Download ePUB 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and UseAuthor Rosemary Gladstar –

Download ePUB 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and UseAuthor Rosemary Gladstar –

Widely Recognized As The Godmother Of Modern Herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar Is Renowned Worldwide For Her Inspired Teaching And Trustworthy Knowledge Of Healing Herbs With Medicinal Herbs A Beginner S Guide, Gladstar Offers A Fresh Introduction For A New Generation Of Gardeners And Natural Health And Self Sufficiency EnthusiastsThirty Three Of The Most Common And Versatile Healing Plants Are Profiled In Depth To Get The Budding Herbalist Off On The Right Foot Readers Will Learn How To Grow, Harvest, Prepare, And Use Each Herb Step By Step Instructions Explain How To Prepare Herbal Teas, Salves, Syrups, Tinctures, Oils, And Liniments To Stock The Home Medicine Chest Simple Recipes Explore Each Plant S Healing Qualities Aloe Lotion For Poison Ivy, Dandelion Burdock Tincture For Sluggish Digestion, And Lavender Lemon Balm Tea For Stress Relief Gladstar Shows How Easy It Is To Make Safe, All Natural, Low Cost Healing Remedies For Common Ailments

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    This is a nice little introduction to using medicinal herbs I like how it focuses on a limited number of herbs and gives a pretty thorough description of their properties as well as how to cultivate them There are also some easy recipes to get started in making tinctures, salves, infusions, and all sorts of other things It made me want to make stuff.

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    After reading one of Rosemary Gladstar s books, I went looking for others In this book she provides pictures so you can recognize the plants, explains which parts are useful in which capacity, and even has safety sections You will find many helpful uses for the spices you use for cooking An excellent resource.

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    Herbalism doesn t have to be complicated and scary Rosemary s advice is to start with just a few herbs ones you know well, that grow near you In this book she talks about growing and using such common garden sights as yarrow, St John s Wort, dandelion, and basil Basic, easy to understand directions for the common preparations are included right up front tincture, salve, infusion, decoction, poultice all in plain, non technical language Rosemary s signature wise elder style comes through in her writing, so reading the book gives you a little bit of that magical feeling of just listening to a wise old aunt or granny talk you through your first few recipes.

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    Way before all of us were bombarded with countless ads for so called wonder drugs on television, people turned to nature for remedies Rosemary Gladstar has written a useful guide, Medicinal Herbs, Learn How to Ease Common Ailments Naturally which describes how to grow, harvest, prepare and use 33 of the most common healing plants It is written in an easy to understand style with plenty of pictures Highly recommended.I spoke with Rosemary Gladstar about her book and that conversation can be heard here

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    Beautiful book on how to grow and use medicinal herbs Gorgeous pages all full color She s simple but knowledgable She s from my awesome state of Vermont I got this for a great price on A gem

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    This book offers simple practical instructions for tinctures, various remedies, and insights on commonly used medicinal herbal plants Many or most of the plants referred to are likely accessible to you in some form regardless of locale As you turn the pages you feel the vibrance of who Rosemary Gladstar is renown to be She has created a warm read for the plant lover at heart, someone starting into the practice of herbalism, or the experienced herbalist to use as a reference This book will serve my family and I for a lifetime in natural, reliable, back to nature ways to promote health and vitality.

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    Fantastic resource and a book that you will return to time and time again.

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    This is a beginner s guide as stated in the subtitle So it is neither comprehensive in its list of herbs nor in its list of applications.I do believe that Ms Gladstar has done an excellent job of explaining the benefits of herbs for health Also in selecting some of the most readily available herbs, in North America at least, for readers to purchase or grow their own.You will learn the difference between an infusion and a decoction and how to go about making them Or simply making your own herbal teas and flavorful foods There is discussion of medicinal oils, syrups, salves and tinctures and what each is good for You will also learn how to apply remedies by bath, poultice, or compress and considerations for treating children, and chronic or acute problems.That said, you will probably not learn these all on your first read I read this as a Kindle book and believe that would be the best format to own it in This is a wonderful beginner s reference and the page links in the table of contents and the great index will help to quickly find what you need when you need it If you find yourself referring to it often you ll probably have the interest in a complete herbal manual However, you won t find a better place to start your adventures in herbs.

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    This was my first book about herbalism and I am pleasantly surprised For one, the layout is really beautiful and modern, with lots of full color photos, unlike many of the older herbalism books that I looked at at the library Especially for beginners I think it is very nice to have a book that is not too heavy on the text.The beginning of the book is dedicated to making different herbal medicines, like tinctures, infusions and even herbal pills The remaining part of the book about three quarters is dedicated to 33 differents herbs and spices, including a description of their medical properties and some recipes to try at home Most of these are common herbs one can easily find at the health food store.What I enjoyed very much was that a lot of the recipes contain only 3 5 ingredients If you are a beginner herbalist you don t want to have to buy ten different herbs just to make one formula.So far I made the Dandelion Burdock Tincture for the liver and I plan on trying the Cayenne Rub next.I really don t see anything wrong with this book and would recommend it to every beginner interedted in learning the basics of makinf one s own herbal medicine.

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    This is an excellent introductory and or summary guide for incorporating medicinal herbs into your lifestyle I appreciate that the author does not discount or disapprove of modern medicine and or visiting your doctor for greater complications but instead advocates for simple herbal remedies one can try in replacement of over the counter medication for minor problems headaches, digestive pains, burns and itching and as preventatives This book is highly accessible to anyone interested in learning about medicinal herbs The only annoyance I had with the text was the author not including references to certain claims for particular herbs I would have appreciated the ability to access that literature esp when she writes a statement such as, Scientific research has proved shown demonstrated that herb X can We know there is evidence for the potency of medicinal herbs but not treating information as scientific by referencing it appropriately creates problems with understanding Then again, this is a book for the layman and not the scientist so this may be my issue.