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[[ Read Best ]] A Warrior Reborn Author Nikki Jenkins – Replica-watches.co

A Warrior Reborn Tells The Tale Of Tristan, A Warrior Prince, Who Is Captured And Transformed Into A Feminine Sex Slave Follow Him As He Tries To Deal With His New Sexual Role Love, Sex, And Revenge Follow Him Through His StoryThis Is An Erotic Story, And Is Not Intended For Audiences Under The Age Of Eighteen It Contains The Following Sex, Erotic Situations, Violence, And Adult Themes Among Other Things If These, Or The Prospect Of Homosexuality, Offend You, Please Do Not Read This Story Words Approx

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    Ahh Thristan the cardboard prince Because that s what he was, no personality no growth, nothing in his character to make him likable He was just pretty and liked sex Or so we re told because almost everything is just told not shown The story had really no point since Tristan had no goal and in the end he was lonely and sad waiting to die Which is a very unsatisfying ending.A lot of telling and no showing whatsoever Even the smex was so quick and bland it was barely two or three lines in a paragraph So much wasted potential for what could have been a steamy book And sooo much m f and just feminine bits in my m m which always makes me pause But in particular it made me pause since the smex with the women was longer and better described than the m m one, so sometimes I got confused as to what I was reading.Anyway, I couldn t even like Tristan since he was so wishy washy and just kind of accepted whatever came his way and just enjoyed it We re told he felt shame afterwards but it doesn t seem like it since Tristan never fights or disobeys or does anything at all after the change And even before the change his resistance was lukewarm at best.He doesn t even try to off himself when he s faced with a changed body and altered sexual preference like he lost everything that defined him in life His appearance, his status, his job, his wife, his sexuality and his respect since he is going to be a sex slave now for the kingdom he was warring againts But he only sheds a few tears He just goes aaaaight im sucking bananas now, thats cool Guess I like bananas now Then proceeds to do whatever he s told without an inkling of opposition Again, we re TOLD he s ashamed but he never cries or tries to do something or to get out of his situation.That he was supposedly this incredible ruthless warrior beforehand is a bit hard to believe since he accepts his fate with very little fight Like if he was a warrior he should have fought Injured himself to make himself less appealing so that no one would want him Try to attack his captors since he wasn t ever restrained But no, he mearly tries once and then goes aw shucks, oh well I tried then never again.I thought he whould evolve into a powerful prince in part 2 with abraham but nopeeeee.It wasn t a bad story It just wasn t good But it could have been great, or at least entretaining Or could have been some great PWP, but it was just meh.

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    Starts off okay if somewhat preposterous Trails off at the end, needs work imho..

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    I really enjoyed reading this book Could t stop turning the pages But jesus, I hate poor, shit endings I mean, the story was so good so far and I wanted to see what would happen next but then, suddenly, it just ends That is it guys, go home I really wanted to give it stars cause it was so well written but I can t, the end was pure dog shit.

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    It started out really good, especially if you like this sort of story I m a fan of transgender erotica, so it was right up my alley It tailed off a bit toward the end, but overall, I think it was worth my time.