Him Feel Wildly Out Of Control Tantalized By Her Evident Passion For Life, The Dutiful Rake Soon Found Himself Consumed By Far From Innocent Desires

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    In many ways a standard Earl of Slut reformed by virtuous country mouse, I nevertheless enjoyed how Rolls played with the concept of public and private in this book Meg and Marc are different people than Lord and Lady Rutherford, and in writing out both their public and private characters I felt I got an especially deep view of who these people were Their dual natures explained their many misunderstandings and kept them from growing tedious, though I certainly still enjoyed Marc s apologies for being an ass.I did find the villain a bit too simple and the resolution with him a bit fantastic I didn t think he or the near rape scenario added much to the story, really.I like how Rolls writes characters and relationships and I thought The Dutiful Rake was an interesting take on the marriage of convenience, even if the trope itself is a bit worn.

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    Good entertainer I really enjoyed it.I love how they meet and the way he nurses her through her illness The H is an absolute dream to begin with till his latent a holeness asserts itself And then he continues in that vein for much of the book angst He redeems himself though.Only his blindness in not realizing view spoiler that his wife might feel uncomfortable and worse while facing her almost rapist at balls, soirees where he lets her go alone is beyond stupid and unforgivable Duh The ow s characterization is little unique and adds to the whole enjoyment of the book I like how she puts her feelings about the h I took a liking to her that day Unlike most wives, she was furious with her husband, not me I found it a refreshingly honest perspective Only the villain needed a thorough comeuppance than the knee she gives him and the bloody nose courtesy the H And what about that b tch Henrietta her cousin s wife She definitely deserved a thumping And that lack diluted my absolute delight in the book. hide spoiler

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    This is the second Elizabeth Rolls book that I ve read the first being His Lady Mistress which I got free on my Kindle as part of Harlequin s 60th Anniversary Celebration.As strange as it sounds, I think one of the things I like the most about ER s books are the one thing that frustrates other readers the fact that her H H could often avoid 90% of then angst if they d just TALK to each other rather than make assumptions, internalize everything, and immediately go on the defensive whenever the other one opens their mouths So while yes, I may want to pull them aside and shake them sometimes for their stupidity, I have to admit it s a bit of a guilty pleasure to see a hero or heroine to get all needlessly angsty.A few things in particular kept this book from getting a higher rating from me.1 The description of this book is a bit misleading Meg didn t exactly have a spotless reputation , though it wasn t anything of her doing I was expecting of the Woe is me, my life is now ruined because I m trapped marrying a simpering virgin type of vibe from our Marc our hero , but he was like Meh I need an heir anyway so why not I guess from the description, I was expecting it to feel like it was of a sacrifice on his part, rather than just speeding up his plans for finding a bride and siring an heir by a few months.2 The villain unless I missed it somehow, ER never explains WHY he hates Marc so I don t know if it was in an earlier book, or if it s in a later book, or if I just accidentally skipped over that part, but it was frustrating to hear over and over how they hated each other and that there was some reason that was known only to a select few as to WHY they hated each other so 3 It never occurred to a man who has a very hedonistic reputation that in being the sole caretaker of a sick, 20something, single female who already has a social strike against her for her family s history that maybe, just maybe, the old hens in the town would think he was doing than tend her illness if you know what I mean Granted, his reputation was that of a good rake only carrying on with widows and married women whose husbands didn t mind, but still He should have known immediately upon seeing that she was a young, single woman, that he would need to send for someone from the village if nobody else in the house could care for her In the end, scandal might have been unavoidable, but I was disappointed in him that it never even crossed his mind until one of the local women very vocally turned her nose up at Meg because of it.I do have to say that Marc s sister was a pleasant surprise I expected her to be all hoity toity based on her earliest appearance in the book, but in the end she was actually a very lovely character I also liked Marc Sure, he had a lot of self hate and was insecure about some of the most amusing things, but deep down he was really a good guy and even when he was being a total a , it was that he didn t fully think things through before speaking than him being malicious.I really liked Meg as well Again, as I ve come to expect from an ER Heroine, she had a lot of self esteem issues and insecurity, but she was feisty Very feisty It just took her a bit to be feisty about what really mattered I was surprised to find myself liking Marc s old mistress as well, once she stopped being catty and started being realistic I fully expected her to be an unsympathetic character throughout, but her actions at the end fully redeemed her in my eyes.Overall, it was a decent read It was a bit predictable at times, with obvious foreshadowing, but on the whole, I enjoyed it.

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    3.5 STARS The Dutiful Rake wasn t nearly as predictable as I thought it would be and I loved the heroine, though many of the misunderstandings would have been cleared by simply talking to her husband The secondary characters, particularly Lady Di, her husband and Jack, add dimension to the story They embrace Meg, the heroine, in spite of the 10 year old scandal surrounding her family It was a nice break from a few of the other historical romances I ve read with a similar story line in which the hero s family goes out of their way to make his wife feel unwelcome Elizabeth Rolls is a favorite author of mine and I wasn t disappointed.

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    I love historical romances The banter between the characters always puts a smile on your face The writing in this was good I would have liked a bit about why Winterborn always went after Marcs mistresses It never explained this I hope there wasn t a book before this as has this as a standalone.

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    Three stars is somewhat generous.This is a fairly generic marriage of convenience marriage to save a reputation story where the bride and groom love each other but don t have the guts to tell the other one how they feel, so they spend the entire book being proud and hurting each other s feelings.Marcus, who s an earl in his mid 30s and a dedicated philanderer with no interest in marriage and with weird mommy issues which make him AFRAID TO LOVE , discovers he s inherited an estate from a distant relative When he visits the estate, he finds a very young woman, Meg, who is also a relative of the now dead estate owner presumably on the other side of the family Meg and Marcus are not actually related to each other who has been living there as an unpaid servant for years.Spoiler When she was 10, Meg s parents died in a murder suicide when her father caught his wife, Meg s mother, with a lover Meg s father killed them both and then killed himself No one wanted the 10 year old girl, including the miserly cousin who finally did take her in, who then treated her like garbage But our little Meg is a Harlequin romance pixie dream girl She s spunky, kind, warm hearted, and brave, despite having endured her parents horrendous deaths and shit poured on her for years, AND of course she has simple tastes which is great when your new husband is quite wealthy then he knows you really love him AND she s actually beautiful with a hot body Natch Because she and Marc were unchaperoned in each other s company much too long to be proper, and because she has no place else to go, and because he s hot for her which he can hardly admit , they marry and he whisks her back to London.And they can t get over their stupid agreement that this is a marriage of convenience and they say horrible things to each other to hide their real feelings, blah blah blah, until the last chapter of the book Another spoiler The reader is given the impression that Marc mother must have been unfaithful, but it seems it really wasn t the case Instead, she died in childbirth when Marc was 15, and his father was so devastated that Marc decided he never wanted to love someone that much.One thing One guy in the book is a rapist he violently attacks Meg on her wedding night leaving her with bruises and a swollen lip Marc interrupts the attack but then lets the guy go BECAUSE HE DOESN T WANT IT TO EMBARRASS MEG and then the guy keeps showing up and harassing her in London THIS WAS HORRIBLE Why doesn t she tell him off It takes WAY too long for that jackassery to be resolved Ugh.

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    It started off so well This book has a lot of exclamation points There are also a lot of ellipses The heroine is occasionally a little fool I am not sure why I think of this as the archetypal Harlequin category epithet but I do It was nonetheless a pleasant read I think although the hero and heroine spend a lot of time in their own heads Reaching conclusions and thinking things about the other one And then we reach the wedding night It s graphic behind the spoiler cut, be warned view spoiler When the hero s enemy, assuming that Meg is Marcus mistress, climbs into bed with her and essentially rapes her Marcus is very worried that she was actually deflowered because merely being choked, mounted, and having a naked man attempting to insert his penis into her would be so much less traumatic But luckily he was not too late to save her Later that evening he explains he will cure her through lovemaking, when she is ready, and she tells him she wants to have sex that night, and he s like approximately but really and she s like yes, I m totally ready and indicates it will help her feel clean again gag hide spoiler

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    After reading one of Elizabeth Roll s recent books which I liked a lot, I got tempted into reading her back list After reading a few I have realized that though her books are well written, they essentially have one story One disillusioned rake, one impoverished but gentle younger girl, an inconvenient marriage, one villain, lots of misunderstandings and a hea ending This book wasn t any different This book has Lord Rutherford, who needs to marry for his estate and Meg a poor relation who is forced to marry him.

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    Book would have been so much better without the constant miscommunications Honestly, if you know someone tried to rape your wife why would you leave her alone, in a new town knowing that the almost raper runs in the same circles as your new wife.

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    Really enjoyed this one, a fabulous read, excellent well developed characters, with surprises, great antagonist Regency romance